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People's Movement Fights Ideology of Evil with Virtuous Philosophy

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Slipping into the quicksand of evil is easier than engaging in constructive undertakings. All of us who espouse and practice the value system that is the philosophy of the People's Movement are positive forces for societal change. Peace, equality, equity, decency, respect, and democracy course through our veins. We are the antithesis of wicked ideologies like those promoted by ISIS. But there is a unique similarity that the People's Movement shares with these hate spewing perverts. Both utilize the technological interconnectivity of the 21st Century to build out what could best be described as 'creed-networks', an amorphous group of followers who are personally inspired to behave in accordance with the teachings of the promulgated belief system.

Being the first 'creed-network' of this new millennium the People's Movement represents the vanguard bottom-up philosophy for those who faithfully aspire to live a virtuous life. Evil incarnate, the negative pole of this world's rigged society, a symptom of unbounded greed by a parasitic class of vultures, the puss that now pours forth from years of poverty and environmental destruction has taken the form of ISIS. They emerged from the belly of the planetary feudalism, looked around and found the perfect nebulous social model in the 'creed-network' of the People's Movement. Mimicking it but never inculcating the pure democracy of our bottom-up non-structure these savages were able to link across vast distances with other sick deviants who are the human waste of a capitalist society that had destroyed vibrant communities in favor of isolated individuals who are more easily intimidated into submission.

The fiends of ISIS never built out an exact duplicate of our 'creed-network' because they are a terror organization comprised of vicious sociopaths. Those who crave power for power's sake must maintain a hierarchical autocratically tuned culture of fear. This has its corollary in the top-down dictatorial structure of capitalist society ruled by the less-hostile CEO executive elite class who are the brethren of the ISIS barbarians. Experiencing the destructive blows from a malevolent capitalism, the accompanying poverty, hopelessness, and misery of those in the periphery of the Corporatist Empire would you expect any other outcome from this piratical system of pillage that extinguishes our humanity? These knife wielding, bomb wearing, bullet spewing beasts are the products of a 1% elite contrived society that strip-mines all wealth and resources from the planet. With only trace amounts of real-income remaining and pervasive environmental destruction is it any surprise that those outside the gates of the kingdom scavenging for scrapes of food, scratching hopelessly on cracked dry infertile ground would rise up and storm the gates of 'civilization'?

To save this organized insanity that the capitalists classify as 'civilization' from the club-wielding barbarians plunging that ramming rod at our gate we must continue to invite the world's citizens regardless of ethnicity, religion, and a host of other perceived differences to join our People's Movement. We are the moral counterpunch to strains of evil like ISIS. Our movement, rooted in unadulterated democracy that will eventually be infused 24/7 into all our daily activities is the original and only 'creed-network' capable of actualizing positive change through unscripted individual actions. You cannot fight an idea by spilling gallons of blood in cycles of revenge. An ideology can only be defeated by another ideology that is able to harness similar or more effective means of conveying their beliefs and messages to disciples and potential converts. Slash-and-burn purges, acts of violence in the name of righteousness will never rid society of outcasts left on the periphery eager to destroy what they will never possess. Only a counter-movement that is intellectually robust and that does not segregate human beings into fragmented camps rotting in illusion can defeat evil that is divisive by nature. The People's Movement is just such a positive force for planetary change that is uniting all of humanity.

It is abundantly clear that even if the People's Movement has defeated all the ideologies of hate without replacing capitalism with a decent society we will have accomplished nothing. The ugliness that breeds in the subterranean depths of a society that is geared towards exulting a privileged few will once again overwhelm all the princely manors. The only way to insure stability and inoculate against evil that incubates within degenerate primitive feudal 'taker' societies like capitalism is to replace it with a civilization that values all its citizens and not just those who yank the corruptive levers of power.