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Hostile Bastion of Gross Inequity Struggling To Reach Democratic Stability

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Lethargic, this is the condition of this world’s great power. The other two major worldly powers are suffering from identity crises. Russia dreams of reestablishing a long gone power base without Soviet economic poverty. China continues to benefit from an expanding economy but thrashes about striking at imaginary threats. Never sure how to reconcile a dynamic free-market with their decrepit forms of totalitarianism both Russia and China is unable to escape their closed societal systems. The extent of planetary societal maleficence impacting the majority population is proportional to the number of nation-states found in pre-unified planets. Earth is no exception to this rule, especially when the United States, Russia, and China are unable or unwilling to come to terms with a majority of citizens that increasingly questions the relevance of any society that relegates them to the position of complacent obedient servants.

Complicating the standard unification model is an upper crust royalty in the form of economic leaches that feed greedily draining the entire economy of much needed circulating income. Many are now asking why they should accept a sinking societal stature and unrealized dreams so a few can live like kings untouched and unconcerned about the destructive consequences of their actions? These and many other questions are rippling across this water-world that is in the midst of a progressive transformation.

Further emphasizing a flawed need of primates to rule over their fellows are all the layers of legalized theft sunk deep into barely functional governmental entities. Gerrymandering on a grand scale has resulted in the most disconnected ruling class ever encountered. What is really tragic is the elite typically do not even derive their power from the majority through a democratic process.

More unbelievable is the lip service given to democratic ideals that are continually trashed by business interests. Interlinked directly to every societal edifice firms that are at the pinnacle of corruption are provided the authority to rule by fiat. Even more amazing is the complacency of a good portion of the planet’s general population that never questions their subservient and deteriorating societal state.

This blue-green ocean world is suffocating under layers of ineptitude and sanctioned criminality but generally it functions with only isolated strife inculcated from counter-culture rumblings. Across the galaxy no other instance comes to mind where so much ingrained favoritism and pronounced privilege has been accepted by the majority of the population. On this planet every societal structure is brimming with barriers-to-entry that inhibit the free flow of ideas and communication essential to a vibrant culture. Institutional antagonism taking many forms jettisons all non-approved concepts that do not originate from the indoctrinated intelligentsia.

Establishing a template on the communication flow coursing across all the nation-state elite protectorates is therefore a significant challenge that is not for the faint of heart. Wealthy royals have ensured their continued rule by accentuating behavior they consider unacceptable or contrary to custom. Anyone engaging in these ‘deviant’ activities or pursuits even those we consider to be guaranteed fundamental rights is left to run the gambit of institutionalized criminality ranging from corporate imposed applicant opinion-discrimination to state-sanctioned murder. No action taken by the entrenched princely manipulators is questioned. For they truly believe that being in the upper echelon gives them the right to maintain the status-quo – the upper-crust pillage of all planetary resources that includes every life-form, sentient human being, and unaware lower creature.

Absolutely astounding, utterly unbelievable, an impossibility that can only be attributed to some genetic aberration of the primate species, for how can such a state-of-affairs exist other than to equate it to the peculiarity of this extremely rare sentient type. This must be a standard trait of humanity to remain docile when their kind is punishing them. How is it possible that so much hate is generated for simply exhibiting characteristics that any other free-minded sentient being would cherish?

On a positive note our People’s Movement is beginning to influence a burgeoning majority who are questioning the current societal structure that relegates them to a subservient position. Across the globe people are starting to come together in a unified bond that will be essential once we overthrow the self-serving pirates and their tools of plunder. Only through a united planet will we be able to establish a real democratic framework that includes every citizen. All of this is underway. Given time even this backward hostile bastion of gross inequity will be sustainably balanced within our galactic realm.