Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Riding the Surf of Purple Waves a Farcical Society and Economy Is Ditched

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Do not let this big-business ruled planetary plutocracy break us apart. The only way we will ever extricate ourselves from this debased society indirectly controlled by elite billionaires through their lobbyist proxies is if we remain united across all the artificial boundaries and fractures promoted by "The Establishment". This society, its economic farce, and all the cooked up get-rich-quick schemes exist only so a 1% elite can bulk up on income extracted from rotten maggot infested meat they pass off for prime rib. To keep us slaving in our concrete jungles, they need to channel our disgust for our situation, the frustration of working longer and harder for less and less money someplace other than at the gates of their planetary casino - capitalist society. They do this by enhancing our differences, keeping us occupied fighting amongst ourselves. Realizing our People's Movement has been successful in solidifying a worldwide bond with every blue planet citizen the imperial fascists who control this capitalist income strip mining pit have put their top media spin doctors to work fabricating horror stories meant to keep us thankful for our debt stuffed, income starved destitution. These expert propagandists are concocting a more potent witch's brew of hate. Once again they are having us mindlessly point an accusatory finger at "those people". These are the unfortunates who are the latest minority in a long line of "others" that we are told to heap all the blame on - for they, not this degenerate society are what is wrong with the world.

This channeling of our emotions by using flashy multimedia images with music that stirs passions in trouble free fairytale spaces is an artful modern form of propaganda. All successful hoopla campaigns of the past have used the same tried and true tactic. They shift our focus away from a troubled lifestyle within a hated atmosphere, out beyond the vampire society to someplace better, a land where all is possible, even if it is a steamy cow patty.

But hate is the elixir of disunity; it is an all-consuming thought draining sensation that leaves us struggling to disentangle complexity. We are provided an easily identified enemy, a target for our scorn, something to hate, better yet someone to despise, really anything will do but sentient beings are more suitable because they can be imbued with sinister and calculating personalities. An inanimate object or symbol cannot feel our anger. It is just too static. Also, it is unable to be infused with more evil. When the propagandist needs to whip up a frenzy of unreasoning hate what is required is a living, breathing, target, that also looks the part. These vessels of evil should be sufficiently destitute, dirty and unshaven, a horde of unclean heathens who are ready to kill, maim, rob, rape, and engage in the most horrible of atrocities - at least that is the story fabricated by the propaganda soothsayers. The invasion, many a bone-chilling act is imminent. These marauders can hit us hard, striking at the very fabric of our perfect society, thrusting all of us into an unfathomable anarchy. It therefore becomes the sole responsibility of the good folk of the holier than thou land to stop these devils. Of course a fairy tale must have an avenger who will lead the army of virtuous sheep and once again bring peace, tranquility, and prosperity to the kingdom that has suffered many setbacks. Walla, the job of the spin masters is juiced up and ready to go, once again saving this greedy swindle of a society from critical assessment.

By turning us to the dark side "The Establishment" is now free to concentrate on enhancing the income sinks that daily drain money up to the 1% maggots: all those rulers who feed on our decaying flesh. They can eradicate our few remaining rights. What a glorious plan to have well-paid marketers script our own demise. "The Establishment" can use all its media tools, the billions of dollars they have stolen from us to once again have us so preoccupied fighting one another that we are oblivious to their hands groping around in our pockets. Do not worry they will leave you a couple of jingling pennies and a lot of easy credit at their too-big-to-fail banks so you can buy your weekly allotment of chickpeas and rice.

Keeping the filthy rich 'takers' stimulated in an endless wet-dream of carting off bags of loot is the marketers first priority. Let the fantasies flow like water from a spring rain. If we fall face first into the honey sweet farcicality and elect another bought-and-paid-for "Establishment" candidate for U.S. President these spin-doctors have earned their pay. Overwhelmed with gratitude at saving the feudal planet the 'takers' may even throw in a cool million's worth of play money for each trash-talker. Just think, if we are careful we might elect a President who will occupy our imagination with wall building, disparaging anyone who is different than the bluebloods, and by golly the royalty could then finish us off. Gulags could be built once the final vestige of community has been destroyed. Does anyone hear the "lights-out" siren of the prison? All that needless social interaction could be dispensed with allowing us to be better labor slaves, the perfect mindless and emotionless Droids. These mind-bending enforcers would know they had done a good job if no one questions the logic, morality, and decency of a two-tier class arrangement with elite income-miners up top in the castle dwelling crowd and the general population slaving so these pirates can steal the fruits of our labor leaving us with a single rusting tin slug.

This time all the generators of sensationalism, those gyrating crap slingers are up against an impenetrable wall of purple - a truth shield that keeps their sewage from infecting our laser focus on reality, our rapidly sinking state of affairs. Already you can hear a clarion cry of liberty reverberating across the media. A growing number of emboldened journalists are refusing to be the mouthpieces of "The Establishment". They are investigating the true condition of a real-income drained 99% instead of being the cheerleaders for big-business distorted love thy 'taker' society press releases. Stories like: "Americans Are Just a Paycheck Away from the Street" are making it into the elite media mouthpiece. More and more global citizens in many countries are now joining our purple tidal wave of positive democratic change.

Off in the distance we see a purple horizon, a land unbroken by boundaries that is a seamless unity of humanity. Joined hand-in-hand, billions are on the move uprooting the choking weeds of 1% elite absolutism, corruption, income pillage, shadow governments, inequality, and inspired hatred. Land left denuded by elite weeds is starting to grow a promise of an invigorated invested global community. We are gathering the disconnected dreams of idealists into actionable outlines of how an egalitarian, colorblind, religious tolerant, equitable world could be organized and transformed into reality. Many of those ideas have already been promulgated across our People's Movement 'creed-network'. We are replacing the negative line-your-pockets credo with a positive community matters ethos. Every day that we ignite the interest of others in joining our purple wave we inspire replicative changes in the societal compost that is a malleable organic macrocosm. Together we are jamming the levers of the 1% rulers' - delegitimizing their shadow governments and the entire "Establishment" that this giant transcontinental leach rests upon.

Ideas like term-limits for all elected government representatives that in the past would never have gotten any traction are now riding the purple waves into shore. Ending the era of the full-time politician and making it a felony to lobby any government representative are basic crucial first steps that in the past we would never have even considered discussing in public or online. Now with our internal societal revolution having taken hold we are free to suggest many more radical total reorganizations of this elite feudal governmental apparatus that has its hooks embedded deep into every aspect of our wound tight struggle to survive.

Disconnected from their constituents the current crop of puppets, the horde of zombie legislators, lobbyist-snatch bottom feeders doing the biding of the big-business shadow government are brought out into the bright light of our purple hued world. No longer satisfied with helplessly dragging our chains along the rutted path we are blazing our own trail. All the bought-and-paid for "Establishment" hacks that fill the goodie-bags of their too-rich-to-give-a-damn mobsters will be jettisoned. In our first genuine democracy office holders will be required to keep their 9-5 occupations. These baton twirling dervishes with their toothy smiles will be sunk in the same sandpit as the super-rich playground. Public service under People's Movement governments will not translate into riches and lifetime employment but part-time duty to constituents - the general citizenry.