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Contrivance of Financial Extraction Called Capitalism

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Removing profit from healthcare, aligning the cost with the delivery of services within a new people empowered society where the doctors and all the other workers in healthcare are the owners, operators, and controllers of their own practices delivered across a variety of community facilities like General Hospitals is the only way to ensure that universal unrestricted healthcare services are available to everyone. Profit maximization, the bulking up on plundered revenue by CEOs, executive office manipulators, and major investors is a dysfunctional way to organize an economic facet. But to extend this degenerate 1% oriented pirate society that preys on the powerless majority into a get rich scheme of healthcare delivery is morally reprehensible. Maybe it is time to dump the entire capitalist system of exploitation for a respect and community regenerative societal construct.

All of us in the general population are entitled to quality inexpensive healthcare services when we are sick. We should be guaranteed these services regardless of our ability to pay. A decent society that places the interests of the people before those of fatcat corporate executives and investors would remove these robber baron parasites from all organizations across the entire economy.

Our people first society will never ration healthcare by making it prohibitively expensive or limiting access. Every planetary citizen should be able to afford adequate quality healthcare, education, housing, and food.

These are basics of a decent quality of life. They should be available to every global citizen. Unfortunately, egalitarian results are not feasible within any society supported by a capitalist economic facet. The reason for this is clear, capitalist enterprises in their respective industries always combine until only a few dominant players remain - a state of oligarchy is reached. Regardless of industry, the initial cutthroat competitive nature of capitalism shakes out the weaker firms leaving only a handful of corporate survivors. This bare-knuckles virgin market competition keeps whittling down the once nimble breadth of small rivals until only a few viable large corporate survivors remain standing.

Once these corporate survivors become oligarchs they start exercising unlimited control, dominating their respective industry niche. They immediately use their revenue stream primacy to pay for a legion of lobbyists who write government legislation that cements there preeminent industry position in an anticompetitive environment. This inherent progression from frenzied multi-firm cutthroat industry competition to oligarchy, validated by history, guarantees that competition based on price across a varied field of challengers is not and never will be the natural state of capitalism - the price of most products always increase and very seldom decreases for any meaningful length of time.

That is why a 21st Century egalitarian respect-oriented civilization must never use a pure capitalist economic facet. It is solely focused upon profit maximization, a hard-driving compulsion to increase profits within a competitive landscape of cost-cutting - resulting in the degradation of services or products and collusive price increases that turn the general citizenry into paupers or worse yet debt-buried grinders beholden to the "company-store".

Both the cost-cutting and price-increasing approaches used to boost firm profits in oligarchic capitalism shore up the bottom line so that major investors are kept happy. We should not leave citizens at the mercy of profit maximizers who would sell their neighbors out to the highest bidder to pump up their net income. No one should be dependent upon the beneficence of a self-anointed sliver of the population. We must all be totally integrated and involved in our own self-determined future.

Stripping away the hierarchical layers that permeate all the organizational structures within our current big-boss led society and replacing this control orientation with a bottom-up community driven spirit that percolates up ideas and direction across the entire civilization will allow us to infuse a pure 24/7 democracy into every cultural crevice.

Without the contrivance of financial extraction called capitalism, there would be no company big-wigs at the mercy of major corporate investors constantly forced to one-up there firm's financial performance from the previous quarter. Ridding ourselves of this self-destructive contrivance that inordinately benefits the 1% income and environmental strip-miners would free up trillions of dollars that could be reinvested back into global communities to improve the quality-of-life of every single global citizen.

Micro-focusing just on the healthcare industry in the US, it is clear that if we dumped capitalism and replace it with a people-first society the benefits derived just in improved healthcare outcomes and reduced costs accruing to everyday citizens would be tremendous. Doctors would not have to follow the financial driven requirements for delivery of care dictated by insurance company bean-counters trying to cut costs irrespective of quality of service concerns. Nurses could participate directly in all phases of a physician practice instead of being the easily replaceable labor-slaves of the doctors heading up the practice. General Hospitals' would once again open there doors to serve the needs of their respective communities. Instead of profit hungry hospital pirate ships robbing the locals of every penny they can scrounge up to pay for exorbitantly priced services - locally run, operated, and funded healthcare facilities would once again be the primary providers of extensive medical care. The simple act of wiping out the health insurance and private hospital industry would go a long way towards making all forms of healthcare affordable and universally available.

To advance to the next level of human organization we must endeavor to develop a mindset that is not rooted in conflict and theft. We all need to acquire a communal team first outlook that does not disrespect or denigrate the contributions of anyone; even those we deem to be the least significant contributors. For it truly takes all of us working together in a 'pool' of mutual respect to collectively advance society.

Only transitory outcomes are possible within a hierarchically controlled dictatorship. Progressive changes and the generosity of a CEO, king, queen, or other master of the realm are easily revoked by a less-enlightened successor.

That is why we the people must take back our society, governments, and businesses from the upper-class royalty if we are to free ourselves from the need for handouts - the crumbs from the feast at the dinner table. Instead of a superclass of 1% lords determining all the nuances of how our future will play out we should take up the challenge to direct our own future course by liberating ourselves from these fickle natured nearsighted ignorant leaders.

Rulers like these capitalist zealots generously give today but can just as carelessly caste us aside tomorrow in a corporate reorganization. Instead of saying the obligatory "thank you" to 1% scalpers and their management slave-drivers we could internalize a feeling of accomplishment when we, the collective business team, managed to generate enhanced revenue inflows. We might vote to give ourselves a generous allotment of this revenue in the form of bonuses or fatter paychecks.

Instead of CEOs, and a tiny sliver of top-dog investors looting the businesses leaving them threadbare and financially exposed, workers who are the genuine generators of products and services would receive through a democratic process a respectable income with the remainder of business revenue being reinvested back into the businesses. The lords of waste in the executive suite would be gone, the price of luxury goods would fall, the cost of islands would plummet, private plane manufacturers may experience a downturn in orders, but the health of worker owned, operated, and controlled businesses would be better than their corporate counterparts under the pirate camp mentality of pillage endemic within capitalism.

Aside from the monetarily tangible benefits flowing from a people-first civilization there would also be an improvement in the psychological well-being of its citizens. Self-respect would be central to any people-first civilization - it would be a key ingredient energizing every member of the global community to attempt the impossible in a barrier-free unconstrained freedom. With our internalized enhanced self-worth we would externalize our demand for reciprocated decency that would be readily proffered by every single human being. Interlinked communities founded in a mutual appreciation of the contributions of all there diverse participants would gladly support each other across many cooperative networks.

Congratulating privileged 'takers' in an autocratic top-heavy society designed to maximize the parasitic leaching of the many by the few feels unnatural. When we move from this 500+ year old ancient society called capitalism into our new 21st Century people-first civilization happiness and genuine heartfelt positive emotions will turn life from drudgery into a daily awaited adventure. Our fully integrated and dynamically energized teams will shape their own futures' and reap the associated benefits. This only requires the natural comradery when we all enjoy a job-well-done.