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Expulsion of 1% 'Income Strip-Miners' Is a Worldwide Struggle

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Around the world the mirage that is call the Economy is shimmering in-and-out of focus. Most of us have not even seen an oasis for many years. Meandering listless across the barren desert landscape of the mega-billionaires, gargantuan corporate dictatorships, financial imperialists, and 'democratic' business autocracies are the income-starved. Elite 'income strip miners' luxuriating in an oasis remain oblivious to the effects of a capitalist new-feudalism that pauperizes the majority, the productive core that reconstitutes the wealth that they syphon off to feed their speculative financial superstructure. Without adequately paying the 99% this whole abomination of international oligopoly propped up by fictitious assets comes crashing down.

The expansion that is the supposed Chinese economic miracle is just another more distant oasis populated by billionaires, the former blood red Communists turned diamond studded feudal overlords. While migrants from the countryside work 70 or more hours eating only a single meal of rice gruel, living in locked-down barracks reminiscent of concentration camps surrounded by barbed-wire, the party golden rice-bowl comrades gorge like pigs on every imaginable extravagance. Disenfranchised workers toil endlessly for the first-world transnational corporations in the Triad regions of North America, Western Europe, and Japan. Chinese labor slaves are part of a worldwide network of workers who typically earn only .5% to 2% of the selling price of the products they produce, receiving on average no more than .75 cents an hour. They comprise the new-world serfs that we are all destined to become if this cancerous monstrosity called Capitalism is allowed to metastasize.

Fortunately, for the environment and the general population this spherical gulag is structurally unsustainable - unable to perpetuate unlimited wealth from thin air. No matter how these super-exploiters try they just cannot create gold from tin. An economy by definition requires the interaction or free-flow of income streams coursing across and between many socio-economic subsets called classes. By some miracle, or more appropriately, the delusions of wasted tyrants, it is prophesied that these penniless workers will be converted into frivolous spenders, the demand elixir that this income starved collapsing phase of capitalism requires. For we are all aware that too temporarily relieve their greed addiction the elites must collect more palaces, islands, and private jets.

How will we bring about our emancipation from these despots? Through a revolution that is a many pronged attack on this degenerate society that coddles and perpetuates the privileged 1% elite class. We are going to slice the lobbyist tendrils from the gorged vandals to their puppet governments. By also uniting the entire world in our Fifth Column we are shifting public opinion, enlightening the disenfranchised, and providing a vehicle to mobilize billions in an ongoing transmutation from this corrupt society of pirates into an egalitarian civilization of individual participants.

After severing their linkages to power we will eviscerate what remains of this stagnant income starved capitalist society. Shifting from a hierarchical to a bottom-up power orientation is another cultural alignment that is being inculcated within our Fifth Column. We are all creating and distilling our own unique understanding of liberty by simply refusing to be followers. All of us have become trailblazers preparing ourselves for when a 24/7 infusion of liberty will shove aside this current feudalism replacing it with genuine democracy where we are the constituents instead of the lackeys.

First things first…

If we cannot elect a U.S. President who is a People's Movement candidate of either the left or right committed to slicing the 1% elite suckers from the lobbyist-snatched legislative stoolies we will be forced to resort to more drastic overt revolutionary means to obtain our freedom. Only two candidates come to mind - Ben Carson who is the movement's candidate on the right and Bernie Sanders the choice for those more comfortable with leftward policy initiatives. It will take all of us working together across the entire ideological spectrum to defeat this planetary kingdom of 1% bandits. Real democracy requires that all viewpoints be respected. Even though we may not appreciate the many differences that separate us from each other it is enough to acknowledge that they exist. Our progression from primitive feudalism into civilization is only possible when we learn to coexist with those who at times may seem like they come from another planet. It is through our collaborative, sometimes messy interaction that we will be able to forge profoundly new ways of dealing with seemingly insurmountable problems. The hardest part about growing into a civilized society is the awakening from a myopic individualism. What makes a sentient culture strong is its inseparable unity cemented together by respect for all.

Let us not forget that we must remain united across an increasingly fractured globe. It is impossible to dislodge this planetary plutocratic leach without a coherent global effort that casts aside all the divide-and-conquer tactics proliferated by corporate media, governments, and other entities that seek to cleave us along racial, religious, nation-state, and a plethora of fractional boundaries.

All of us within this worldwide movement are representatives of the human race. We are a diverse, integrated body, that when purged of all artificially induced hatred can exude profound dignity, happiness, and empathy for others - the essence of our submerged and subjugated spirit.