Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

I'm So Happy I Should Smile

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Walking through the trash covered street being extra careful to not step on some decaying rodent she hurried towards the corporate parking lot. She felt much better upon reaching the crumbling pavement of this refuge of immaculate spending. At least the garbage that had blown in from the streets was picked up daily - no dead rodents in this lot. The heat was mild on this June day for it was only 120 degrees Fahrenheit - an especially cool day today. Readying her most completely impressive smile Dana checked that it looked appropriately convincing in her pocket mirror. Yes, it looked quite perfect even though her breakfast of dark bread and water was making her stomach swirl and ripples of rolling sweat was flowing down her forehead. Dana was an expert at not exposing her inner feelings; she was far too careful for this dark cloudy day or her sick stomach to obscure the legal facts - everyday was sunny, all was opportunity, be thankful for what you have, all was clean and beautiful, and most of all keep giving all to those more fortunate than yourself.

The closer to the door of the single floored office building she got, the clearer the happy calculated singing sounded. All the workers clear across the globe were gathered in big circles (right about now) with clammy hands holding the clammy hands of their fellow workers fervently looking at each other's big impressive smiles while gaily singing the "Corporation Anthem". It was amazing how such a simple little tune could transform your day from good to utter perfection. The words were now echoing from every location bouncing wonderfully off all surfaces:

We're so thankful for the sunny blue skies

A perfect country filled with corporate friends willing to lend a hand

A wise government that loves its citizens

My kind all-knowing leaders know best

Mine is to serve with a smile, a smile

Smile on…

Smile on…

Smile on…

All the simple, simple, smiling fixed staring givers of work

Smile on…

Smile on…

Smile on…

Today I'll work harder than yesterday

My reward is in knowing my employer will grow

My needs are smaller with time

All I need is a brilliant smile

After hearing these words passionately sung Dana felt a glow of contentment flow throughout her body.

Opening the creaking door hung loosely by rusted hinges she entered the cavernous office. Looking around she noticed that the carpet was filled with holes and had many dark blotches randomly bursting forth in all directions. How relieved she was to smell that old familiar moldy vaporous stale air - she was home. So many smiling faces permanently affixed for the required pleasant demeanor demanded by management. Wasn't it all that negative karma that had infected so many laborers before the "Great Revelation"? Now all was perpetual happiness, no unpleasant talk, troubled writing, or disrespectful continence's; everyone existed in a numbing sleepy painless state.

Passing the white door of the "Happy Room" Dana heard the familiar screams of those who let a frown protrude from their fixed legal chiseled toothy smiles. Today was a special day for she actually passed a "Frowner" as he exited naked carrying the customary brown paper bag lightly filled with his evening's dinner. Of course she was so excited to see this excellent specimen of a man running out the door. Everybody new that unhappy people needed nothing but their own thoughts for sustenance - although she had seen a few corpses under a bridge or in old burned out buildings. Maybe they did need more than their free thoughts to live and how it must have hurt to release themselves from their fixated smiles.

Since the "Corporation" was life, hope, government, food, shelter, and even your limited allotment of rationed sex you just gave your heart and soul to remain under their umbrella of sheer happiness. There wasn't any other existence; everything was clearly one big exuberant party. All the issues of old were carefully set outside your reach to be crafted by those most eminent purveyors of ultimate truth - even if it was a truth they kept under lock and key - all was splendid. You just didn't want to sleep because you might miss out on more proffered treats carelessly thrown your way. It kind of reminded Dana of how she threw chewy dog treats to Sniffles her obedient Poodle. Wasn't happiness just a state of mind and hers was no longer under her complete control anyway - how wonderfully blissful.