Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Full-Spectrum Transmission of Earthly Socio-Organizations

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Another cup of coffee infused the rebel with a sufficient buzz to keep him focused. More piecemeal chipping away at the gigantic stone that is the governmental/big business edifice isn’t going to bring about meaningful change. The suffice long-termers that believe they can coexist in an oligarchic controlled world are deluding themselves. No, they are just afraid of ripping out the corporatist malignancy. It doesn’t take a mind amplified by caffeine to realize that working within a corrupt system – sufficing to carve out small chunks from the machine state isn’t going to change its trajectory.

Only head-on confrontation will stop this evil force from destroying our society. Massive street protests rocking entire cities, global labor strikes, an in your face uprising will make the power centers quiver with fear. This external energy coupled with an internal ideal mutation directed at lobbyist-snatched legislators and their corporatist cohorts will emphasize and intensify their isolation.

Right now, the majority of citizens are some meaningless number that hasn’t been translated into angry protestors marching down every major thoroughfare. Until the power thieves feel the displeasure of millions of fed-up citizens all the chipping away at this or that law will be totally ineffective at bringing about meaningful lasting change.

Maybe this dissident isn’t a very patient leader? That is for the historians to debate. Right now action is the essential ingredient in transitioning from a state of inertia to positive movement toward the goal of transforming the planetary oligarchy into a People’s Movement democracy.

With the internal annexation of large swaths of societal organizations by PM believers, adherents of basic ideals that are grounded in decency, respect, and fairness the infusion is reaching a critical mass. A PM onslaught from within and without is destabilizing the already crumbling corrupt corporatist contrivance.

Even if additional barriers are erected to further distance us from our constituent rights, our chains forged in titanium, the few labor rights we have stripped away, we will prevail. No evil turbulence will dissuade us from reaching our destiny – the fulfillment of creating pure unadulterated representative governments.

Cowering within an indecent society is not palatable to the majority of alienated citizens. The societal rot is to extensive, only drastic reformation of our civilization will save what is left of our trampled democratic ideals.

This organizational shift is already occurring – an inflection point will be reached without fanfare. Injecting, transforming, and confronting represent the calculus that we’re using to effectively nullify the corrupt societal conditions – reverse our current trajectory toward oligarchic absolutism. This is full-spectrum transmission that rejuvenates every earthly socio-organization with a PM transformative template. So subtle will be the conversion from rule by mega-business to governance by the citizenry most won’t be aware when we’ve scaled the ‘barbed-wire’ to freedom.