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Spin-masters Golden Bent Pen Award

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Have you noticed that recently the 1% Corporate Dictatorship's propaganda arm infused across the entire spectrum of media outlets has been myopically focused upon discrediting anyone who is attempting to present a factual account of our 99% global labor prison? Long ago giving up on their responsibility of being the Fourth Estate that protected the remnants of liberty, by exposing corruption, illegality, dishonesty, and other misdeeds of government they are now only interested in maintaining the status quo Orwellian Double Speak distortions for their corporate masters. Instead of in-depth investigative reporting that would have exposed subversion of the US political process, specifically the Democratic National Committee's actions in coordination with the Hillary Clinton campaign to stop Bernie Sanders from getting the Democratic nomination the purveyors of Big Brother's disinformation are now only focused upon trying to obfuscate these corrupt dealings by scapegoating an unsubstantiated messenger: Russia.

This type of shell game is not unexpected. Historically autocracies ramp up their misinformation crusades when confronted with game-changing shifts in public opinion away from establishment viewpoints. Truthful, relevant, and meaningful content coming from a resistance that sways the public over to their side is hard to discredit - especially when the servile masses experience day-to-day misdeeds and hardships perpetuated by self-serving governments and corporate fiefdoms. A society like ours that breeds corruption, confrontation, dishonesty, and an urgent need of some to control others for personal gain has an especially hard time with credibility.

Like the old adage says "if you don't like the message then kill the messenger". Message content that cannot be proven false or inaccurate by the autocratic power-brokers is instead concealed by a propaganda blitz aimed at discrediting the messenger or the messenger's source. The more profound the level of dishonesty and corruption spewing forth from the bowels of neo-feudal privilege, the more farcical the content of the fairy tales spun by the spin-masters in the propaganda arm of the establishment.

Our incarnation of kingly and queenly rule takes the form of an almighty all-seeing and all-knowing corporate persona. Even though it casts a shadow over every institution of this degenerate society it currently finds itself caught between the cross-hairs of a global citizenry that can no longer be fooled into believing anything haphazardly dumped on their front lawns.

The most efficient saturation of illusion ever concocted by shovelers of crap is in disarray, churning out stupidity after stupidity, hoping that something will stick. But it hasn't, their misinformation campaigns have fallen on deaf ears, blind eyes, and stomachs' sickened by the audacity of corporate media sending this sewage across the communication channels.

Clearly, there is no better insight into the disintegration of this big-business ruled dictatorship than the frantic desperation of the propagandists to get us bottomscrappers to believe their nonsense. These expert illusion-builders are desperate to find something that might focus the general population away from reality back to a mindless complacent compliance with the edicts of their castle-dwelling masters.

Below is just a sample of the overworked spin-doctors remedies to a rebellious chain-gang...

  • Russian hackers are to blame for spilling the beans of the Democratic National Committee's efforts to distort the 'democratic' process so they could stop Bernie Sanders nomination and shove Hillary Clinton down our throats - WARNING only have public focus on evil Russian's so they forget about the email content

  • Those bad Russians are responsible for exposing the core of the US governmental rotten apple eaten away by lobbyist flies working for 1% parasites - WARNING portray US government and lobbyists as saints fighting for democracy against evil Russian scum ready to come to your idyllic little village and burn it down

  • Fake News - whoever will be crowned the Chief Censor will have to deal with all this CorpGov unapproved reality percolating up from the depths of Dungeon Central

  • Dammit, just get along with your corporate masters - pour your complaints in the pig trough used by your legislators feeding from big-money donations - come to terms with your inevitable Labor-Slave Grinding drudgery and stop this class war

  • Never argue for your right to self-determination or in support of establishing a fair and honest society - just suck-it-up and smile stupidly when idiots inform you that it is good to be a subordinate labor-slave to a sliver of 1% pirates

  • You should really know better than to believe anything that is transmitted by your fellow planetary prisoners - only the spoon-fed CorpGov media parrots are telling the truth

  • Watch more campy children's movies staying away from those serious content pictures like the movie about Snowden - better to be a stupid drooling serf than confront your wardens

  • Of course, the all-time favorite, this little jewel won the Spin-masters Golden Bent Pen Award: "Listen to those you disagree with..." - let the brainwashed happy toilers club tell you how wonderful it is to get that occasional boot up the ass and take home less pay every year so the corporate princes can pack many more billions of dollars away in offshore accounts

  • The runner up to the Spin-masters Golden Bent Pen Award added this tidbit of rusty metal to the Bent Pen: "Be humbly respectful to those you disagree with..." - no matter how ludicrous the utterances coming from a minority of reality-sheltered happy slaves - just let them spill their rote love of totalitarianism all over your informed democratic egalitarianism

There you have it, the list of the best misinformation treats circulating across the prison compound. Keep these gems close at hand for there will surely be a test given by our overlords sometime in the future. You would never want to let them get the impression that you are not a happy-go-lucky uninformed idiot willing to give your life away so the superclass gang can live like sultans.

Better yet, just keep the despicable economic and planetary pillagers guessing.