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1% CorpGov Global Economy Failing Fast - So Freedom of Speech Must Die

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Many Americans are pushed up against the wall financially unable to pay exorbitant medical insurance 'protection racket' premiums, skyrocketing rent, and all the other necessities of life with paychecks that get smaller each year. Europeans unable to have China fund debtors like the United States government and their citizens have even less income flowing around in their real economies with the end result being that they have had double digit unemployment for years. So on one hand we have a nation of debtors funded by a totalitarian dictatorship, on the other a boatload of EU nations with rapidly declining standards of living who are unable to find a dictatorship willing to buy up their national debt and horde their currency.

Looking at the American economic situation we find that the capitalist societal model that funnels all the income and wealth up to a chosen few 1% pirates who in turn 'invest' this ill-begotten loot in the 'financial' market that turns around and lends this money back out to the 99% at usury interest rates is only propped up by Chinese purchases of government bonds and stockpiling of U.S. currency. If it were not for the Chinese infusion of cash and the inflating of our currency valuation by their hording of United States bills we would be in worse shape economically with higher levels of unemployment than the EU nations.

There is insufficient income flowing through the economic 'engine' - a lack of fuel to keep the real economy expanding. Even with a constant infusion of easy credit coming from the 'financial' industry compliments of all the 'investments' made with money stolen from 99% workers' paychecks the phony castle dwellers Wall Street powered investment economy cannot keep the real economy humming along for very much longer - the end is near.

Europeans are angry, ready to tear down their dysfunctional capitalist society because they do not have a daddy like China ready to plow all their money into their failing nation-states like we do in the United States. That is why they are much more receptive to calls for tearing down the global 1% system of pillage. Americans have experienced a declining standard of living over the past few decades but it has been saved by the Chinese from becoming the worst case scenario that is occurring in the EU nations. This preferential treatment by the Chinese papa will soon end as the global economic engine loses more precious real income from the income drain by 1% bandits. The flimflam artistry of Wall Street investment houses will no longer be able to generate the worthless investments tied to corporate valuations that are in the cellar.

What has been the reaction from the 1% CorpGov puppet lawmakers to all the anger that is building up in their citizenry because of the multitude of failures rippling across their 'wondrous' capitalist society? These enablers of robber baron pillage have had their propagandists working overtime trying to come up with ways to marginalize the growing number of disenfranchised citizens. They need to stop all these hungry unemployed citizens from communicating their frustration and disgust for a capitalist society that leaves them eating scavenged chickpeas while their 1% CEO executive masters dine on lobster inside luxurious beach front island cabanas.

One day, not long ago, the chief propagandist for the global Corporate Dictatorship at a top 'mainstream' media outlet had the perfect solution - why not just call these mad-as-hell citizens left out in the cold by their own governments "Extremists" who have also been "radicalized" by a cascade of voodoo spells. Wow, that was a great breakthrough for all the purveyors of the 1% labor gulag - they could just throw out these terms and instantly without any fine grained definition on what constituted an "extremist" or someone who was "radicalized" the troublemakers could be instantly marginalized. For extra insurance, the rabble-rouser could be sidelined by their fellows with the latest concoction coming out of the spin doctors' warped minds - the worst of the worst, a "Hater". That nebulous term is so ill-defined that it can cover any activity our 1% masters need terminated. What a stroke of genius on the part of these well-paid upper tier propagandists. The 1% lords applauded loudly and made it a point to invite these top-notch Orwellian Doublespeak experts to their next over the top parties. Now, everyone would instantly forget that most folks do not vehemently hate their governments or societal systems when they feel empowered and able to vent their frustration to those in charge who will then act on their behalf. It is only when people feel powerless to change a serious injustice, when they have no constituent voice because it was taken away by legions of lobbyists who now do the bidding of 1% castle dwellers that these cornered citizens start venting their anger at institutional parasitism and rampant societal corruption.

So if our 1% masters have their way - and we all know their propagandists are very good at what they do - having an extensive informational reach across many communication channels - their campaign to silence the 99% disenfranchised citizens will succeed. In a few months we will all be walking around with toothy white smiles. That is, if we still have teeth after not being able to afford a dentist. But even a gummy toothless smile will do. It will say effectively to our gulag masters that we have passed the test and are not one of those evil "Haters", "Extremists", or worse yet, some sinister "radicalized" monster ready to terrorize our neighbors. Freedom of speech will have effectively died a quick death at this very moment.