Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Fight for Freedom Today

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Generally speaking, if there is any citizenry that should be enraged at the state of affairs, the erasure of basic freedoms, the banker CEO ruled government, and the blunt force use of police state powers it would have to be those who manage to survive within the borders of the United States. In every corner of the big-business cattle corral the planetary citizens are fighting back against a societal system contrived to turn the general population into labor slaves of the superrich. Why has the response in the nation-state that is the personification of ultra-capitalist enslavement been so muted?

What does it take to awaken the sleepy populace of this nation of acceptors?

  • The “Bill of Rights” is in shreds
  • Young people are being shot down like dogs by enforcers of the feudal state
  • The press is fearful of being beaten or worse yet whisked off to a dungeon
  • A Stasi like secret police in the form of an NSA is peeping into our most private lives
  • Torture chambers have been operated by the CIA in other autocratic nation-states
  • Thousands of big-business lobbyists directly control government at many levels
  • Local goon squads equipped like army’s are enforcing the edicts of the elite masters
  • Representative government has been stripped away like so many layers of an onion
  • Citizen constituency has been replaced by mega-rich lobbyist interlopers
  • Freedom of speech is severely suppressed through business blackball tactics aimed at anyone who expresses a viewpoint contrary to the ultra-capitalist status quo
  • Working citizens are being denied decent wages so that island buying elite thieves can reign like royalty
  • Congress is deadlocked in an internecine fight between competing big-business agendas
  • Political parties are just tools to deceive the citizenry into believing they have a choice but only offer two different visions of plutocratic rule
  • Corruption is rampant at all levels of government
  • Basic needs of the citizenry are neglected in favor of lining big-business pockets
  • Infrastructure is crumbling for lack of tax dollars no longer available in a citizenry living paycheck to paycheck
  • Billions have been drained from the global economy to be transferred into the Swiss accounts of the ruling elite whose home base is typically somewhere in these United States
  • Rick Perry the governor of the State of Texas is being attacked by the corrupt federal government for protecting the border and discharging a DWI convicted democratic political stooge

Isn’t it amazing how millions in less oppressive autocratic nation-states have flooded the streets demanding justice but in the ‘land of the labor-slave’ and the former home of the brave a mere whimper has been uttered.

This is a very serious tragedy, the quiet coup d’état that has been engineered by the well-connected 1% superrich is in its final stages. The former model of democracy, epitome of freedom, these United States that once inspired millions of downtrodden liberty seeking global citizens is in danger of irreversibly sliding into absolute totalitarianism.

It is already a nest of corruption, party hardy castle dwellers, and goon squad soldiers who target practice on unarmed citizens. Every aspect of this despicable well-tuned autocratic state clothed in flimsy democratic rags is geared to enhance the wealth of the powerful elite royalty on the backs of the new slave class who comprise all citizens regardless of race. Be very afraid, for those flimsy democratic rags barely covering the dangerous nation-state underneath have almost disintegrated.

Now is not the time to clam up simply because we’re fearful of the consequences. If we are to have any chance of reviving the freedoms so many have paid the ultimate price to ensure we can’t cower in a corner. The time for action is now – not tomorrow.