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Intelligent Network Systems Used Against Spy Agencies

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Global citizens and corporations can stop the world's spy agencies from gaining access to our private data streams. It seems that they are using a derivative of my original technology that has the ability to traverse the Internet, link directly to a specific IP address and take direct control of front-end servers and any back-end systems. All is not lost. What we need to keep in mind is, all offensive weapons even those of a technological nature have vulnerabilities.

There is one component that might not be that important to these spies or may not have been incorporated in any mutated versions of my original system - the ability to real-time monitor an entire network for connections - node linkages. Basically, my system, at least the new design and the original is able to detect when a node is attempting to tie-into (link to) a network that it is controlling and monitoring.

What we need to build is a deterrent utilizing this detection technology.

On the surface, this is no different than what we faced in the nuclear age with the United States and Soviet Russia discouraged from making a first missile strike. Both superpowers knew that if either fired a single nuclear ballistic missile the other would retaliate leaving nothing but dust where cities once thrived.

Similarly, in the technological age even though our government spy agencies are the first to utilize intelligent networks to take control of corporate and targeted government systems to scoop in gigabits of data their first use advantage is temporary. Just like the United States at the start of the Cold War having the first viable nuclear arsenal it wasn't long before the Soviet Union developed its own highly capable equally destructive missiles pointed directly at strategic targets in the United States. Mutual destruction assured that neither power would use their weapons on the other opposing force.

Businesses linked to the Internet need to establish this same stasis balance to ensure the continued viability of the Internet only assured when privacy concerns are no longer an issue.

How does the global business community and non-governmental aligned organizations establish this type of mutual stalemate with overzealous nation-state intelligence agencies? It's simple; use this same technology against them by beefing up the monitoring capabilities that are already a latent part of the intelligent network system originally designed to be used in a System-of-Systems construct.

Envision a future where the Internet or corporate clouds are continually monitored for intrusions by intelligent network systems. When an unknown node attaches to the network the counter defensive intelligent network system will then immediately build an object model of the offensive system and take control of it. If by chance it fails, counter measures would then be taken to notify a team of engineer first responders or if the breach has resulted in a takeover of the defensive system it would then detect this and temporarily shut the network down.

But I really don't believe any of this would ever transpire if all parties using the Internet both government and businesses knew that any offensive action would result in a stalemate and at worst the possibility that the aggressive system would be rendered wide-open for interrogation and control.

It's unfortunate that we've arrived at a point in our relations with our governments whereby formally legislatively subservient spy agencies have become agents for the destruction of liberty and democracy.