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Get Us off This Road to Nowhere Do Not Elect Democrats and Republicans

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Promises, promises, are all we ever hear. Both political parties the Democrats and Republicans are tools of the big-business oligarchs. Neither party represents mainstream citizens of these United States. They are effectively handmaidens of multi-national corporations, wealthy investors, big-banks, and other international aristocrats. Those of us who find ourselves scrounging for pitiful wage droppings have absolutely no voice in any of this world’s governments.

The only way to bring back a semblance of democracy is to stop being so predictable. In the United States that means disengaging ourselves from any lobbyist contaminated organizations. We must disassociate ourselves from the Democratic and Republican Party and any groups that are funded by any special interest and elite societal disruptor. How else can we expect to have a different outcome other than more of the same governmental policies aimed at destroying the middle and lower class?

Reverse socialism is the lobbyist directed legislation that allows the plutocrats to siphon all income from the global economy without any reciprocal generative benefits flowing back into society. This has been the operative grand design of the elite royalty. Subvert every political entity by redirecting lawmaker loyalties from the general citizenry to their campaign financiers. Toss unfathomable sums of money into public office seekers bulging pockets then let them make the crystal clear connection. Pass legislation that enhances the already absurd power and wealth of the elites that has become the overriding objective of every political hack.

Lobbyists just enforce the edicts of the fat cats. They keep the bought-and-paid-for political stooges in line. Basically, if you are a lobbyist-snatched legislator you do what you are told or the money spigot will dry up. These professional politicians have chucked their previous professions down the toilet so they are obligated to follow the rules of the corrupt game. So they take care of their feudal lords by passing bills that send them egregious sums of taxpayer dollars, make it easier for them to legally steal, and provide them with tools to subvert all equitable societal norms to their exclusive advantage.

You cannot end this endemic corruption by following the game plan devised by the megalomaniac feudal royalty. Decisive action must be taken. We will not reformulate this ingrained societal malfeasance by engaging in the same ballot box stupidity. There is only one way to end this once and for all – destroy the Democratic and Republican parties. Do not vote for any candidate affiliated with either party. Cast your vote for an independent or write-in a candidate who is not connected with these elite sponsored political fronts. This is the first step of many that will eventually rid us of these aristocratic bloodsuckers.

Memories are short. We all have more important day-to-day activities that we are engaged in so we forget that every election cycle is the same parade of candidate and party promises. They always tell us what we want to hear but never provide a single substantive legislative outcome that improves our lives. Far from improving our standard-of-living we have been sliding further and further into the hole. These mega-rich leach enablers have ripped up laws meant to protect us, allowed businesses to combine until only a very few dominate and control industries, instituted laws that invade our privacy, and relegate us to the status of serfs beholden to the every whim of our corporate masters. Let’s end this once and for all! Wake up America now is not the time to robotically pull those ballot box levers. There is no reason why we cannot build a better future for both ourselves and our children. Change direction. Get us off this road to nowhere.