Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

J.P. Moron, Pink Slime and Spanish Banks

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Where do we begin, better yet where can we begin? Over the past few months we've learned that our hamburger meat (in the U.S.) is pumped full of "pink slime", J.P. Moron lost $2 plus billion dollars, and the number four bank in Spain is asking to be bailed out to the tune of 19 billion Euros - $24 billion dollars. What is most sickening is this represents only a small sampling of the "elite 1%" corruption, unabated taxpayer milking, mega-corporate power consolidation, destruction of representative government, and elimination of all accountability for the chosen Masters-of-the-Universe.

Europe is convulsing under the weight of gambling addicted banksters who've drained the economy of all its former vitality. The whole blight infected planet is dying ecologically, economically, and socially.

Just because Europe is the weak chain in this link of corruption doesn't mean that the inevitable can be avoided in the United States. We are a doomed world if we don't take a stand today, this minute, this precious second!

Income starvation among the 99% of the world's population is accelerating at a frightening pace. Precious income isn't circulating; it's been dammed up at the top for far too long. An economy must have income flowing freely between ALL participates.

What makes matters far worse is the control exerted over our entire economic-social-natural-political environment that mega-corporate interests enforce; a Soviet style system of 1% elite favoritism.

Tomorrow this system of despotic corruption that stifles humanities positive advance will place yet another bet of worthless papers on the gamblers table.