Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Gradual Transformation from Capitalist Exploitation to 24/7 Freedom

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Across the globe citizens are taking the intuitive to wrest power from the minority of 1% elites and their lobbyist stoolies. Collectively we are no longer joyously proclaiming our unconditional allegiance to any big-money society dogma. Our time has arrived to take back what is rightfully ours. All the executives, CEOs, lobbyist-snatched politicians, essentially anyone who is linked to the manipulative gangster class that drains our paychecks dry are being put on notice.

A massive change is stirring - revolution that we all have a hand in hastening. Our imagined society being made possible through progressive conversion can only be fully realized by transferring all corporate power, assets, and control to workers councils. Workers who are empowered owners will be the linchpin of our new societal construct. But prior to seizing all assets from our capitalist masters we must take steps to build a solid progressive foundation. Essentially, what we are proposing is a stepwise transformative process that over time leads to the expectation of a substantially improved quality of life for every citizen.

All serfs from every corner of this planetary pirate camp will demand the eventual end of this exploitative capitalist society. This will be actualized initially by redistributing the trillions of dollars stolen by the parasitic capitalist caliphate back into our flat lined bank accounts. People's Movement nation-state governments will tax and capture misappropriated wealth poached by upper class bandits. Swiss bank accounts, stock market gambling platforms, and all other theft contrivances used by elite leaches will be drained of pirate booty. This bounty of trillions of dollars will then be given back to the rightful owners - the laborers who were forced to work for pennies so gangster capitalists could live like sultans. Our empty threadbare pockets will once again have more than just a few jingling coins.

There are those in our movement who have misgivings about this gradualist approach. They believe that the capitalist beast that has mercilessly preyed upon workers and the general citizenry will be given a 'breathing spell', a temporary reprieve that they will use to regain power. It is my humble opinion that once we firmly establish ourselves across a preponderance of global governments and the 1% elites are reduced to a mere moderately wealthy class without the resources to engage in their manipulative control of society that this along with our enhanced financial wellbeing will ensure these sociopaths remain obedient to the majority. By also being unrelenting in our drive to rid our planet of this degenerative capitalist social structure we will gradually estrange these former feudal kingpins from all vestiges of abusive power. No longer able to command vast resources in order to subvert society to their whims the former CEO/executive elite tyrants will become relics like the slave owners and feudal lords who came before them, just another group of crafty thieves put in a cage by fed up peasants. Basically, all of us will manage the transitioning out of this abusive capitalist society. We will definitely not give any former elite lords the opportunity to re-shackle us to their slave ships.

Most important will be the economic dynamism that is generated by having the majority of this blue planet's citizens once again receiving growing real incomes that they can spend in a wide-open free market. Without any barriers to economic expansion like the damming up of wealth by the 1% elites the entire world will for the first time experience a bona-fide income driven economy across an equitable democratic society focused upon the betterment of all citizens instead of the enrichment of a privileged few. Our socialist/capitalist merged societal framework will over time empower laborers in their horizontally structured worker's council driven enterprises to democratically envision new products and services never possible in an authoritarian fear responsive atmosphere. These creative sparks will be far more numerous in our collectively creative workplaces than the predecessor capitalist takes all theft rackets. With absolute ownership of all means of production workers will finely be able to realize their full unobstructed potential.

We will all endeavor to realize our dreams through the collective marketing of our products and services in a competitive capitalist based marketplace. That will be the capitalist system's contribution to this merged societal entity comprising the best of Socialism and Capitalism. Stripped of its hierarchical power structure, all the destabilizing external market gambling platforms, and the deviant ownership concept that it derived from other primitive exploitative societies the capitalist economic system will be left with its only positive feature - its market based economy - the marketplace where all products and services are sold to end consumers. This marketplace instills a competitive drive that is missing in other societal constructs. Infusing this market based competitive spirit with a horizontal power structure, a pure funding model devoid of external short-term oriented market gambling platforms, and unqualified worker ownership of all businesses will internalize in each worker the economic and personal incentives necessary to continually enhance productively across all industries.

Granted, this will be a tortuous route, a transformative nightmare that all of us will have to cross to reach our enlightened civilization. This will be the singular outcome of our combined choosing that for the first time we will ignore the commands of a kingly, princely, or slaveholding crowd of gangsters only interested in advancing their own interests. We will finally realize the dreams of generations of subservient human beings forced to exist within societies that made them mere chattel managed by a sliver of sociopaths that happened to be in power at the time.

Those within our ranks with a more radical nature have suggested that we just 'get on with it' and inspire a revolution that topples the entire planetary capitalist plutocracy. This may seem to be the easy way out but the killing and maiming of untold millions in what would be a war to rival all wars would leave a scar on humanity that would never heal. All along the way by using the transformative approach we instead can gradually gain converts to our cause without spilling a drop of blood. Let us convince citizens through benign intellectual persuasion.

Rest assured we will not hesitate to take power from the capitalists even while we are persuading the general population of the logic of moving from their primitive to our advanced societal system. It will all be very incremental the approach that we take - nothing will be left to chance. If you have any doubt of the rational wisdom that is being applied to this societal transformation try to recollect from a historical perspective when such mental energy was expended in what were basically organic responses to unjust societies.

Planning, investigating, analyzing, and a multitude of other informational and creative flows coalescing into informed decision points determine the cadence of our People's Movement revolution. Make no mistake it is a revolution but of the non-violent and bloodless type that we are inspiring others to join through our Fifth Column. Coordinated in an organic way but drawing upon the insights from intellectually based proposed stimulus triggers that move the current capitalist society in the paths we desire ensures that we can proactively create the environment conducive to our final requirements. A tremendous amount of work is being expended by an unnamed, virtually unknown army of Fifth Column adherents all necessary if we are to realize our dreams of a better future free from the manacles of autocrats. We are an unstoppable force, a majority who aspires to build a global democracy that has no bounds - a 24/7 freedom.