Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Intellectual Warriors Ready to Do Battle

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Core ideological disputes abound across the spectrum from left to right. Irreconcilable differences in dysfunctional societies create tension, a feeling like you are clinging to a rocky ledge with a yawning divide below you. Protests, information, and speeches that rally our base keep solidifying our core but only incrementally move us towards the internationalist unity that is a fundamental part of any solution. Creating a cooperative community based self-determinative society free from all hierarchical power structures requires wringing indifference from our culture. Instead of passive sniveling subservient serfs actively participating in our exploitation every one of us needs to become an intellectual warrior constantly learning about the real world.

We all need to be intellectually equipped and ready to confront head-on those up the chain of capitalist exploitation that make their living off of ensuring that we labor-slaves work harder for longer hours and less money so they and their sociopath brethren haul in more cash and rewards.

Our society is falling apart at the seams, where children shoot up their schools, police officers handcuff 1st graders, terrorists maim innocents just to emphasize their hatred of what they term infidels, and gun totting crazies go into movie theaters not to watch the gratuitous violence but act it out. It is incumbent upon all of us to become a fount of knowledge to explain why the insanity is so pervasive.

On this site all the self-destructive tendencies unleashed by this society have been analyzed and taken apart piece-by-piece. Most of us realize that this robber baron top-heavy wealth generating machine was never meant to endure or be a functional, cohesive, and egalitarian cultural system. All the building blocks of this parasitic machination have been dissected. We are all now aware that this grand con-game of 1% schemers is designed to plow the maximum wealth up top into their off-shore accounts in the shortest period of time regardless of the impact to the environment and the general population.

There is just not much that can be said that has not already been conveyed in prior essays or short story allegories. Bottom-line: If we want to solve the majority of this world's problems we must create a minimalist quality focused egalitarian people-friendly society that values genuine democracy exercised daily by an informed citizenry both at work and at home. Short of this, it is pretty much guaranteed that the planet through global-warming will become uninhabitable and slavery under absolute transnational corporate domination will be pervasive until we are all crispy fried.

Our new People-First Society will embrace an informed citizenry - all of us will be essential components in the self-governing of our worker controlled businesses and communities. Contrast this with the profit hungry beast of 1% capitalist pillage founded on a quicksand of confrontation that breeds hatred and disunity so that a royal clique can keep the spigots of wealth pumping greedily up to their castles.

Your decisions made in business social-networks that tally votes on wage rates, quarterly reinvestment of capital targets, and other issues will be entirely made by you and your fellow laborers in a flat non-hierarchical power orientation. Your input, dreams, desires, along with those of your friends, neighbors, and those who you may never have personally met will coalesce to form the trails explored on humanities trek towards sustainable happiness.

It will be the responsibility of everyone not just those who readily accept their duty but the entire community of workers in each firm to make decisions on how they are going to operate and disperse the revenue from their businesses. There will no longer be anyone relieving you from making hard and sometimes difficult decisions. Your job will be to engage yourself comprehensively in every aspect of your cooperative life both at home and in the office or factory.

This is what is meant by the purple-hued mantra "self-determination is your responsibility" - delegation of your civic duty to others in your firm and larger community will not be an option. All members of communities both those who are working and those who are not working will be required to actively engage in the democratic process through social networks by casting votes on a multitude of issues. Your involvement will be enforced by making it a requirement of maintaining employment for those who are on the job.

Liberty can only be ensured by guaranteeing that a vibrant active constituency cast ballots. Our future society of interlinked cooperative communities comprised of both worker owners and others outside of the workforce must have active participants in the democratic process, not single digit percentages of the electorate making every decision.

All of this takes informed and reasonably educated citizens who can shoulder the burden of democracy on an equal and equitable basis. To be ready when our new anti-hierarchical societal template becomes the norm necessitates that all of us learn to be as equally informed as the next-citizen. We will be practicing what we preach by training ourselves, orienting our hierarchically indoctrinated minds to function smoothly in a flat totally alien and never before experienced social ordering of absolute freedom.

Another reason to start preparing for the genuine democracy of a societal framework so utterly unique to our senses is that we can glean the added benefit of wiping out ignorance - at least reducing it to an infinitesimal percentage of the population. Flat power oriented societal structures are unparalleled at having a knack for "adaptive envisioning" - creators promote ideas across the flat decision space where a ubiquitous community of informed citizens can judge and use these ideas to benefit the larger community. This means that each of us is our own leader, has the essential elements to step up to the plate when things get dicey and relatively speaking handle situations by making informed decisions that are reflected in the quality of election results.

Readying a highly engaged informed population will also help us transition out of this dysfunctional 1% societal contrivance. To transform away from this rake all the wealth up to the superclass con-game requires each of us to be not any less informed than our fellow comrades. We can all help to promote the cause of absolute freedom in a new People-First Society if all of us are equally educated about the reality of our situation and how to fix it.

It is now time to clear up nagging misconceptions.

Our 21st Century civilization will not be Socialism, Communism, or Capitalism all having hierarchical leadership chains with names like executives and commissars. We will not have lazy laggards, those who feel they "deserve" to reap all the benefits, wealth, and power generated by the majority of their fellow citizens - all of us will be contributors and molders of the destiny we collectively ascribe to journey towards.

The beauty of a People-First societal orientation is that it is extremely durable and resistant to tampering. There are no broken links that can cause our movement to come crashing down because we are striving towards a flat power orientation where everyone is empowered and informed and ready to cover for any member of our community that is yanked out by the elite enemy establishment superstructure. This requires that each of us invest in ourselves, expand our horizons to attempt to understand the real world that we inhabit and intellectually toss out the marketers make believe world meant to keep us pacified. To effectively do this we all must use our time wisely - seeking out information that explains our unfiltered state-of-affairs within this planetary Corporate Dictatorship.

But how do we rise to this next level of resistance when so few people are enriching their brains with facts, concepts, and ideas from reading? Essential to our struggle are informed global citizens willing to invest the necessarily time reading a wide selection of real-life non-fiction. There is absolutely no way we will be able to fix this broken planet with just a few people shouldering all the burdens and investing all their time and energy while others observe like football fans from the stands. It takes all of us engaged in the happenings of our planet to bring about positive change.

Many will once again become incensed by my candid portrayal of their laziness. A few will rightly shake their fits at this essay and say: "Damn him, I have been working my ass off for this movement!" Fabulous! - It is obvious you are not the lounge lizard spectator that is expecting a free ride. Here is the central point, if we are shooting for success put that plastic baby-screen piece of mind draining shit down, turn-off that neuron killing giant-screen television and start reading, thinking, and writing.

Most of you will say piss-off you arrogant bleep-bleep-bleep. That's fine, freewill, the right to determine your own future without a bunch of bosses telling you what to do will NOT be your future. Keep this in mind - what's left of it - you will never, ever, get beyond this transnational slave camp that is Earth unless you sweat a little and challenge yourself to the point of breaking. Ignorance has never been a viable foundation of an enlightened society but it is the essential ingredient of tyranny.

Pleasure seekers not willing to invest the time needed to critically examine the world they exist in need not apply. Far too many overworked and underpaid labor-slaves would rather expend their ever declining hours of free-time away from work playing games or watching a screen spewing mind-numbing entertainment. When you are tired after a long day at work it is easier to just plop down and vegetate than invest time learning about the real world.

Granted, not everyone is in the zombie crowd. There are some who yearn to know their true unfiltered situation - grasp the knowledge essential to winning our fight for real democracy. But we all need to put skin into this revolution for it to succeed. Our situation will only get progressively worse if we do not extensively ready our intellectual armaments for battle.

If you are swearing under your breath right about now just keep this in mind - it will not be long until the robber baron crowd of island buyers has us working sixteen hour days with zero rights, no pay, and no benefits. If you do not want to gradually slide into this pit then start exercising your intellect by reading not a page here and there but spending hours - taking the time to learn - becoming informed! Start by reading these recommended books and/or those within your chosen branch of protest. Together we will be the teachers, leaders, and revolutionaries, a collective community of intellectual warriors ready to do battle against a spherical societal exploitation contrivance that only benefits power hungry degenerate 1% sociopaths.