Ray Pairan - Author & Software Engineer

Gulag Gates Slamming Shut

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Pontificating CEO rulers dictate to the society what they will do and how they will do it. We allow these egomaniacs free reign to drag us along on their power trips. Entrepreneur hero worship abounds in the Corporatism that has infected the planet. Prolific propaganda has led us to believe that only a few unique individuals are capable of creating extraordinary outcomes. Promotion of the corollary that the general population is incapable of conceptualizing anything original is used to marginalize laborers into subservient interchangeable widgets.

Only superhero entrepreneurs alone with their thoughts, not needing any input from anyone else - all those who live on deserted islands - they are the drivers of every single creation, concept, all that matters. The rest of us are ballast, nonentities in a world that does not need us - a capitalist gulag that uses us but does not recognize or honor our achievements.

But why would the Corporatist ruled world distort their effective propaganda campaign by injecting reality into a fairy tale that most have already bought into - that the entrepreneur is all powerful and has never needed anyone. The extreme capitalist dominance domain is preeminent in every nation. Across this planet the general population has been indoctrinated into believing that their lot is to serve without question a societal system that burns through their lives so a tiny few can live like sultans. Questioning the executive CEO cultural template of neoliberalism is tantamount to breaking the sacred covenants of a religion. Most do not even try.

None of what has been presented is a revelation to those cogent planetary citizens who experience the extremes of this overlords' playpen. Storm clouds are gathering on the horizon. The economy is diverging into two groups those who have declining real income from work and the lords of the capitalist realm who have rapidly expanding capital, wealth, and income from illusory valuations in stock markets fed by income leached from the real economy's skimpy paychecks.

Short-circuiting the capitalist economic dynamic by redirecting most generated income into the 1% rulers' coffers leaving at best a subsistence amount of wage income in the hands of the majority is the primary objective of the ruling class. Reinvesting this pilfered salary income in stock markets further inflates already overinflated stock valuations. It boosts the paper wealth of the robber barons but also provides more capital to banks. These intermediaries of the "company store" then turn right around and loan the wage toilers' money on easy terms thus sinking us deeper into debt with money that should have gone to us originally in the form of increased real wages reflective of our year-over-year productivity increases.

Obviously, this economic shell game is not designed to spread the wealth around or raise all ships but is instead just another manipulated system of grand extortion meant to keep the superclass thieves fortunes expanding at an exponential rate while the rest of us in the 99% race towards poverty burdened with an ever-expanding debt load.

This is a fight for the relevancy of those not lounging in cabanas on private islands. Very little time remains to replace this elite massaged society that benefits the few. Our People-First society will expand the rewards of hard work to a broad cross section of this planet's population but without a stepped up revolt by all of us working in the big-business trenches it will only remain a pipe dream.

Outdoor protest has already been criminalized in many US states. The Internet is about to be locked down by the FCC for their corporate masters exclusive use when the "Net Neutrality" law passes. Employers are already using their power over their labor-slaves within the autocratic business dungeons that they rule over to tell activists that they will need to choose between exercising their First-Amendment free speech rights or eating. Both political parties in the US are increasingly controlled by 1% elitists who hold the purse strings of the reelection funds of every politician. These examples of Corporatist lock down of the general population are just the tip of the greenhouse affected melting iceberg.

Tomorrow, the next day, or the day after that we will look back in envy at the limited freedoms we let slip through our hands - at the lost opportunities we frittered away by believing others would do the heavy lifting for us, that we could just sit back and not do our part. You need a reality check if you believe that someone else is going to save you from economic oblivion and an absolute dictatorship of a Corporatist state that will reclassify you from "citizen" to "slave".

This mess is only getting worse. Granted, the people have had some success in getting our message across to the many billions of disregarded planetary citizens but we are still losing ground fast. Without your immediate help we have only a few months left before the gulag gates are slammed shut. Act now or ready your ankle to be permanently shackled to the global transnational corporate slave ship. The choice is yours. Will you and your children thrive in freedom or will you yearn for the day when you had the chance to stop your enslavement but instead chose to do nothing.