Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Extreme Pleasure

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Bursting fully gorged lips vibrated to a rosy pink merging to the slippery wet crevice, exposing a trembling over stimulated wet hole. At the very edge of intensity she was on the verge of squirting a trickle of viscous liquid, uncontrollable spasms were making the opening tremble.

Meanwhile the thrusts powered deep inside, still deeper, exploring with every plunge. His fully gorged, pulsating, crimson phallus was overflowed to the point of bursting. It was getting harder, the skin was tight red – the slit at the tip dripped juice – his long pipe was overfilled, backed-up to his pump.

They both were beyond the point of brilliant scalding passion.

Release came like an earth shaking eruption. Jets of juice blasted in uncontrollable bursts into the fully expanded orifice. Breaking through the dam that had collected to overflowing, overfilled to seeping out, the ejaculations cycled in shots that covered the insides of her soaked throbbing tube.

White-knuckled grips tightened their hold on satin sheets, tearing them from the mattress. Sweat glistened over their tanned bodies as they disengaged their soaked skin from each other. Beating hearts that were on the verge of bursting through their chests slowly descended from the lofty heights of spectacular rarified pleasure.

Clearly enjoying in an uninhibited way each other’s bodies, without any emotional barriers was the blessing this man and woman understood. Neither was about to distill their lives to a religious mooring that required obedience to misery – a quite resignation to expect, to justify unhappiness in the hear and now.

Missed opportunities left the socially inept puritan in a constant state of edgy tenseness. Not so with these absolutely free, fulfilled, relaxed human beings. They’d never miss an opportunity to experience the absolute mind-blowing explosive turbo-charged pleasure that had sparked past every neuron of their mind, body, and souls.

Let all the hymn singing, head uplifted illusion drugged less than human machines drift passionlessly to extinction.

Experiencing expectation buildup, romance, foreplay, and spine curving release was nature’s gift. Their powerful minds were perfectly united to trillions of nerves with billions of strands able to capture the slightest touch. To hell with the moral value chain-holders, they’d never straightjacket these uninhibited wet lipped explorers. They were finely tuned sexually active individuals always ready for a full-throttle orgasmic blast into outer space.

If they became lovers they’d shoot for the stars hand-in-hand until eternity beckoned. Regardless, if love came or not, they’d seek out and fully enjoy the opposite sex. Their release from built up tension, the need to cleave to another, feel the curves of smooth skin, stroke warm wet mounds or rub erect hard rods would never be denied – they’d grind, experience boundless eye-popping sex right to the end.