Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Humanity May Become Supreme Sentient Race

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Silently gliding past the embankment the craft descended slowly into the night. Mist broke in its wake twirling faster down to the grassy plain. Sightings had been made not more than a few days ago so it was imperative that those piloting the white saucer leave the visual ghosting shield activated. Transferring replacements to the surface and receiving those onboard was the primary purpose of this rendezvous. This mission was grinding the covert implants down more quickly than most. With the constant fighting, killing, widespread inequality, and primitive nature of the manipulated society the typical mission length had been significantly reduced from a hundred to sixty years.

Over the past seven years their distorted societal edifice was injected with stimuli sufficient to precipitate a general reorientation. But this extremely difficult work in a land populated by a sentient primate species was stressful. Most operatives just couldn't withstand the pressure of a planet in turmoil. Logic was in short supply.

When interviewed upon their return to the home world these onetime deep moles confided that if it hadn't been for the younger generation they'd have packed it in even sooner. Earlier youth movements were juvenile exhibitionist spectacles but this latest generation was different - they fought hard for liberty. Not having a cushy lifestyle to fall back on they were determined to dethrone the elite 1% pirates at any cost. Theirs wasn't a temporary release value opened wide. Every single youthful participant realized that this was their single best opportunity to overturn a corrupt society.

Presently, the attrition rate had fallen markedly. More recent operatives were more upbeat about the chances for success. Generally pessimistic, they at least conveyed their perception that within the last two months (Earth time) older adults had started to join the cause. Having more culturally ingrained adults rise up against the sociopathic oriented status quo was very refreshing.

Now don't get the wrong impression this integration effort was still difficult when compared to our enlightenment efforts on other planets within our galaxy. Primates are very irrational species. Maybe that is why the great creator felt it necessary to grace the universe with only two such examples of this obvious experiment in sentient design.

Tremendously passionate compared to other sentient species types that we've come in contact with these humans have the potential to blaze a brilliant path of creativity. Combining all the emotional extremes into a single species has undoubtedly generated some lunatic sociopath genetic mutations it has also given humans the single most profound creative genius. They are advancing scientifically at an exponential rate; far faster than any known species both past and present. After mentally infusing the latest information from key intelligence plants in academia it is indisputable that these primates are leapfrogging across centuries of scientific achievements. Each advance incrementally moves them closer to artificial sentient life, antimatter energy generation, and adaptive artificial genetic medical science.

If only humanity could advance socially.

An elite dynasty is destroying the planetary environment, promoting a degenerative societal construct, relegating the majority of the citizenry into perpetual servitude, and is bringing an economic contrivance to a state of stasis. By evacuating all income from the economy this sliver of the population is leaving a wasteland in their wake. Is it any wonder this planet's society is categorized as 'Pre-Civilized Anti-Cooperative' the lowest ranking of any sentient settlement in the known universe?

Using all intrusive societal reorientation is dangerous but no other alternatives exist when confronted with such a degenerate societal formulation. There just isn't any other way to transform this savage cultural mess into even a base level functioning society. Using this, the most intrusive all-point stimulus variable state shift wave generation technique on any dynamic system especially a societal construct is never the first choice among the many options but it's not often so amoral a societal imprint is encountered.

This assessment will shock the parliament once they are privy to the more detailed report. Let it be known that integrating this truly amazingly creative yet unusual species into the galactic legislative process should be a priority of the highest magnitude. This blue-planet is beyond doubt the most vicious killing field ever encountered but also holds the most profound promise of one day being the supreme sentient system. Once these humans reach their stride and castoff their parasitic monsters they will blast beyond the possible way past the impossible. Watch out, for they will someday lead the universe into a new renaissance.