Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Fight the Mega Business Beast

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There should be no doubt in anyone's mind that we have reached a precipice - an ugly gaping hole that threatens to devour all who oppose the power grab of a discredited minority business regime. When dishonesty, corruption, disruption, legislative coddling of lobbyists, the razing of citizen laborers in favor of cheaper foreign slaves, and mega business & bank underhanded dealings become the accepted currency of a powerful elite we must all scream in a clear resolute voice - NO MORE.

No more lies, no more half-baked truths, no more false promises, no more government of the business, no more Democrats and Republicans, no more bailouts of bloated financial institutions, and no more crushing of my fellow citizens under the filthy under sole of a shadowy elite!

How many hard working citizens have to lose their jobs? How many more millions will be forced out of their homes? How many more raids on our Treasury by bank hoodlums will we tolerate? How many slave planes filled with easily 'harvested' cheap labor have to land on our soil before we fight? How many factories have to close only to be reopened in lower labor cost countries before we march en mass on their snug clean immaculate corporate headquarters? How many lobbyists will we allow to steal our vote by circumventing our democracy before we descend on Washington, DC to throw these big business vermin into the Potomac River?

Love, reconciliation, intelligent discourse, and rational proposals will never move those who seek power and money even if it means subverting the very foundations of our democracy. The gradualist, the meek, the timid, and the insecure are pulverized by this business regime that has supplanted the constituents - the people.

We can no longer be timid or unsure of our destiny!

Capitulation within a system deeply rooted in corruption ferociously clinging to all that is immoral and evil will only embolden these elite demons. Don't believe for a second that these absolute rulers welcome any dialog with the citizens; remember we're the supplicants - simply labor 'cattle' in their blazing red eyes.

Know your enemy!

Mega business with a global reach to blight entire regions in a dogma of hate and careless savagery is the enemy of humanity - it will devour our planets resources & our lives in its relentless desire to eke our more profits from its slowly dying dysfunctional ultra-capitalist society.

This beast will leave lives in ruin with no forethought or afterthought to the consequences of its actions for it has already determined that we are expendable - simple wastage in its global production process.