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Fifth Column of People's Movement Will Not Be Satiated by Feel Good Propaganda

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Who are we to dispute the inevitable? Clearly the distorted economic data is encouraging the creation of a two-tier lopsided economic system by only focusing upon job quantity not the tragic reality experienced by the majority of global citizens. The masters of this vast worldwide oligarchical estate cheer the creation of a vast army of low-paid laborers that they can squeeze into financial oblivion. All these cheery statistics coming from the cavernous halls of the U.S. government surely mean that we are all happily working. We are pulling in our paltry ever declining wages. Plenty of dead-end jobs without advancement opportunity have been created. The majority do not even pay enough to rise out of poverty. Others leave you wondering at the end of a long day if you will ever sock away enough pennies to devour that new cheesy artery clogging sauce soaked greasy burger at your favorite trash food purveyor. Covet the reality of our planetary situation – we are just pawns of the superrich. These billionaires through their legions of lobbyists spin the alternate dimension that keeps us working harder for less and less.

This is just the beginning. Our People’s Movement is alive and well. Look around you, our purple is everywhere. The Fifth Column that is comprised of citizens from across this blue gem has been disconnecting the tethers of control. All the seemingly insignificant actions of billions of citizens like you are propelling an atmosphere of change. This inherently destabilized dysfunctional society resting in a swamp of Economic Apartheid is being dragged out into the light of day. Rosy statistics that in the past would have ground us down into complacent toilers ready to redouble our efforts for our elite lords of the planetary realm are now seen for the Swiss cheese of sorry illusion that they are – no longer effective at pacifying the questioning mind.

Until all contributors of this planetary economic system receive a decent wage – not the ever declining sliver of an unfathomable wealth – we will remain relentless in our determination to vanquish this societal abomination that disproportionately rewards those who contribute the least.  An honest remuneration for our blood, sweat, tears, ingenuity, and tireless effort is a central demand that cannot be whitewashed in feel good propaganda. This incomplete picture of our economy will not quench the income drought that is transforming a once vibrant middleclass into a horde of paupers.

Kings and queens, an elite royalty drain from this global economic tragedy billions of dollars – enough gold to fill many miles of semi-trucks jammed in traffic. These greed infected sociopaths are bleeding the planet and every single human being dry. Capitalism is founded upon the owners of capital receiving a decent return on their investment but it stops being Capitalism and becomes a form of societal tyranny when subversive tactics are used by a powerful minority to guarantee they effectively receive the lion’s share – truckloads of gold destined for Swiss accounts.

Government infusions, monetary stimulus in the form of bond buying programs by central banks are only a stopgap measure that forestalls the inevitable. All the anointed private jet crowd is doing is flooding the dried up income stream with easy credit. Instead of a viable and stable economic system that has an adequate amount of wealth in the form of income freely flowing from many hands we now have a rapidly expanding debtor class bulking up on rising mountains of credit.

So the next time you hear from your favorite news outlet that we are blessed to be living in an expanding economic miracle ask yourself: “Whose golden dream has been realized?” Have you fundamentally seen any tangible improvement in your wellbeing? Just because we are filling the spherical gulag with new labor slave recruits that our elite castle dwellers can exploit does not equate to a fundamentally sound and enduring society. Ask yourself why so many people you meet are unhappy. Could it be we feel powerless as individuals? That is why if we have any hope of shoving this beast back into the pit from whence it came we must be infused in purple from across the ends of the earth. A united front – the Fifth Column of the People’s Movement is all of us. We are not dependent upon any single leader.

What is certain, we can only triumph when all are provided the opportunity to succeed.