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Global Economic Apartheid

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With the U.S. stock market rising 30% but the real economy only budging a paltry 2% we can be assured that the superrich are reaping the rewards of governmental central bank easy money policies. Need not fret, if you’re in the mountain dweller crowd of thieves the planetary societal system is adequately gamed to insure that 99% of the global citizenry will never get anything more than a slow drip of rusty water in the form of income. It will continue to slide down from the toilets, cracks in the plumbing, crevices, and all the loosely coupled fittings of your Masters-of-the-Universe frat house.

Sorry, must now speak to the subterranean crowd.

You must give them credit for having the balls to lock-down our government’s treasuries for their exclusive pilfering. This slug crawling around our environmentally trashed planet that is the monstrosity called an economy is a dual system – a contrived societal apartheid.

Those of us who don’t belong to the privileged elite class, not possessing our own cadre of political stoolies and lobbyist manipulators are forced to exist in a 2% subterranean real-income-poor economy. We watch in horror as our disposable income declines under constant hyperinflationary threats. Insane insurance premiums, rising gasoline prices, food costs that are increasing because ten mega-food producers now control every aspect of food production, all these escalating oligarchic firm pressures that are destroying a once growing global middle class.

If we also include in this witches stew declining real income growth the direct result of wages that are choked-off by CEOs greed addicted passions is it any wonder the real economy is treading water? When the 1% of executives and bloated investors are buying islands, and flaunting their ever-increasing riches in an attempt to impress their fellow bejeweled frat clowns how the hell is there even a basic essential income base available to sustain a healthy growing economy? Not to be found in this societal miscreation concocted by our elite overloads, income, forget it; all you’ll get is more debt. Simply put this isn’t an economy it’s analogous to surfs owing body and soul to their masters company store.

Now if you’re a member of the 30% club of filthy rich giant leaches sucking with puckered lips on your government treasury’s teats living life large blowing thousands of dollars a day on incidentals your central concern isn’t survival, but how the hell do you spend all the cash piling up in your Swiss bank account.

When you’re slithering back to that mansion or penthouse after getting trashed at decadent parties complete with a posse of high-class prostitutes, drugs of every imaginable type, booze costing more than that idiot makes in a week you have working her ass off writing software don’t fall into that bone-chilling hallucination. Unfortunately, if all those fools stuffed and plucked like the turkeys they are continue to slave in their little benighted tiny 2% subsistence economic cave you’ll be forced to ship that burgeoning heap of loot you make on supper tankers to supercenter sized banks. Many a stoned bankster or oligarch has cold sweats when they visualized being buried under mountains of freshly printed cash compliments of their bought-and-paid for governments. Worry not, for another fiend of the diamond encrusted crowd knows the signs of this drug induced nightmare – a quick slap across the face usually brings a trembling power mobster to his senses.

Get ready for that new day dawning over the soot covered hills shining the golden sunlight on that dried up lake adjacent to the thirty smokestacks pumping black poisonous gas into the freshly milled air that is being forced through a facemask into trembling raw lungs. Just another day at the office or factory – concentrate on being supremely productive so the world’s powerbrokers can continue to live like kings and queens on this little shit of a planet.