Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Summary of Our Current State of Affairs and Strategies to Gain Our Freedom From 1%

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Remaining silent, not fighting the rising tide of 1% CorpGov tyranny that steals more of our hard earned money funneling it up to a bunch of parasitic gangsters will not move us towards liberty. There is no substitute for vanquishing, atomizing, and destroying the inhuman and antidemocratic pestilence that is this Corporate Dictatorship. Autocratic business theocracies are the backbone of the devil - an infection of greed that is destroying both the planet and humanity. Our current masters determine how much money they will take from our paychecks, force us to work harder and longer hours for declining subsistence wages, use the money they steal from us to pay off lobbyist CorpGov enablers, propaganda spinners in media oligarchies, and force us to pay for shoddy and inferior products at their 'company stores'. Worse yet, they have the gall to then take the money they stole from our sweat-and-toil to buy 'investments' in the financial industry that then lends us back this stolen money at usury rates. Do we get anything in return? Only a mountain of easy credit from a 1% controlled financial industry that leaves us choking on debt. We also get a sliding standard of living while our 1% lords' bulk up on investment capital gains 'made' they made in illusory Wall Street vapor 'investments'.

This entire 1% parasitic blob is smothering us - it is a naturally destabilized capitalist economic system - a contrivance designed entirely to drain us of our productive energies, income, and wealth. Worse yet, this grotesque system of pillage is failing fast because those of us in the 99% are all tapped out. We have nothing left to spend after paying for our subsistence lifestyles. Demand for products and services have therefore fallen off the cliff. The happy go-lucky days when people went to malls to spend money at middle-class department stores like Montgomery Ward, Sears, and JCPenny have come to an end. If you believe the propaganda spewing from the 1% owned media machine you are probably thinking that all is well on the spending front because online sales are replacing those that used to be made at the malls. Wrong! Online sales of products have not replaced the volume and sales revenue streams of the old middle income brick-and-mortar stores - they have not even come close. What has happened is that over many decades that we have existed in this 1% income parasitism sales volumes measured as a percent of population has dropped precipitously. Each year aggregate inflation adjusted sales revenue has fallen off a cliff. Those of us in the 99% have lost so much real-income by not receiving meaningful yearly wage increases above the inflation rate - losing real-income every year, buying more on easy credit just to maintain our slipping standard-of-living, we now have sky-high debt loads. Add to this ugly picture the longer and more frequent stretches of unemployment and is it any wonder we are running on financial fumes unable to pump up the dying planetary economic engine.

Credit from the financial industry has been easy to get and has funded our subsistence purchases for many years but this poisonous salve only deepens our income starvation because money that we would have used to purchase is now being diverted to service a mountain of debt. Governments are in debt, corporations are deep in debt, 99% of citizens are in debt, the whole worm-eaten capitalist edifice that funnels all wealth and income up to the 1% leaches is about to collapse under a mountain of debt. So a tiny fraction of the population can live like Pharaohs.

None of what has been stated thus far is a revelation to anyone who has not been living on another planet. If you were from some egalitarian planetary civilization you have probably already high-tailed it back to where you came from to escape this madness. No sane individual could ever support this capitalist labor farm. Caged inside we find ourselves rattling our empty cups on the bars. Capitalism is not a sustainable societal model but is instead a degenerate Dark Age's descendant of Feudalism. Maybe if you believe in fairy tales, hobgoblins, incantations, voodoo spells, and those ever lovable blue-blood Banksters who gave us the 'financial crisis' now rebranded as the 'great recession' your faith in the capitalist gospel would be steadfast. But most of us in the 99% cannot wait for the day when we toss the Wall Street mobsters in a dungeon and throw the keys overboard in the middle of the ocean.

Capitalist society is a destabilizing and retrogressive contaminant destroying all that it touches - converting basically decent individuals into income and wealth hording sociopaths, groups into self-serving closed organizations, and altruistic healers into money grubbing treasure collectors who care little for their patients - this is a dangerous corruption laced cultural template that should have a "skull-and-crossbones" affixed to all its documentation. Anyone who has ever tried to reform this puss dripping pestilence has exited out the back as a greedy amoral shallow sociopath.

The only way to free ourselves from this global 1% gulag is to overthrow it. We may even be able to tear it down brick-by-brick similar to how the United Kingdom's leaving the European Union will tear the heart out of their 1% CorpGov alliance. The grit of the UK citizenry to face such an imposing 1% monolith head-on is inspiring other unrepresented citizens across Europe to contemplate real liberty outside the EU prison camp. Breaking up the large Corporate Dictatorships run by the 1% lobbyist enablers is now not such a far-fetched fiction after what the citizens of the UK had the courage to attempt and successfully pull off. Therefore, let's tear apart 1% super states like the US and EU by disassembling, ripping out the guts of these interconnected intertwined plutocratic empires. Maybe small is better, at least where some things are concerned like up-close local democracies.

After we have disemboweled the 1% vehicles of planetary corruption, greed, and anti-democracy we will have a clean white slate to build our border-less, diverse, egalitarian, 24/7 democracy called Civilizationism - a 99% society that empowers everyone in this planet's first bottom-up civilization.

We should be open to all tactics and strategies to rid ourselves of this global 1% economic and environmental strip-mine. With the sheer numbers that we command flooding the streets with our millions of pounding feet is a tried and true method. Unrestrained revolution has always been an option for those of us in the majority. After a few weeks of pulverizing the pirates dispassionately motivated mercenaries with wave upon wave of liberty seeking humanity our sea of former gulag slaves having tasted the possibility of a 99% society where we control our own destiny would overwhelm any flyspeck group of 1%. These 1% organized criminals would have no choice but to unconditionally surrender to our People's Movement purple wave.

Other methods of gaining our 99% independence from a global society cobbled together to exclusively benefit a superclass of neo-feudal lords might also be employed - let us not leave any tactic off the table. Boycotts, general strikes across the geographical spectrum from local to global, pop-up demonstrations, blocking important transportation access points, blockades of places like Washington DC's lobbyist infested K-Street - not allowing anyone or anything in or out including food and water - all these strategies would probably be effective in overthrowing whole swathes of the 1% Corporate Dictatorship. What should be obvious from the following ideas that were compiled from many people is that we should not hesitate to use any means at our disposal both tangible and intangible to pulverize this Grand Theft Society back into the dirt from where it originated.