Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Glimpses of Freedom Outside of the Corporate Dictatorship

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Brain stranglers in the 1% intelligentsia are trolling the dead hinterland marsh for free-thinkers. These critically intelligent 'radicals' must be wiped out if the toxicity of this mosquito infested planetary gulag is to remain unhealthy to any life form other than slugs. Off in another part of the prison camp rousing speeches can be heard echoing around the Plexiglas enclosure. Most of the inmates are tuned into the heavily guarded convention of the lobbyist infected party hacks. Stories abound of how naive prisoners are lured into the 1% 'conversion room' where they are lobbyist-snatched and turned into corrupt psychopaths. This is step-one in the twisting of the rusty spoon down the throats of soon to be snatched political operatives. Once normal individuals are conditioned to accept evil which is the main currency of tyrants the rest is easy, just give them all kinds of goodies like cash, harems, trips to exotic destinations, guarantees of executive level positions, whatever they desire is theirs for the taking. Slash up your conscience, cast aside your principles, and dispose of what little decency you may have left and you may someday qualify for admittance into this club of the pampered super-rich enablers.

Gurgling sounds can be heard in the back rooms of the labor slave enclosure. Need not worry; it is just the team of torturers working overtime to keep the general population reading from the little red book of "1% Subversion, Political Disruption, and Lower Class Pillage". Hard creased faces cutup from many a fight look up from their pleasurable work drowning innocents underwater and other assorted reconditioning techniques. Torture reclassified in the new Orwellian Doublespeak is now popularly called "Hardy Interrogation" - used by all the enforcers of 1% anti-democracy.

Really, why are you worried that your brainwashing will wear off because of exposure to reality or large gobs of the truth? If you just happen to stray too far into realism there is always a goon ready to permanently release you from your transgressions. Relax your mindless obedience to the machine state is secure from your questioning mind that is turning into jelly from idleness. The military, CIA, FBI, NSA, and all the other nameless enforcers of the 1% Corporate Dictatorship are aligned to handle just such pitiful intellectual awakenings.

Enforcement of the capitalist gospel that promotes corporate and 1% interests ahead of the general population is always being beefed-up to take on an ever larger 99% awakening from their stupor. Around 1963 President John F. Kennedy reoriented the US military especially in South America to become an internal security force that assists bloodthirsty capitalist dictators come to and stay in power along with many subsidiary tasks needed to keep the 1% mob in power. The "School of the Americas" trained paramilitary, military, and other assorted goon hit squads to kill Jesuit priests, labor leaders, and activists. Dragging leftist leaders from their beds in the middle of the night they would strip them naked and drop them from planes into the ocean far from land. Another favorite of these well trained monsters was to machine gun then burn to the ground entire villages who stood in the way of 1% dictatorial 'progress' - the fledging 'democracy' of 1% vultures.

So you should never worry that you will be forced to live in reality while your friends are enjoying their blissful trips in never-never-land - accidents are easy to arrange. Remember, if the US can fix elections it is child's play to make some trouble maker disappear to a client-state's torture chamber with a handy crematoria out back. This is just another day at work for those who are expert in keeping the rusty spoon of 1% tyranny stirring vigorously.

Larger acts of terrorism naturally cost more in favors and money. So do not think your government is not making a profit in a world where money is sacred. Even if your 1% vampires need to murder your mother or napalm an entire countryside to keep your cut of the loot safe it will still cost you big time. Favors are never done, there is always a price affixed to everything in a patently corrupt world. There is plenty of expertise amassed over many years that will bring a smile of satisfaction to any cash-rich 1% criminal. Satisfied customers are a hallmark of this bought-and-sold arm of the global shadow government. You can feel confident that your rubies, jewels, islands, Trump sized jet planes, yachts the size of ocean-liners, all that you treasure is safe from any lowlife 99% upstart radical leaders who want to break out of the prison camp you have worked so hard to erect. Rest assured, no knockoff is too big or complicated for the 1% Dictatorship's "Ministry of Love & Truth" better known as Homeland Security.

No hit job is beyond the reach of spies acting under new authority giving them the power of judge, jury, and executioner - the savings in legal subversion fees since the enactment of the 9-11 laws makes a clean knockoff so much cheaper than threatening jurors with murder, tax problems, and a host of much more expensive remedies to keep our 1% masters safely twisting away at the rusty spoon of elite power.

The US has even ousted democratically elected heads of state like Salvador Allende the President of Chile for its corporate masters. You never want to be a leftist seeking to overthrow the capitalist religion and bring justice, equity, decency, freedom, democracy, and freedom to your people. Better have a few replacement leaders to replace you because the 1% Corporate Autocracy is guaranteed to cut your throat. Just joking, they would never employ such crude tactics that the local police might investigate. You will instead conveniently choke to death on your food when eating what you thought would be a quiet meal at home. Maybe, you will find that the brakes on your car just happen not to work because of some rare but known fault that has claimed the lives of a few other citizens' in freak accidents. Rest assured your demise will be an expert work of evil that most in the business of murder will applaud for the advancements made to their dark craft by such skilled practitioners.

Obviously, not all leftist leaders are buried six feet under; some are just completely discredited or threatened with death and taken to a remote location to live out their life that is shortened by some tragic mishap. Even though you may have been eliminated in the standard way, the hard job of an expert 1% goon is not finished until an adequately vetted replacement is picked who will uphold the righteous gospel of 1% capitalist parasitism. This means if you are slated to be terminated by the 1% Corporate Dictatorship you had better have your replacement ready to take the reins of power to carry on the revolution for the people - time is never on the side of those seeking justice from oppressors.

Case in point, after eliminating Salvador Allende who was the duly elected President of Chile the 1% power block's enforcers immediately installed the psychopath Augusto Pinochet. He was their favorite butcher; all the heartless amoral leaders of this global tyranny cheered when he proceeded to torture, murder, rape, and steal from his fellow citizens, but was always careful to let the multi-national corporations treat the citizens like their own personal army of slaves. After many years of losing sons, daughters, fathers, husbands, and wives to the welcoming arms and open hearts of his gang of merrymakers the labor slaves felt nothing but love for their capitalist savior, a ruthless mental case supported by the US government. Pinochet's job after the US CIA led coup had machine gunned him into power was simple. Ensure that the cheap labor slaves remained obedient to their 1% corporate masters, that they never again sought freedom from oppression. Also, let the message be loud and clear to all others who want to bring freedom to 1% corporate dictatorships - that they will be dealt with accordingly - wiped off the face of the earth both historically and literally.

Death is cheap in a world that discounts the lives of the majority to the lowliest of slaves. Millions were killed in South America, Indochina, Africa, and other essential cheap labor camps of the global 1% Corporate Dictatorship. Many killing fields and U.S. funded torture chambers are still fully operational across this 1% locked down planet. The modern day corporate mobsters would surely make Genghis Khan shudder in horror at the number of villages they wiped out in the name of globalization.

To expand the 'benefits' of 'free' trade that just happened to murder women and children, silence dissenters, and enslave a powerless population in perpetual poverty no sacrifice is to great. So that democracy can continue to "shine on the hill" with the bunker around it many more millions of labor slaves will have to willingly sacrifice themselves on the altar of capitalism so that their 1% masters can amass billions more in wealth and income. Even the Orwellians in the oligarchic media machine have fun redefining tyranny to mean democracy with benefits galore like your very own upscale cell blocks inside gleaming towers.

Not to be outdone in the enjoyment category, hoodlums sponsored by the US are having the time of their lives. They are enjoying sadists' orgies - so many to eradicate in such a short period of time. Killing those who simply want to chart their own destinies free from 1% enforced labor slavery means that these happy souls have so much work they barely have time to load a new clip in their gun.

With all of these enforcer crackdowns funded daily not by Big-Brother but Big-CEO, just the idea that freedom is supreme on such a world as this makes for the perfect comedy skit. Majority self-determination is a farce on a planet ruled by an iron-fisted 1% mobster superclass. These psychopaths control corporate monstrosities infused into dutiful puppet governments with influence peddling lobbyists - it is all tightly locked-down. Murder squads and torture chambers funded by their bought-and-paid-for legislators are just a cost of doing business.


Waking up from the nightmare that was real only a few short months ago was the trauma relived by many citizens. The revolution had been a hard brutal affair leaving many scarred for life. Whole neighborhoods had been burned out by the dictatorship in the name of ridding them of 'Haters'. There was not a single family that had not lost someone in the many government purges that scorched the rotting society in its last year.

Elections always a farce, descended even further into the molten muck in the few remaining months before the slimy green infection burst open, oozing puss onto everything. Election fraud, downright rigging of the outcome so that a 1% anointed political hack could win the party nomination even if by mere illusion brought front and center to the electorate the raw tyranny of their situation. The entire charade was exposed. Democracy was shown to be a sham propped up to keep the labor slaves toiling straight to the grave. Better yet, have them work for less and less money, and with no hope of enjoying a decent retirement. Most would just end up under a bridge in a dirty sleeping bag.

To the end, the People's Movement continued proclaiming revolution over working from within a society that was so corrupt that nothing good could survive. There was no logical reason to go down the path of what would at best only be temporary change. In the past, progressive legislation that benefited the 99% always turned out to be just temporary measures that were always repealed when the 1% gradually took back control from the people. The 1% parasites could always over the long haul use a portion of the money they accumulated from robbing employee businesses to convert even decent legislators into compliant servants.

It was a horrible relentless slog that finally led us to our first radiant sunrise outside of tyranny. This gruesome despicable pestilence of a society had been eradicated. People could now breathe freely without endless worry over bills piling up, insecure jobs, lack of affordable medical care, underpaid poorly vetted cops beating them up or killing them, and of course the ever popular 1% tactic of blackballing troublemakers who spoke up or protested against the corporate autocracy. But like any deep scar it was a reminder of an operation that almost killed. Those survivors who made it through to the other side felt blessed to be alive. Shuddering, almost in tears the survivors rarely spoke of the oppression, the revolution, and all the tribulations that had kept coming like a torrent of water from a fire hose. With a steely resolve in their eyes each survivor made it their duty to create a 99% society that sociopaths could never again rule over like their private kingdom.

Everything was replaced. We started from scratch. Nothing was left that could contaminate our egalitarian community; we scraped every filthy element from the societal template that was the 1% dictatorship called capitalism throwing it directly into the garbage. Realizing that the capitalist society's hierarchical power structure polluted every aspect of the old 'taker' culture promoting adversarial relationships - we resolved that the new society would have no hierarchical control structures. Every facet of the new society would have a horizontally flat bottom-up democratic power orientation. This meant that no part of the new 99% society would have a hierarchical bottom-down pyramid where those up top ruled with impunity down a chain of command. Every aspect of the new society, the political, economic, and judicial became a 24/7 bottom-up democratically controlled body. To avoid the risk of infecting the entire society with a new hierarchical contagion of class antagonisms required that all power structures be bottom-up horizontally aligned fully integrated democracies.

For it was the hierarchical power relationships carried over from the prehistoric period to the present that had been the causal agent of an ever tightening autocracy from above. A familiar organizational structure that was infused into every societal facet including the family unit this control orientation subverted the innate tendency of human beings to bond in communities. Sociopaths, those who had trouble relating to others felt comfortable with antisocial power structures. Secure in their power base in castles far removed from their subjugated subjects the masters could inflict even more damage by mandating that autocracy be the basic unit of human organization. Even though there was a diversity of family units a dominant personality still lorded over the underlings in a hierarchically oriented control structure that carried decrees all the way to the lowest supplicant - typically the youngest child. Nothing was safe from raw power exercised arbitrarily.

There are primitive cultures that organize their communities into cooperative units through a flattened horizontal power structure. They democratically work together to share responsibilities, resources, and determine courses of action to accomplish a variety of tasks. Obviously, there are and have been throughout history hierarchically organized societies where all decisions flowed downhill from the most powerful to the lowest citizen. The original progenitor of this deviant structure was probably a male sociopath with a big club. The pyramidal top-down power orientation is therefore not a haphazard way to focus activity to accomplish necessary tasks. This antisocial power orientation was imposed upon communities by bullies of the first tin horned dictators who setup shop to fleece their fellow citizens. People have always possessed an innate sense of community that makes them capable of governing, organizing, and distributing their resources without any meddling intervention and shake-down protection scams passing for legitimate rights of a self-anointed superclass of lazy sponges.

The earliest of these control orientations did not originate from the ether; they were instead organically devised from the need to survive. They were responses, an economic coordination of effort to procure water and food, then seek or build shelter to protect against the eccentricities of the natural elements. Power structures were the result of needing to form some type of economic arrangement. Not a single component of the struggle for survival is outside the focus of an economic relationship regardless of the power orientation employed. For it is the allocation of resources, who gets what food, water, clothing, and shelter manipulated through the economic currency of power inside a hierarchical or flat horizontal bottom-up democracy that is the elemental essence of all societies.

Economic arrangements of people either focus power onto a few omnipotent autocrats or across an entire community inside a bottom-up democracy. Whatever the chosen power structure it will be expressed across all other societal facets. Human beings are inherently lazy never wanting to expend energy when a usable template exists, this reuse is found across the society. That is why replicated from the original economic power orientation we find the various societal facets all with the same control skeletons as the economy - either a hierarchical or a bottom-up horizontal democracy copied across the culture.

Once a hierarchical power structure has been embedded throughout a society that is specifically geared to wrest all income from the lower echelons of an obedient population it is very hard to dismantle. Buttressing the degenerate culture against those seeking to overthrow it are the institutions of the society and the ingrained psychological characteristics of the citizenry conditioned into believing that a lord to slave relationship is normal.

Prior to the revolutionary eruption that was the culmination of decades of frustration turned to rage a plurality of the 99% actually believed it was possible to wrest power from the 1% dictatorship by working within the system. Some placed all their remaining faith in 'reformed' candidates. These abused citizens thought they could trust all the 'sympathetic' politicians. Somehow tin could now be turned into gold - this batch of hemlock was not deadly, these jailers' would definitely implement the kinder-gentler warden's prison reform plan. Pay no attention to the fact that these candidates' had a history of lying and taking handouts from corporate moguls that used the 1% machine to soak the people. All of this blind optimism stemmed from the misguided belief that the 1% Corporate Dictatorship could be reformed. If by some miracle a decent politician who actually represented the 99% had been elected even on a third party ticket this mortal would have been sucked into the vortex of greed and amorality that was the 1% Corporate Autocracy. Going inside decent they would be pooped out the other end as a degenerate scum-sucker.

Conceptually, in a perfect world not controlled at every level by a superclass of 1% parasites just electing a clean or reform minded president might have been enough to deliver the 99% from the clutches of the 1% villains. Problem was, most of the facets of a society like its economy, government, and societal norms have an institutional predisposition to favor the underlying control structure found throughout the culture. This meant that the only way the society could successfully move from the existing 1% Corporate Dictatorship to a new 99% civilization was if it were to be entirely replaced. Not an easy task for any insurgents no matter how adept they are at societal transplantation. But what further complicated an already difficult task was the need to meld an egalitarian, minimalist, modern democracy to a 99% society - all of it alien to a general population brainwashed from childhood to believe they were already living in the "greatest country" in the world.

Tweaking the existing 1% societal mess was therefore not feasible it had to be razed to the ground. Repairing something that had organically evolved to benefit those at the highest levels of a hierarchically organized power structure was never an option; we could only drain the entire cesspool. No other course of action could have cleansed the hierarchical control structures from the 1% societal surface readying it to accept our instantaneous bottom-up citizen ruled horizontally oriented egalitarian democratic society.

Many thought we could improve the quality of life of the 99% by tossing aside the two political parties enshrined by the 1% autocracy. There were those who believed it was possible to work within the sinister dysfunctional pirate society. They were confident that by electing either of the presidential candidates from the Green or the Libertarian Party, that somehow this alone would be enough to energize a longing for liberty in the general citizenry that would have the effect of pushing through change permitting democracy to shine inside the wicked governmental orb. Many believed this single act of protest, a show of our disgust for the current political process would tip the scales from 1% tyranny to freedom. Unfortunately, we now know the outcome of this wishful thinking.

Loosening the grip of the 1% over our society by utilizing many means of protest against this labor slave gulag blended well with a diverse citizenry of many moral persuasions. Protests took many forms. Gradually these actions transformed our prison camp into a more pleasant slavery but it was still a shackled existence. Finally, the realization set in that we had to tear out the 1% from their perches if we were to gain our liberty. We effected some positive changes in our lives but they were once again only temporary. This was because the powerful had made their rule impervious over the long-term to any 99% political insurgencies. No matter who we elected to the bought-and-paid-for shadow government the pendulum would always shift back in favor of the CEO executive superclass who would again use their profits, all the money they raked up to the top, to get back to the lobbyist enabled business at hand - the subversion of the political process so that all the societal benefits went to them.

Full-scale revolution turned out to be the only viable solution that an overwhelming majority of the population supported after their alternate choice for US President was not honored. Workers took control of their businesses from the CEO executive vultures that were milking them for all they were worth. The 99% needed this revenue stream in the trillions of dollars to build a modern civilization. We also used this money from transformed businesses going from dictatorships to worker business democracies to fund the revolution against the 1% Corporate Dictatorship.

Reflecting on the horrors of our journey, the hundreds of thousands of lives lost to obtain freedom, we can never again let any self-anointed group get hold of the resource and revenue pools. For with this revenue they could once again subvert the electoral process and convert the entire society into a global slave gulag that exclusively benefits their capricious impulses.

It has not been factually determined whether the root cause of our problems was a hierarchical power structure that contaminated all the societal institutions or the result of a few self-crowned tyrants who drained the planetary swamp. We are letting scholars ponder that question. It is sufficient to know that the contamination occurred and therefore the only recourse we had was to excise the gangrenous 1% society from our planet.

In the US, the Democratic and Republican political parties just kept dragging their 1% presidential candidate puppets out into the light of day only to find that these sold-out night-crawlers could not stand the bright-light of scrutiny. Even though the questioning about their honesty and unscrupulous dealings was toned-down - only very mild stunts pulled by a corporate media machine that had to make it seem that they were doing their job in the interest of the public - the end result was always the same the puppet candidates kept making fools of themselves. The low-grade imbeciles that they paraded before us this time around could not even get past this charade of journalistic nonsense.

'Solutions' frothed out of the two prancing political idiots who were always fingering their money belts in a signal to their masters that they needed to contribute more cash to their presidential campaigns. Bringing back manufacturing jobs that paid minimum wage and leaving the CEO executive suites with their corporate boardroom elites in charge to rake in all the income from the businesses would have only allowed labor slaves to trade their hamburger frying jobs for assembly line work that also paid pennies. Royalty adored those 'solutions'. They could continue throwing out gnawed on bones for the 99% to put in their watery porridge.

A majority of the population resolved to seek the benefits that rightfully accrued to them for their hard work. If societal progress was to be made and degeneration to be avoided we realized our only choice was to revolt. How else could we pay for improvements that we needed to make so that collectively we had a better quality of life? That was why having many more labor slaves toiling away at dead-end jobs that provided no security, benefits, a steadily declining real-wage, and no democracy was not the solution any of us wanted - a slower decline into abject poverty instead of the accelerated pace of pillage by the 1% CEO executive class would have just extended our suffering and have done nothing to remove these parasites that were killing us - so we cut out the 1% feeding off of our flesh.

The revolution was long and awful but we finally came out the other end of tyranny. After rebuilding our bulldozed and burned out communities we tackled some long overdue problems that had plagued the 99%. Under the 1% Corptocracy we were forced to work at jobs that did not cover all of the essential expenses of even a meager existence. Parents with young children too young to attend school had to fork over exorbitant sums of money for day care. With so little income flowing downward from the parasites both parents had to work just to make ends meet. Now with the income stream spread out more equitably it was now possible for either parent to opt to stay at home with their children. For those who both wanted to continue working they could place their children in government run day care centers free of charge.

Many problems had been left to fester, many more were the result of our long fight with a sinister system of banditry that would rather see a dust field across the entire planet than relent to the demands of the planet's citizenry. With the pillage that occurred at the hands of the 1% there was less-and-less real wage income that citizens could devote to taxes, needing it instead just to survive. So when tax levies were proposed they were voted down. In the last years of the plutocracy politicians seeking re-election just refrained from even mentioning raising taxes for fear of being voted out of office. Lobbyists working for the 1% mobsters made it clear that their masters needed all the tax breaks that the 99% could cover by increasing our taxes. This made the 99% skittish anytime anyone at any level of government mentioned raising taxes. The result of significantly depleted tax revenues meant that at the federal level debt was used to cover the shortfall. China, the 1%, and big banks bought government securities like bonds making them the creditors for the US government.

Infrastructure investments dropped precipitously. Transportation gridlock in major metropolitan areas always a severe problem just got worse. Towards the end of the corporate kingdom vehicles crept along in perpetual traffic. Bridges where crumbling into rivers, lakes, and streams sometimes even accompanied by drivers whose only desire was to make it safely to the other side. Holes were becoming a regular feature of roads. When repaving did take place it became an event that most citizens could not help but mention.

Resource allocation was skewed towards supporting mega-business at all costs even if it meant exacerbating the environmental degradation that had taken place since the advent of capitalism. Producing millions of cars that clogged the always inadequate roads all of them spewing tons of carbon into the atmosphere made global warming worse with every passing year.

Our new People's Movement society with its three diagonal purple lines was a global response by citizens everywhere to the 1% destabilized society that was slowly burying all of us in mountains of trash, polluting the atmosphere of this our only home, and sinking us deeper into poverty. Something had to be done to stop the environmental destruction caused by an out-of-control binge of greedy blockhead sociopaths. Breaking down the barriers across this fragmented world that for so long kept us fighting for this or that scrap of land or slicing the throats of our neighbors simply because they were different - this divide-and-conquer tactic used by our 1% overlords was replaced by an effusive planetary wide community spirit.

Working together with no artificial boundaries to separate us opened up many possibilities never before explored to effectively manage our resources. Capitalism was only geared towards maximizing consumption - the squandering of resources. Labor slaves were used up then thrown out. Products were made cheaply with a built in obsolescence. No part of the degenerate society was geared towards sustainability, just throw it away. Broken junk was tossed in the trash. Each of these new plastic non-biodegradable wonders were mass produced for a culture that thrived upon burning through all the resources of the planet and using the biosphere as a dumping grounds.

What was socially acceptable in a pillage based 1% society was now unimaginable in our new 99% community first society. Sustainable managed resources now benefit every citizen. Aberrant capitalist waste that benefited an ever shrinking number of squanderers intent upon soiling the very space they lived upon - this self-destructive materialism is now just a footnote in the copious accounts of institutionalized human insanity. On a planet without borders or constraints imposed to lockout segments of the population from sharing in a better quality of life, superior long-lasting commodities are produced instead of piles of junk that still litter our oceans and are buried across wide swaths of what are now toxic wastelands.

Personal consumption orgies are no longer an important ingredient of our new culture. We are more focused upon expanding happiness, love, individual wellbeing, passionate expression of our most vivid emotions, and absolute sexual freedom. These boundless expressions of our sensuality are the touchstone of our total liberation from all arbitrary restrictions previously imposed upon our humanity that is only at its best when we are allowed to enjoy an ambiance of uninhibited happiness. Self-absorbed obsessions with acquiring an endless amount of material possessions gathered up through widespread purchasing promiscuity, all to keep a few wealthy lords in opulent palaces was an institutionalized insanity promoted by 1% psychopaths who are finally receiving the treatment they need in mental health hospitals.

Quality products that can be enjoyed for many years are now produced by empowered artisans who own and control their own businesses. Instead of cycling through a deluge of cheap disposable commodities that required ever larger landfills and ocean going barges to bury or sink the crap far from sight and mind we are now able to conserve our planet's finite resources and still benefit a larger proportion of the population than the 1% society. Long lasting creations from our minimalist oriented culture that prefers clean well-proportioned modern creations now let every global citizen enjoy a better quality of life without the need to turn our planet into this vast refuse dump.

Unsustainable and irrational use of limited resources is no longer acceptable. Gaudy cheap pieces of slag excreted out the end of production lines that have the effect of rapidly depleting planetary resources to the point of exhaustion is recognized as self-destructive behavior that threatens humanity. Wastage, the accumulation of redundant products that still may be usable; the replacement of perfectly good cars just to go in debt for a newer model, this behavior is deemed to be deviant. For it is better to spread the benefits of a society far-and-wide than to limit this enjoyment to a fraction of the population. Emotionally enhanced sexuality, pleasure, and arousal that are an effusive burst of intense joy is the byproduct of a society that is well adjusted to its environment and allows each individual to be in complete control of their unique self-expressed destinies.

There are fewer cars traveling down the roads. This is because many more citizens prefer to utilize the inexpensive, clean, efficient, and super-fast global mass transit system. If you drive down the major interstate highways and look up in the median you will see a dual elevated track with bullet-trains zipping by so fast that the purple diagonals symbolizing the unity of our planet are a blurred image on the front of each gleaming train. Passengers comfortably enjoying the view that is afforded by expansive tinted windows transit to nearby freeway exit stations or distant destinations like Anchorage, Alaska all for a very minimal amount of money. Every citizen is able to afford the commute to work or the farthest destination of what is their system of transportation, for ours' is a society that benefits all instead of a select few spoilers. Traveling at 400 mph with a new model coming online that will reach in excess of 500 mph these speeding bullets make short order out of local commutes and distant trips. They also let every citizen have the opportunity to experience an affordable and pleasurable journey across each continent utilizing luxury dining and sleeping car facilities all in the best tradition of our modern but minimalist civilization. These ultra-modern sleek trains are powered by the new green energy generation plants out west so that their carbon footprint is negligible.

One significant benefit of building the massive continental fast-train networks is the offloading of jammed up vehicles from the highway system. Moving single occupant cars off our transportation networks so that larger commerce oriented freight vehicles can quickly travel to their destinations reduces their carbon footprint from idling needlessly in traffic and promotes improved commercial transactions across our world. The interstate highway has been freed up of bumper-to-bumper traffic so that semi-trucks can reach their destinations on time. Accelerating commerce with just this improvement has reduced over-land shipping costs two-fold. Truckers love the fact that most drivers now prefer to just hop on the interstate and exit at their closest elevated fast-train station.

Excitement is in the air, this is reflective of our new society's emphasis on total freedom expressed through our minimalist modern architecture and our passion for the sciences. Even the symbol of our world government is modern - three diagonal stripes of purple against a white background.

But neglect was all around us at the end of the revolution. We have been frantically refurbishing a deteriorated public space. Sprucing up, tearing down antiqued or dilapidated structures, adding a coat of paint to graffiti flaking surfaces, removing trash strewn thoroughfares, paving crumbling roads, replacing energy inefficient lighting with efficient ultra-modern fixtures, and constructing many buildings to provide new public services, this is just a sample of the progressive activity occurring across a planet left to deteriorate from lack of funds. Many years of austerity imposed by our former 1% rulers so that they could milk more cash from governments and society took their toll on our general wellbeing and infrastructure. Always coming in a distant last well behind the tax breaks and corporate welfare going to the 1% parasites the decaying infrastructure and public spaces towards the end of the corporate dictatorship were so bad many structures were just crumbling into piles of dust.

General hospitals are sprouting up like wildflowers after a spring rain. These ultra-modern state-of-the-art facilities are free of charge. We had all been skimping on medical care because it was too expensive but none of us could foresee just how horrible the situation had become under the autocratic monsters that always had their propaganda experts spreading lies or obfuscating reality. Millions sought care in the first few months after overthrowing the bleeders. We just could not build the healthcare facilities fast enough to meet the unmet demand. Finally about midway into the second year we caught up with demand and a few months after that we also built in the buffer that our medical professionals wanted so that they could cover any widespread emergencies that might strain our mental and healthcare facilities.

Historians have been busy cataloging volumes worth of formally disclosed and undisclosed injustices committed against the global citizenry but the most profound indictment leveled against the old 1% 'taker' society was their utter disregard for the mental and physical health of the citizens that they ruled over. To finally make plentiful, free psychiatric and general healthcare, and make it an indelible right of every citizen across the planet from the most remote villages to the largest metropolitan areas is the single most important contribution our new civilization has made to the general wellbeing of every single citizen on the planet.

The improvement in the physical and mental health of the world's citizens was so astonishing that in just the first year of our new global society we had not just halted the fall in average life spans that had been stealing years away from the general citizenry under the dictatorship but were witnessing the first dramatic increase in the life expectancy of a global citizenry that for too long had been treated like expendable beasts of burden. This rise in life expectancy is evident regardless of gender or geographic location. Under the 1% Corporate Dictatorship seeing a doctor or dentist had become a luxury that most could not afford. With deductibles reaching tens of thousands of dollars and premiums so high most folks just dropped medical insurance coverage entirely citizens were dropping dead in the streets or gumming their way through mushy soup because they could not afford to see a dentist or doctor for regular checkups or treatment. What made the situation unbearable was the government's pound of flesh taken in the form of tax penalties that it imposed on those who could not afford to purchase health insurance because the premiums were rising at a double digit clip always substantially out-pacing the inflation rate and the average citizen's ability to pay.

Looking back it is a wonder millions more did not set this extortion ring ablaze much sooner. We waited until all our teeth had fallen out and we had lost loved ones to previously preventable illnesses before deciding we had taken enough of the indignities and thievery heaped upon us by the grotesque billionaire rigged society. Now that a renascence is upon us and we the people are the drivers and the beneficiaries of the first genuine democracy we have decided that instead of dwelling on why most people waited so long to rebel, we will instead expend our efforts on more productive endeavors like continuing to build a better civilization.

Another public facility has returned, but again with an ultra-modern flair. Mental hospitals with their nearby detached clinics are helping to treat a citizenry that has to deal with what is termed post-traumatic capitalist syndrome. This very prevalent undiagnosed condition and other psychological ailments under the business dictatorship were only addressed by trained professionals when you had the money to pay for these services. Very few could afford to shell out thousands of dollars to see a psychologist or psychiatrist especially when most of these professionals would not take the worthless insurance that most of us in the 99% were forced to buy from mobster shack-down goons in the insurance oligarchy. With the ascension of our People's Movement government all citizens now have access to counseling or any other form of treatment free of charge at our sparkling stainless steel wonders of advanced science.

Education was also neglected under the 1% Corporate Dictatorship. There really was no need to provide quality education to a mass of human beings that were regarded as servants, slaves to a privileged class that was getting smaller with every passing year. Whether those in the 10%, 5%, or even 1% knew it or not they were also subject to the same culling forces thrust upon the majority of the population. Elites were dropping off into the lower classes all the time. Larger sharks were always gobbling up the smaller fish. If the process had been allowed to play itself out only a handful of robber barons would have ended up controlling the world and all its income and wealth. That is why each year there was less-and-less need for educated labor slaves because the entire economic facet of the 1% society that was capitalism had been winding down do to always declining consumption, the result of fewer real dollars of income getting to an increasingly income poor population.

A university education once only available to those who could afford the ever-rising tuition, books, and fees was now free of charge for all citizens. Parents were no longer forced to sacrifice their future retirement options on the altar of income pillage just to pay for their children's higher education. Students were also no longer forced to go into debt for the rest of their lives just to obtain a college degree.

Instead of limited opportunities to utilize the skills of their chosen profession there were now plenty of jobs available for the new worker owner class. Trillions of dollars flowing directly to workers instead of 1% CEO executive leaches allowed an honest economy to blossom that naturally stimulated consumption spending spreading rapidly across the entire population of the planet. Resources were so abundant we even had enough money to fund a full-bore colonization of Mars, expanding opportunities to an entire planet that was craving all kinds of talent. If you preferred to stay on Earth there was an explosion of opportunity coming from worker owned and operated firms that had well paid owners blazing new trails of discovery and ecologically sustainable economic expansion instead of labor-slaves who were always at the mercy and whim of a corporate dictator superclass.

There was a swirling debate among all the newly freed labor slaves as to whether the greatest accomplishment of our new 99% purple striped society was the establishment of free healthcare or the elimination of the CEO, executive, management, and investor leaches replacing them with worker owners. Making healthcare a primary right of every citizen to receive free of charge regardless of income or any other extenuating circumstance coupled with mental and dental care so improved the wellbeing of citizens that most were now saying this was the greatest accomplishment of our new 99% society. Equally correct were those who countered that without the freed up revenue stream going directly to the 99% that was previously being leached off the top by 1% parasites in the business dictatorship there would not have been any resources available to provide healthcare to all citizens of our purple hued civilization yet alone any other public service. Historians will be debating the positive results of our new egalitarian society for many years to come. This kind of open deliberation you typically find in decent, well-adjusted, stable, and equitable societies.

Never once wanting future generations to forget the pillage, dishonesty, and autocracy all of us in the 99% experienced under the previous 'taker' society we have decided through a series of votes to make Washington, DC a museum. K-Street where the lobbyists subverted the electoral process by supplanting themselves as the constituent proxies of 1% robber barons is now entirely black. All the buildings are coal black, the sidewalks are black, not a spec of color is to be found anywhere on the street that shut out all light, even a flicker of light, the slightest glimmer of hope that the 99% could cling to, always extinguished by these demons. Nothing good ever originated from this malefic force. These monsters vaporized the most basic of services needed by the expanding poor dredges that eventually included all of us who worked for a living. Towards the end of the corporate empire all the income was being drained from every business and from all the governments that had become conduits to pass taxes collected by the 99% straight to the 1% masters in the form of tax breaks and corporate welfare - compliments of their lobbyist henchmen on K-Street. We had to leave behind all the bad memories of this place and make a brand new start.

The new capital is located on an island in Hawaii. The campus is mostly a massive central cloud computing nexus for our democratic 24/7 people first governing paradigm materialized in our technologically modern civilization geared for a 21st Century that we have envisioned through many online conversations in our vastly expanded social networks. Citizens have opted to utilize political and business social networks linking this monster cloud system into a legislature that is elected once every two years. We convene parliament right after each election to deal exclusively with issues where a computer linked community needs an elected flesh-and-blood representative.

Gradually the old big-business shadow-governments were overthrown by the people after the gigantic US bloodsucker was vanquished. But this did not happen overnight so we found that we needed to have lawmakers sporadically handle diplomatic issues as our duly elected representatives. Given our experience under the 1% mobsters we knew full well that if human beings could plant themselves in plush offices that they may once again start feeling the power of the elected position and take advantage of it by exacting favors from special interests, so their access to power had to be very temporary and very constrained. Just this past month the last shadow-government fell to our 99% inspired revolution allowing the citizens of this once chain-linked labor gulag to finally join with the rest of their brothers and sisters in our planetary wide civilization.

We are finally getting into a smooth rhythm of governance that precludes any shenanigans on the part of our temporary on-call elected representatives. Now confident that we have made the right decision to break from the long tradition of maintaining a governing class it seems normal to directly control our futures' in this massive social networked cloud. With most of our lawmaking done in a real-time online bottom-up direct citizen networked interface installing full-time lawmakers - the former source of so much trouble, the fallible elected representative ready to sellout constituents for speaking fees, promised positions, junkets, money, harems, or any number of enticements from special interests has been eliminated, they are no longer a source of problems for the general citizenry.

Our instant pop-up lawmakers do not have the time or influence to subvert our wishes. They are nothing more than conduits that exercise our desires in situations inconvenient or impractical for the technology we have deployed. After the business of state is finished the Members of Parliament return to their regular professions until the next election in another two years when a new set of parliamentarians temporarily convene. These folks are true citizen representatives more focused upon their day-to-day jobs than making politics a profession. Even if a lawmaker wanted to become a full-time politician term-limits make this impossible. Shutting off the billions of dollars that could prop up another group of gangster supported candidates that quickly forget who their real citizen constituents are was the primary reason all elected representatives must continue to work at their regular jobs and cannot be re-elected indefinitely. After overthrowing the robber barons we were determined never again to have our voices silenced by legislators accepting wads of money and favors passed to them from lobbyist enablers of the 1%.

That is why most of the governing is done directly by the citizens via political and business social networks that link into a central cloud computing center in Hawaii. We wanted to make certain that lawmakers are subsidiary to the process of governing and therefore not an easy target for special interests. There are no single points of failure, no crop of fallible human power that can be easily harvested by 1% lobbyist enablers. Amorphous computer networks that link into billions of citizens across the planet in a horizontal bottom-up flat democratic power structure are resilient against manipulation by their sheer numbers. Those seeking to build a shadow government that will do their bidding would have to subvert and pervert billions of citizens who are the same people these feudal lords would want to enslave - the is the logic behind our influence proof flattened bottom-up all-inclusive democratic power structure. Even though we have laws against seeking favors, lobbying, writing legislation for lawmakers, or any other activity that can be construed as influence peddling that have mandatory penalties ranging from 20 - 50 years in jail, to date there has been no case that has come to trial because it is utterly infeasible given our current governing structure to subvert the democratic process. The government facet of our new 99% society structurally inhibits flawed human lawmakers from taking advantage of their power. We are finally secure in our belief that we are the absolute rulers of our domain. We are constantly on guard, watchful, ready to squash the next bunch of soiled sociopaths dropping down from above whom want to steal our sovereignty, income, and wealth.

Egalitarian, crisp, clean, efficient, minimalist, and modern is how we describe our new purple hued society. Color is abundant and bright, citizens are happy, confident, and always dreaming of what is out on the horizon. Dancing is back in vogue. People are once again passionately expressing themselves in their communities. Smiles are also more evident than under the corporate mobsters who were always planning when they would drop the next leaden shoe on our heads.