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G20 Nation-State Elite Caretakers Be Forewarned We Will Clean Up This Mess

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Farcical is the idea that the G20 group of nation-states representing 75% of this planet’s economic output speak for the majority of their citizens. On the agenda for the two-day plutocratic festival is discussion on stimulating job-growth and global economic output by 2%. With the trajectory of this Corporatist camp called Earth rapidly speeding towards economic apartheid these world leaders will not address the root cause of economic stagnation. They’ll never put their blue planet feudal lords on the spot. You will never, not once hear these puppet leaders truthfully acknowledge that the pillage of all income from the economy by their absentee masters is the real reason for the failing economic engine. Nor can we expect these political marketers to make the connection between their fat-cat pirates and an ecologically distressed planet that is dying from excessive natural resource mining, carbon emissions, and the resulting global warming that will eventually make the biosphere toxic and uninhabitable.

Spin doctors have already prepared the drivel that will be excreted by these caretakers of the big-business money making machine. Feudal weary global citizens of this super-gulag can expect more of the same esoteric fantasy ride. When the puppet masters pull the strings from up high in their crystal castles the carefully choreographed smiling louses will once again end up saying nothing. Existing in a vacuum similar to the economic engine that sputters along without adequate income reaching it from the majority of citizens we know that the only product coming out of this G20 meeting will be an unnerving but predictable universal emptiness.

With this despicable state-of-affairs vanquishing equitable governance it is high-time to dissolve this congealed clot that is an all invasive feudal global-state masquerading as this multitude of disconnected nation-states. Extraordinary measures are being composed to deal with this renegade totalitarian virus that has invaded this planet’s societal edifices. We will not tolerate this blemish on a sparkling pure white democracy. This hideous evil will be excised. Extra-governmental remedies are being prescribed in a parliamentary presidium. Self-determination is not actuated in these existing nation-state shells of this big-money elite controlled planet. It is therefore the evolving viewpoint that this mess must first be cleaned up by any means necessary – a massive invasion it not to be ruled out. Restoring the power back to the citizens of this planet requires taking it from the current overlords living like kings on the blood, sweat, pain, and tears of the disrespected multitude.

Having this miserable degenerative sore within such an expansive democracy even such an insignificant spec in our vastness is deemed by the elected representatives to be nothing short of criminal. The full potential of the ethnically diverse, culturally vibrant, and creative sentient beings of this blue planet can only be realized free from this lecherous scum who are more attuned to the amorality of our arch enemy the Devil.

Our patience is wearing thin. It is a matter of pride that we clean up this puss excreting degenerative culture that is despised by the majority of the planet’s citizenry. Anti-societal behavior on such a scale that impedes the advancement of the majority is infuriating. This tiny blue water washed rock will not become a haven for a territorially hungry enemy that would enjoy engulfing another world in an unearthly malevolence.