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Itsy Bitsy Wages Don't Buy Big Things

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All those unemployed citizens are cruising around with a realtor at this very minute looking for that next new home - a place just a tad bit bigger than the mausoleum they were living in during the 'spend what you don't have years.' Who needs a steady income in an alternate off planet society plugged into illusion?

Just arrogantly declare: "Let it be so!" Pepper the airwaves, the net, cable, and the papers with all those declarations like, improving, slowly, mildly, headed in the right direction, and better than expected.

End of discussion - "All is well, the economy is steadily improving!"

Never mind that firms are stocking their shelves with durable goods that citizens can no longer afford with their declining wages. Businesses are accumulating inventory (Dec - Jan 0.1%, Jan - Feb 0.3%) that their not shipping (Dec - Jan -0.1%, Jan - Feb -0.6%) in what points to cancellations. If this wasn't bad enough new orders for durable goods plummeted from a revised Dec - Jan 3.9% to a Jan - Feb 0.5% increase.

Its obvious businesses are having trouble swallowing the steadily improving Kool-Aid of their fellow ultra-capitalist witch doctors. When the damn stuff builds up on the shelves of the warehouses for whatever reason they surely don't need to have their wage slaves make more of it.

Just go out and buy that refrigerator, washer, dryer, or how about a new car - go on, you know you want it bad. That little paycheck with that itsy bitsy amount of money that a sultan of finance would use for a tip will surely buy that heavy-duty piece of junk manufactured in China or Mexico. No need to worry about these insignificant details in our sparkling, snap-crackle-pop, effervescent illusory society.

Stop those figures please! Why let reality ruin a feel good happy time!

Party buster. You say that new home sales dropped 2.2% in February to a record low annual rate of 308,000 units.

We do need to tell all those folks to halt their search for that new home.

You mean they were never looking for that particleboard plastic siding marvel of mass production; really, it was only a figment of our imagination? How could it be so? The economy isn't improving but only experiencing a temporary up tick brought about by a wholly inadequate government stimulus - downsized because bankers had already raided the U.S. Treasury to the tune of over a trillion dollars? Party hardy banker thieves - keep those bonuses coming. Or better yet do what J.P. Morgan has done (along with other companies) ask your friends at the IRS to send you a fat $1.4 billion dollar tax refund check compliments of you guessed it - the U.S. taxpayers.

Hold onto your hats, turbans, or whatever else might easily fly off on our way down the chute to economic oblivion. This global ultra-capitalist economy is headed straight down, faster, faster, faster…