Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Global Economic Fascism Enslaves Workers

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On the clear shiny metal can be found some hand worn names just barely visible to eyes watery and bloodshot from lack of sleep. Making its way from the near past into a future that enshrines the preeminence of business over the individual these names remind us of those who gave everything, expecting nothing. These were individuals who trusted in humanity over fist in your face business power that crushed humanity under the weight of its global tyranny of economic fascism.

These few insignificant citizens believed in the power of people to determine their own destiny free from the machinations, corruption, and manipulations of businesses that occupy a special throne next to their government stooges. Spewing bald-faced lies, a highly trained corps of brainwashed elite simpletons engages in a crusade to insure that workers are kept in check within this global "Taker" society that counts them among so many disposable resources to be wasted by business.

These business demons trumpet the benefits of getting an education to qualify for biotech jobs or some other 'red herring' profession meant to distract us from their real agenda: the establishment of a business Reich used to solidify their global empire of privilege. For it was not so long ago that these same media parrots, business elites, and lobbyist-snatched government representatives were heralding the dawn of a new high technology industry and the benefits of educating oneself for this industry. Little did we know at the time but this was to be another wasted effort at racing towards a goal that could never be reached. Why, because it was never meant to be reached - most of us who are now in this high technology industry realize it was just another rouse by business to keep workers off guard while they scoured the earth for cheap labor to replace the next costliest worker?

Holding the glistening metal now allows us to focus our attention upon those who provided a fleeting glimpse into a destiny that none of us could ever envision. We'd always thought that tyranny would only come in forms recognizable to those who studied history and surely it would never visit our land. The names carved into this reminder of our mortal existence understood that freedom could be eroded away like these now barely visible names. No guarantee has ever accompanied the granting of freedom because freedom is never granted in some spectacular ceremony; it is achieved and maintained by those willing to sacrifice everything.

The rain has been pouring down on our thin clothes for hours. We stand straight behind one another with shock-ravaged bodies shaking from the cold. Being the newly obsolete of our firm's workforce we're forced to stand outside (regardless of the weather) to welcome our cheap labor replacements that have been flown in from newly discovered super cheap resource countries. Underneath their canopied corporate tent all the executives take their turn solemnly moving to the pulpit. Once at the pulpit they fervently launch into various versions of "free market and/or global economic" sermons that extol all the benefits of this fundamentalist religion. All the newly chained cheap laborers who will replace us after our soon to be former leaders are done puffing up their chests just smile dutifully, fully realizing that they will be us when their masters find yet cheaper workers in a few months. But we all just play the game realizing that this Ponzi "Taker" society collapses a little bit more every hour without income generating consumption from below. We anxiously wait for the day when all the executive blowhards tooting their golden horns must stare wide-eyed down the barrel of reality. On this special day their revenue starved businesses and bought governments will be washed clean from a world that will no longer live in a haze of illusion.

One of the executive preachers has worked himself up into frenzy with spittle spraying from his puffy red face. He is swaying from side to side preaching about how this new crop of cheap workers is so eminently educated compared to all of us in the audience who represent the latest castaways. Many of us in the audience knowingly look at one another in amazement realizing that a distinguished education didn't help this Ivy League executive keep his firm from imminent collapse. Anyway, no one mentions the names of the educational institutions that our new replacements were churned from - not that it matters because we fully realize that all workers are in solidarity against those who enslave us. For we were they and they will shortly be us standing with empty stomachs waiting to be released with a few dollars to aimlessly walk the streets.