Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Fifth Column Energizes Uprising

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Action is needed. We’ve been languishing from spotty discontinuous protests. There have been some successes mostly in Europe but for the most part the Americas haven’t been able to sustain momentum that once maximized always fades. A two pronged approach that exploits our potential to infuse protest and civil disobedience into a Fifth Column primed framework may have the best opportunity to inspire a mass uprising.

Initially, all the grass roots organized protests, civil disobedience actions, work slowdowns, strikes, and other activities should be focused upon getting the attention of the elite powerbrokers. Those who firmly control our governments must be motivated to dismantle their global monarchy. We must energize all citizens into demanding substantial changes. Changes that resurrect democracies reinstating majority constituent representation will only be successful once a societal reformulation has already occurred. To actualize the reconstitution of the societal foundation our Fifth Column saturation should continue its exponential expansion across the general population.

First off, let’s unify all the disparate organizations to unite behind a few basic demands. Focusing on maximum impact the transformations must tear the root of the mega-money machine weeds from our governments so that they can be free to act on our behalf. Big-bang impact reformations can start by dismantling the two central pillars of the oligarchic societal monstrosity. Erecting a citizen led democracy on the ruins of a lobbyist controlled nation-state can only occur when a semblance of constituent representative government has been restored.

With the goal of restoring nation-state democratic templates in our sights it is imperative that we slay the two-headed beast that is lobbying and political parties.

Lobbying of government representatives must be outlawed. Make it illegal to contact government representatives on behalf of any group, organization, business, or entity. This form of manipulative communication destroys the bond that government representatives have with their constituents. By contravening or diluting individual constituent rights oligarch powerbrokers cut off citizens from their governments. Democracies that were responsive to the citizenry have been transformed into autocracies that do the biding of the elite aristocracy.

Political parties are the other head of the beast. By enforcing group cohesion they advance the high-level macro interests of the moneychanger nobility. They are the glue that keeps all the former individuals in line. Truly creative legislation that could benefit the country and its citizenry is never conceptualized or brought up for a vote. The care and nurturing of these political machines is second only to fulfilling the wishes of the elite masters. Outside the realm of contemplation are the best interests of the general citizenry.

Lobbyists are the glue or tentacles tying the elite monarchs to their legislative stoolies. They are the conveyers of oligarchic demands. They’re objective is to keep the political parties divided along sensational issues while advancing the legislation that benefits their elite masters. Ideological content is stoked by lobbyists within whatever political party is more amenable to their masters’ particular legislative demands. The trick is convincing the bystander citizenry that their favorite political party always has their best interests in mind. Keeping the citizenry believing their chosen political party is always aligned to issues they hold dear entails a marketer’s level of expertise on the part of the lobbyist.

Lately, legislative gridlock has taken hold of the royal council of lobbyist-snatched puppets. Internecine fighting has broken out among the elite sociopaths pitting competing oligarchic interests against each other. Not only are the forgotten needs of the general citizenry being neglected even the moneyed mountain dwellers are deadlocked in a perpetual stalemate.

Vaporize all these contrivances. Send the special-interest factions to live with the Mongolian Yak herders. Maybe they can find joy in wreaking havoc among the villagers?