Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Flesh Eating Mega-Corp Governments

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Drag that corpse into that deep six. Wipe all the many puffy hands clean of the rot. Sprinkle a sweet smelling perfume over the top of the dead zone. Now stand back, observe carefully how the great dump of cash into the coffers of Masters-of-the-Universe global bankers has now been transformed into a phantom - a "Financial Crisis".

Crushing government debt resulting from bailing out incompetents overextended with worthless toxic waste derivatives, inadequate reserves; all those 'luminaries'; those former investment bankers now 'respectable' plain vanilla big banks, those highfliers may now proceed to drain us of our life's blood then clean the flesh from our emaciated bodies.

Fiscal government stimulus, that bureaucratic boondoggle, a non-targeted lobbyist bonanza of party money going to the highest bidder has now become the sole cause, or is it an excuse for our global governments staggering obligations.

Feeding the razor-sharp snapping beasts, those insatiable leaches, the mega-corporations, those legions of raiders that ransacked our government Treasuries - now that is a dangerous job. Only the slimiest purveyor of regime favors dares extend the succulent rotten morsels, all those juicy deep prime cuts.

Don't worry, take that frown off your face, all will be well on the blue planet; the illusion is safe, tucked in under layers of corruption. Crony capitalism, that abomination that eats us alive has the police, army, media, and all the tools of state at its disposal. Whatever form of subversion of our democratic rights, our dignity, respect, and individualism will be executed to crush dissenters of this new form of global totalitarianism.

Make no mistake we're all targets.

People of this planet, be forewarned an evil has been unleashed that will devour you whole. We're all nothing more than slaves to be marched to the tune of deception.

But mind cleansing deception is only effective when undistorted information sources have been silenced. Clear channels of pure unfiltered information outside the established (sanctioned) media outlets are the enemy of our mega-corporate controlled governments.

Disinformation tailored to convey a revisionist worldview is meant to control public opinion, corral the cattle for the slaughter. This can only be accomplished when all the little soldiers are marching happily to the same drumbeat.

Unadulterated capitalism, objectivism, a level playing field, that isn't mined by super corporate raiders coddling their government cronies through their millionaire lobbyists this is our collective goal. Lean governments answerable to "The People's Revolution" (PR), the only constituents, the sole constituents, this is our right, our destiny. This is a fight for our survival. No middle ground exists.