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Implosion of Ponzi Society - U.S. Empire Falls

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Those incompetents, or more accurately described "players with the public sentiment" up on their golden thrones drinking the very lifeblood of the American people have insured the eventual collapse of our society. The sweat poured into the back breaking and brow furrowing work the citizens of this nation do every day is being further undercut by businesses and federal politicians who continue to feed their addition to voodoo rattle shaking cheap labor ultra-capitalist theories. These body-snatched federal government representatives whose lobbyist feeding tubes have been replaced with higher volume 'kick back' hoses are doing everything in their power to transfer trillions of dollars to their business masters. They are eagerly trimming billions from an already anemic, politically rotten fiscal stimulus bill that will now be so emaciated that it will have little to no effect at stimulating the economy.

Gone is the much needed substantial investment in a new 21st Century "Green" industry comprised of a manufacturing sector concentrated in the Midwest, an energy technology collection sector located across the West, and a state-of-the-art grid covering the entire United States. Never considered but also desperately needed was an investment in some form of grand, spectacular 21st Century infrastructure project (high-speed train running in the medians of existing superhighways) that would have provided a psychological boost to consumer confidence, along with much needed jobs, and a substantial improvement in the quality of life for vast numbers of Americans. These investments in the quality of life of everyday citizens along with critically important federal government funding of nationalized healthcare for every citizen, free 4-year degree programs at state universities, and the passage of the Employee Free Choice Act (that would be a first step towards equalizing the imbalance between the power of labor and employers) were never even considered.

What's emerging from the corrupt Senate is an $827 billion dollar politically tortured fiscal stimulus bill that will do absolutely nothing to create sustainable high paying jobs in a new industry under a revolutionary framework of global economic balance. Balance achieved by building upon our democratic structures a National and International Economic Congress comprised of elected labor and business (capital) representatives tasked with transforming a one-sided cheap labor, income draining ultra-capitalist global economy into a rational economic system that doesn't induce regular income negative feedback loop spirals always ending in complete economic collapse.

I've stated far too often, in many of my essays - our current economic calamity is the result of income being drained from 95% of the global population into the hands of a few powerful elites (business & political) for over 30 years. These greedy misguided few thought (unfortunately they still do) that they could get something for nothing in the form of continued increases in billion dollar executive compensation and ever rising valuations linked to illusory investments in toxic instruments. With no meaningful real income flowing back up from everyday global consumers in the form of consumption that is not tied to a reliance on credit (because our paychecks have been getting small and smaller) - this Ponzi economy started to implode in the later part of 2007 when easy credit in the form of home equity started to evaporate.

With this in mind, the federal fiscal stimulus must comprise all of the aforementioned investments in our nation's future to the tune of around 2.5 trillion dollars (or more) to successfully stimulate this economy back from near death. Without pulling out the 'electric pads' and shocking the hell out of this contorted monstrosity we call an economy we're all doomed to follow it down the chute to oblivion. This includes all those powerful economic royalists that incorrectly believe they can continually seek out cheaper and cheaper sources of labor while laying-off thousands upon thousands of high paid workers in developed countries and still have consumers left who will have purchasing power - I think not.

Regardless of what all those anointed neoclassical economic rattle shaking shamans have been passing as gospel ordained from above; an economy is not a viable sustainable economic system when it is slanted either too far towards the interests of labor or business. There are no zero sum games that can be played by either labor or businesses (even through their political puppets) that will enable one side or the other to become filthy rich while impoverishing the other. Both labor and business interests must be maintained in equilibrium and grounded in fairness (or at least some semblance of equity) or else what is elegantly described as an economic system is nothing more than a contrivance doomed to failure.

At this late hour it is now clear barring a miracle that our Ponzi society operating through a Ponzi government controlled by a Ponzi business sector espousing Ponzi economic theories will implode. All of us need to ready ourselves for this eventually fall of our empire of illusion which was built upon a foundation of quicksand; for the end is near - maybe only a few short months from now.