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A Global Tyranny Transforming Citizens into Serfs

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There's been a definite trend away from a government engaged fully in its responsibility of ensuring for the welfare of all its citizens. A transformation has taken place over the past 40 years whereby governments at all levels have become not the agents of progressive improvement in the lives of citizens but a direct extension of corporate interests to the exclusion of the interests of the majority of citizens. Improvement in any aspect of the lives of citizens is now trumpeted as being too costly while any and all efforts are made to cuddle corporate elites at any cost to the future stability of all nations.

Tying even the most mundane expenditures of government funds directly to a real or perceived beneficial effect on commerce is essential before being even considered for passage. Whether our governments have now become the servants of corporate interests is up for debate across an expansive political spectrum but one element is certain, the dispassionate systematic inhuman corporate calculus has invaded every aspect of our lives. No consideration is given to quality of life improvements isolated from a cost benefit analysis that is typically based upon historical data that shrouds any subsidiary benefits flowing to the community as a whole. This Byzantine view of the role of government is enforced by a corporate media machine that plays on the ignorance of box-thinking reactionary elements within society.

Governments are a representation of a larger community of citizens who come together to collectively solve problems, advance social harmony, promote interactive continuity, and perpetuate shared beliefs reflected in the legislation enacted. When the central basis of any government becomes subverted to the special interests of a select few we no longer have a government of the people but a fraternal organization that operates to protect the interests of its members to the exclusion of the citizenry. Any transmutation that produces this form of malignant tumor in society that spreads to infect every organization of society with this or any other single minded myopic view of the world needs to be removed so that the interests of the people are once again represented in the whole.

We'll be unable to engage in intelligent discourse if the rhetoric of simpletons continues to be 'shouted' in cackling zombie fervor. The powerful elites who've supplanted the will of the people depend upon those who will vomit their daily gruel of propaganda on queue upon anyone who espouses an unapproved thought or action. For it is on the backs of these compliant voice boxes that the powerful elites ride roughshod across our liberties and interests. The unthinking orthodox dependable serfs that leap at their masters every wish without care to their personal wellbeing are extremely dangerous because they will engage in any heinous act once told by their handlers it is important to the salvation of their religion. In Nazi Germany "Storm troopers" and a cadre of other brainwashed savants engaged in any act (no matter how criminal) without thought just as long as it was sanctioned to promote the objectives of their puppet masters.

Tying everything back to the interest of one's self from an extrapolation to the corporate self-interest that excludes any potential benefits to a larger community of citizens is the essence of the manipulation perpetrated upon our society by the business elite. Nothing is of value unless it directly benefits the powerful elites who control every aspect of our society. Your value to them is only how much you can produce for their corporations - we have no other value. We've become a commodity readily available on the global world market like any other commodity used in the production of their products or services. Our governments will continue to 'care and feed' their corporate masters even if it means lifting our last dollar from our wallets at gunpoint.