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French Police State Inaugurates Global Lockdown of 1% Gulag

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Not long after the French police state was erected in response to the attacks on Paris by ISIS terrorists the other 1% controlled Oligarchic nation-states deep-sixed the remaining rights of the 99%. Now no matter where you went in the 'democratically free' Western nations' machine gun totting storm troopers paraded up and down the thoroughfares. You had to be very careful because at a moment's notice they might whisk you away to a far off dungeon for simply congregating in groups. Even talking to your friends in public was a risky proposition for any number of undisclosed extra-legal infractions could be dreamed up by the all-powerful black boots that might have you indefinitely eating porridge in a rat infested cell. The corrupt lobbyist directed gulag finally had what they dreamed of long ago - absolute power without legal recourse, a complete and total control over the 99%. With all protests banned just being on the streets was dangerous especially if a police officer had a bad day and wanted to throw you in jail or worse yet shoot you full of holes. All a Corporatist enforcer had to do was call you a "Terrorist Sympathizer" and you would never again see the light-of-day. The legal system had ground to a halt. Judges, lawyers, the whole judiciary was vaporized on the day the elite rulers decided to take undisputed control over every aspect of our lives.

Unable to control the unraveling of their destabilized societal mess call Capitalism that was daily incubating hate for this planetary system of extreme inequality and with the ranks of the barbarian terrorists ballooning the 1% royalists readily took the next step toward absolute tyranny. They erased all the former trappings of 'democracy'. Where before the onslaught of the barbarian horde the big-business elitists had maintained the trappings of a phony liberty these castle dwellers now sufficiently frightened that their 'take-everything' system of societal pillage was crumbling opted to resort to in-your-face state dictatorship.

The general public, those of us in the 99% left to fend for ourselves in the 'gated' prison camp had to circumnavigate all the trigger happy machine gun spaying cops, paramilitary, secret police, and military homeland enforcers. At times you did not know who were worst the black boot enforcers or the terrorist freaks popping out of nowhere ready to detonate their body bombs. The whole situation was abysmal. We were still working for declining real wages but now had to keep our mouths tightly shut and opinions to ourselves for fear of being dragged away in the middle of the night by the protectors of the fatherland.

Even the weak forms of freedom of speech and assembly that had existed under the milder and gentler elite aristocracy were now cherished memories imparted to the young. Although always fairly irrelevant in a spherical plutocracy due to the common practice of blacklisting of those deemed dangerous to the status quo 'taker' establishment at least back then you could voice your dissatisfaction and organize peaceful protests, this was now utterly impossible. The trapdoor was tightly shut and welded in place.

We had two ideological camps of genetic mutants to contend with: the capitalist absolutists and the terrorist barbarians. At the same instant the CEOs, assorted other executives, corrupt governments, and mega-investors were reaching in our wallets stealing the few thin dollars we had left after we had paid exorbitant insurance premiums, and all the other tithes that were part and parcel of supporting the pirate billionaire class we were all - regular citizen and terrorist - collectively being classified as enemies of the state. They treated us equally, herding everyday folk down the street like they were crazed extremists ready to storm the closed communities of the princely crowd. No distinction was made between the slave laborers toiling for less and less and the fanatical freaks that regularly jumped out of allies crying out slurred approximations of "infidel go to hell".

The People's Movement was still the only effective resistance to the global insanity but it was now driven underground, a revolutionary force that not only had to deal with the 1% gangsters but also the byproducts of their screwed up society that left too little after these party hardy types had their fun. Terrorists and all other assorted deviants sprung from the caldron that was this capitalist new feudalism were advancing on all fronts. Without adequate opportunities, forced to exist in sullied environments with poor to no food and water resources, inadequate housing, horrible medical infrastructures, and denied other basic necessities of a humane life these symptoms of the diseased capitalist society were always bubbling up from the goo ready to lash out at any perceived contributor to their miserable condition.

This is our future hell. We in the People's Movement will become the only viable human community in a world rift with corruption, killing, vengeance, and pillage. Our human bond is a village that is founded upon respect for divergent viewpoints, decency, empathy, and a caring for those less fortunate than ourselves, this is the do-on-to-others essence of our being.