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Focus, Focus, and Focus - Tear the 1% Parasites from Our Backs

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Establishment pundits continue to promote the worn out Republican and Democratic Party machines. We need to distance ourselves as far away from these conniving lobbyist-directed political parties as is humanly possible. Charting our own course into a 21st Century people-first society does not mean we should drag along the baggage of a failed 1% directed society. What it does mean is that there should be a total purging of the current exploitation focused cultural framework from this planet - absolutely no remnant of this big-boys CEO club should remain.

Starting clean demands a total rethink of how a society operates. It is entirely possible we will have no need to elect fallible legislators. In our new bottom-up 24/7 democracy we will be directly in control of all aspects of our lives through a cloud social system. Legislators, leaders, and lobbyists, all those up and down the hierarchical chain of command who derive their sustenance from our efforts would be obsolete. Granted, there may be some elected government representatives but the general trend will be to have less rather than more.

The ledge huggers' of the current pillage based neo-feudal lord-to-serf power-structure know their world is coming to an end that is why they are desperately trying to 'reinvent' it so that it resembles the glory days of the US empire. Do not get too worked up over all the machinations of a dying societal system. Trump and the bygone era CEO crowd want to bring back a 1950's and 60's style of capitalism in a desperate attempt to rehabilitate this 1% abomination to win favor with the empire's chosen citizens. We should not lose our focus on entirely ridding ourselves of this robber baron capitalist society. Staying united across a multi-ethnic and religious community until we purge this despicable top-heavy mess from our planet is our central objective - all other fights are subsidiary and temporary struggles to maintain our sense of dignity.

We need to remind ourselves that no real change is possible until all anachronistic hierarchical power structures are eliminated. Since the power structures prevalent in a society are a direct result of its cultural orientation we will not bring about any permanent positive change in this degenerate society until it is entirely replaced by our people-centric bottom-up society - tinkering with a failed system is futile.

Vested interests, those who have a lot to lose when this big-business-first society goes belly-up are working overtime to convince the general population that they can successfully tweak the clanking mechanisms of corporate tyranny just a tad so that our lives will be better. This is a worm-eaten piece of meat they are throwing at us laced with a toxin that will have us hating our 'different' neighbors so that we remain divided - they are using the classic divide-and-conquer tactic.

Lobbyists, politicians, CEOs, managers, supervisors, and others who depend upon the rusty ladder of capitalist tyranny do not want this society to change for the better, they like it just the way it is because they are extracting your life's blood like leaches, taking all the perks and benefits of ruling over others in this neo-feudal cultural holdout.

Therefore, when protesting against specific negative aspects of this society we should always point to the reason the promulgation of these negative characteristics are even possible: the current society flourishes when base emotions are energized - evil is its opiate. Alleviating the symptoms of a pillage driven society will not permanently solve any of the underlying problems because they will just reappear in later years. The point is we can only improve something that has sound core structural components.

Our central concern should be how we are going to continue to put the pressure on a global corporate dictatorship that drains the resources of this planet dry, both our own hard-earned wealth and the environment's. All these subsidiary snares they keep throwing our way are diverting our energies away from removing this 1% societal scourge, some of us are doing exactly what our rulers want - fighting against one another. Keeping our ranks strong with no fractures along ethnic or religious lines is how we will prevail against an enemy that has always used divisiveness to keep us at each other's throats while they bulked up on trillions of our dollars.

The long-term goal is to rid this planet of all barriers uniting everyone, to create a cooperative community of self-energized and passionate global citizens who are in complete control over all aspects of their lives without any interference from self-anointed control freaks.

In the interim we may temporarily utilize existing political systems but not the current political parties to transition to our new societal model. No part of this transitional phase should convey our willingness to backslide into a kinder-gentler master-slave relationship. We are not interested in trading our future happiness for a few token beads no matter how they glisten in the morning light.

Do not delude yourself into believing that we can achieve any lasting change until we completely take power from the 1% elite establishment and replace their system of 99% exploitation with our people-first purple-driven society. Minimum wage increases to $15 an hour, and all the other 'improvements' in this neo-feudal global wasteland will not change the fundamental dynamics of a societal system designed to enrich the few from the efforts of the many. Until workers seize power from their business overlords and unhook these businesses from all political activities transforming them into worker owned, operated, and controlled organizations without any special privileges under the law, nothing changes, all we are left with is window dressing, improvements easily revoked by less enlightened business masters.

Taking control over our own destinies allows us to escape the very painful reminders of absolute corruptible power. Just because you have a progressive king or queen today does not necessarily mean tomorrow the king's half-wit son won't run you into the ground. That is why we must eviscerate all traces of this parasitic excrescence called capitalism from our planet - leaving not even a spec of hierarchical control for it to once again take root and destroy the aspirations of the many so that a few rich sociopaths can live like sultans. Focus, focus, and focus on the task at hand - tearing the 1% parasites from our societal template. All else is just red meat thrown out by the desperate feudal rulers to keep us lowlanders from scaling their castle walls. Ready the ladders!