Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Free the Sleeping Inhabitants from the Feeders

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Dropping into the atmosphere the night sky flashed sparkling bright as each sleek metallic war cruiser became visible. A massive fleet comprising some 400,000 craft emerged above the expansive pure white surface of the planet's South Pole. This was the blue planet, the planet of mystery, terror, and intellectual desolation. The only class 1 life form prevalent upon this mostly liquid sphere was a primate species still evolving after only a few million years. They were a species buffeted by an unusual amalgamation of contrary emotions, divergent temperaments, and extreme unpredictability. Strange could not even begin to explain the feelings pervading each of our sensory receptors; just being out this far on the outer edge of the Milky Way galaxy was exciting - an unknown aura of palpable energy surrounded every unique sight.

Having been sent here to confront the enemy who had a waiting armada within a few cycles of their sun we were to setup a base beneath the cold surface. The enemies' objective was to enslave this population of class 1 primate species. Our mandate was to eliminate the enemies' last remaining craft so that we may put a stop to their slow seeping terror. They had left a trail of destruction running from the center of the galaxy radiating out in all directions. For those who fought they were left with ruins to pick through in numb comprehension, bordering upon complete horror. Only cooperation forestalled dusty destruction but only for a few additional years while they drained all resources, and enjoyed a decadent lifestyle among the unsuspecting inhabitants. There were no more efficient parasites in the universe from among the galaxies that we were aware - they'd always 'cleaned all the meat from the bone' - it glistened, shiny white once they'd finished their pillage.

This was to be their last stop of aggressive, soul poisoning societal distortion for our mighty force was composed of the most advanced war cruisers in the "Calib" (sector) - we would annihilate all traces of these vermin. They would be attacked with extreme violence for ours was also an act of retribution and vengeance for the billions they'd left dying under the rubble of our home world. We were to allow no breathing 'leech' mercy - they're sentence handed down by the Galactic Court "Calib" 1 was "complete vaporization of all engaged enemy combatants attacking or with intent to attack the planet". Far too many had died ghastly horrifying deaths on worlds too numerous to count across too many quadrants of "Calib" 1 to allow a touch of mercy to intrude upon this mission of extermination. Pain would no longer be the common currency among many peoples subjected to their techniques of unseen subterranean enslaving leading to eventual destruction - all would stop here, on this distant blue planet.

Reports were coming in from our intelligence operatives that the enemy force was on route. Their distinctive triangle war cruisers (much larger than our saucers) expended a tremendous amount of energy during a transit operation making them very visible to our sensors. There was no mistaking it they were within a few seconds from "atmospheric drop". Once they completely dropped into this planet's atmosphere we would be waiting. The attack would commence immediately until each and every enemy war cruiser was destroyed. Also, at this very instant every gorging enslaving enemy parasite "living decadently large" was being identified by our agents - their fate would be capture. These non-direct combatants would be sent racing towards justice at the Galactic Court "Calib 1" where a trial by peer species awaited them. If found guilty they would be sentenced to a life of hard labor without any chance for early release - an example had to be sent to any future marauders that justice would not cower in a corner. Actions that subjected class 1 to 10 life forms to unquenchable evil must never be condoned. Time was encircling its arms around the hearts of those who'd lost loved ones to these demons - justice was near - it was ready to breathe its fresh breath of freedom across this outer world quietly asleep to the conflict at hand.