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How Can a Dream Be So Lifelike?

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Hills surround the station. In the center of the valley is the mysterious red oscillating dome. Thrust up through a hole in the translucent dome is a black tower. From the top of the tower a bright orange beam pulses into outer space. All the residents in their cozy little cabins up on the hills don't remember when they first saw the blinking red aberration with its pulsating orange ray. Now after a decade why notify anyone. Everyone must already know about it. Maybe it is a newfangled cell tower? In the daylight hours it does look like a cell tower but for that stark black color.

Today the earth started shaking in an area not known for its seismic activity.

The economy has been improving or at least this is what we are being told. We believe it's true. Maybe you're skeptical given that your tiny paycheck has become a mere spec of insignificance.

Rattling the windows uphill in the cabins no one deviates from their time honored routines. Cook the evening slop. Throw the dirty dishes in the dishwasher. Those open glasses that most folks have on display are securely fastened down with that contraption sold this summer by that smiling sales person. The man had one of those toothy penetrating effervescent smiles. If you were to ask did anyone recall this fabulous merchant many heads would just rattle in unison.

Jaws just flap uncontrollably, keeping time to the intense shockwaves.

Molten lava is flying up from the valley.

Dishes are finally done. It's time to turn on that survivor show with the wild animals. Last week they had lions prowling the savanna sniffing out their human prey - those contestants. Just turn up the volume on the 150 inch flat screen television. That is the only way to drown out the racket coming up from that damn valley. Most residents have bought couch seatbelts from that same young man who sold the china rattle protector. Don't want to fall off the sofa when watching the show. The lions weren't fed for days so they would be especially hungry for this the season finale.

Irritating just doesn't begin to describe how most Earthlings feel about those annoying flares erupting from millions of fissures. Feeding them disinformation about the resilience of their 'improving' global economy was easy. Brainwave wasting a special skill reserved for the most accepting of sentient beings has been exceedingly successful on a planet so withdrawn from reality. Draining all the life force from this already ecologically tortured planet is almost complete. An ice ball in a vacuum will finally shock those into a death inspired reality. Shivering and gasping for air some will look outside one last time others will continue to believe as their lips turn blue.

Shaking vigorously the paramedics were trying to rouse the students from their stupor. The school of the gospel should have been better prepared this wasn't the first time students had slipped off the edge with minds shutting down from cramming their spongy ripe peach with heaping helpings of illogic. Once brought back from their delirium they'd all be rotten - just right for tomorrow's graduation. Carrying on the tradition of torched wisdom all would be well for the foreseeable future.

Already, the dreamy eyes were wondering how such a dream could be so lifelike.