Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Super Rich Rejoice - Income Starvation Spreads

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How can we equate success on the economic front with a blossoming Wall Street? Bankers who’ve been the beneficiaries of $13.3 trillion of federal government bailouts in the form of TARP, FED’s-TALF (loans for worthless mortgage-backed assets), TLGP, and AIG’s fleecing, are once again bulking up on new toxic assets and worthless highly leveraged ‘investments’.

Party time is just around the corner. Christmas bashes more flamboyant than any Gatsby party are already being planned by the super-rich crowd of corporate socialists. So it is absolutely essential that a crap shoot extraordinaire by these casino high-rollers reach its frenzied fever pitch.

It is especially comforting to be free from worry. For if you’re a member of the lobster eating crowd milking the wrong investment bubble (like oil futures) never poses a risk if a confluence of events instantly turns it into a bad investment. With the government backing your bets at the casino credit window there’s really no need to worry, there will always be a plentiful bounty of middle to low income citizens who will be forced to pony up for bonuses, overboard parties, and raises fit for the sheik of a small kingdom.

If some outlandish master stroke of real democracy drips from the oily gears of lobbyist infested corrupt government the corporate kingpins have a backup plan. They can always count upon having their body-snatched government puppets cut government programs essential to non-castle dwellers. Isn’t it wonderful when you control the gear lever, the supply of gasoline, and don’t have to fret over repairs?

Hard reality is never a day to day concern of this party hardy crowd of fools. They’re always sheltered from having to fight for a shrinking supply of jobs in an income starved contrivance called a global economy. These mega-rich sociopaths are immune from the hard choices of eating dinner or paying for essential prescriptions. When they decide to leave the labor market it’s not because they’re joining the ballooning surplus labor pool that’s brought the labor force participation rate down to around 63%. No way, hell no, this caviar eating cabal of Corporatist gangsters retires to their very own private island.

Tomorrow will be yet another day devoted to milking the disenfranchised of all their hard earned productivity gains. The elite will continue to drain income from the ‘global economy’ – their elaborate contrivance – a fraudulent scheme that pushes global citizens deeper into abject poverty.

If we listen closely we might hear the choking, clunking sound of a planetary economy ‘sucking air’ – dying from the lack of a generous flow of income circulating freely among the many. If the super-rich controllers continue to rapidly drain the income ‘tank’ of our world it won’t be long before all of us are relegated to the chick pea soup single donkey class.