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Gulf Oil Gusher and Education Spin

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The hemorrhage of our global society won't be staunched until we place the interests and rights of individual citizens before those of business. These free agent organizations only exacerbate the dynamically corrosive nature of our existing societal framework.

By demanding that all interactions benefit corporations we've subjugated the natural cohesion that exists between human beings to a retrograde totalitarian blueprint. Why is it so important that our every idea, belief, and action as individuals be judged against whether these dictatorial organizations derive some benefit?

When we adhere to the precepts of the 'infallible' corporate organizational structure we become prisoners to its all intrusive doctrinaire absurdities. No longer able to reason beyond the well-defined conceptual barriers erected by an organizational structure that by its nature ravenously assimilates its competition we're forced to surrender our reason to propagandized spin.

Ask yourselves why it is so important to the vested interests that we educate ourselves for jobs that don't exist? Essentially, jobs that mega businesses have outsourced to places like India and China or insourced by contracting with foreign body shops that bring in cheap labor slaves.

With oil gushing at 200,000 barrels a day from a super duper oil firm's rig gone bad in the Gulf of Mexico why is it business, government, and the corporate controlled media is now attempting to spin this ecological disaster as preventable?

The reason is simple; all the agents of greed who cleave to this societal tumor called ultra-capitalism are duty bound to place blame not on their corrupt, contrived, and contorted global societal system - heaven forbid don't even suggest that it is fallible. To question a 'perfect' system is heresy. All 'reasonably' brainwashed citizen worker droids know that our superbly crafted corporate directed world needs nothing more than a tweak from time to time.

But you ask; "Why even drill for oil in the ocean when the potential for long-term economic & ecological disaster overshadows any benefits derived from a few extra barrels of carbon polluting fossil fuel oil?" You may also be daring enough to say; "Why should I get a college degree or upgrade my skills for jobs that don't exist or are being offered to cheaper wage slaves from foreign countries?" Bite your tongue you are way out of line for conveying the obvious.

So remember, when vested interests construct societal systems that exclusively benefit them at the expense of the majority of global citizens they must never allow this subjugated majority the luxury of questioning. For questions require answers that become more and more absurd the more dysfunctional the contrivance. It's simple, if it looks like bullshit, smells like bullshit, and covers up the ground truth; we can reasonably assume it is bullshit.