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Flesh Eating Crony Capitalism

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Did anyone think to ask back in the early 1970's why nuclear power plants were being built on the Ring of Fire that swallows the Japanese islands, not to mention the West coast of the United States? No, why ask logical questions. Better to just drift along in a self-imposed state of illusion and delusion. Or maybe we're being too kind in our assumption that blind ignorance or sheer incompetence is the driver of our global insanity.

Remember the obliteration of New Orleans by the gigantic hurricane Katrina and the U.S. government's "don't give a damn attitude" towards the mostly poor American citizens who were left to die; abandoned without food and water for days.

Or have we forgotten the killing of millions of peasant farmers during the Vietnam War by a self-proclaimed 'benevolent', 'kind', and 'peace-loving' superpower. Clearly, the indiscriminate burning of the countryside with incendiary flesh eating fire, decades long defoliation from the effects of Agent Orange, and other forms of democracy building were the 'gifts' airlifted from across the sea.

The tyranny of destruction continues in another form in Bahrain. Arab League and Saudi Arabian soldiers coming from subject states of a crony business/government cabal are butchering common citizens demanding freedom from the oppressive rule of their absolute monarchy.

In Libya the money is still flowing from Muammar Gaddafi's treasure trove built up from years of suspect dealings with 'democratic' nations like Italy. Happy well fed, well paid mercenaries are killing citizens with tanks, bombs dropped from planes, machine guns, raping, torturing, and employing all the other brutalities reserved for serfs who stray too far from their cage.

But every well-spoken, unprincipled, castle dweller knows that dealing with democratically unchained citizen's just costs far too much money. Much better to pay a despot figurehead untold millions and billions of U.S. dollars for the 'right' to pillage a country of its natural wealth than to have the citizens of these countries start believing they should benefit.

How else can the global crony business/government pirate bases maintain their stranglehold over the worker slave populations of distant satellite states? They must exert force, threaten, and intimidate the population into submission. These buccaneers can't let unfettered real democracy replace their international elite buddy system. The ransacked wealth must continue to be loaded onto their pirate ships.

If a significant number of human beings need to be razed, forced to live under a South Vietnamese Ngo Dinh Diem or Nguyen Van Thieu style dictatorship fine-tuned decades ago in the jungles of Indochina, so be it, just so long as the vested interests of the princely caste of crony capitalism is protected, ensured of its share of booty. Yes, it is hard to fathom, but these Masters-of-the-Universe must distribute some of this loot to their lobbyist and political cohorts - the well-oiled machine mustn't stop grinding our bones to dust.

A little nudge in the right direction with a cattle prod always does the trick. Whisking citizens away in black SUV's without charge to be incarcerated indefinitely, the torture of dissidents, suppression of free speech, summarily executing troublemakers, all these practices lets us lower caste plebs know who is the boss.

Kingmakers, nobility, lobbyist messengers, and the legislative monarchy, all the members of the patrician class are obligated to provide the citizens with the finest overseer money can buy. Only the best puppet leader's need apply. After all the princely fortunes of the priests of crony capitalism must be protected.

And the holy grail of thievery must be guarded at all cost.

Not morally bound, these exulted most-high business elites through their lobbyist-snatched governmental stooges have a long history of supporting crimes against humanity. After all as any good holly crusader will attest to, the heathens must be kept in line.

Refined from the poorly executed South Vietnam model to the more clandestine, covert death squad, secret execution, propaganda smothered South American model, satellite despot rule by the elite moneyed worldwide interests is now a well-practiced art form.

The impetus for this grand power induced fever is the need by these saviors of crony capitalism to maintain absolute control over indigenous populations. Regardless of where their rule emanates, even if it's in the heart of the most developed countries, or from a proxy sitting on a palatial throne in the sandy desert of an African or Middle Eastern monarchy, all these forms of autocracy have a single overriding objective: keep the interests of a select group of elite power brokers profiting at the expense of less connected businesses and the general population.

All tactics are acceptable, all profits divine. Willfully placing the world's environment at risk 40 years ago is also acceptable in the warped vision of these most favored parasites. When the capable engineers of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear site told the worthless business/government rulers back in the 1970's that it was potentially very dangerous to build at that site. Rest assured, these callous well fed pigs burst into laughter, and after their leader attentively chewed the last lobster morsel wedged in-between his teeth they uttered in unison: "Who gives a damn about catastrophic radiation poisoning let our bandit ancestors deal with it. Let the money roll in!"