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Expose Everything, Until There Is Nothing Left To Expose

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Corruption is not and never has been the exclusive domain of a few 'bad' governments around the world. Contrary to popular myth the United States of America is not this saintly 'shining city on the hill'. Freedom, founded in a ubiquitous democracy, in a society that is egalitarian, equitable, and progressively enlightened has never existed anywhere on this fractured elite ruled planet. Bottom-up direct individual involvement in a culture that everyone shapes and molds is anathema to the existing 1% elite power block. Our masters, the 1% robber barons, are only interested in solidifying their power and wealth across their patchwork of fiefdoms. Making certain that the illusion of democracy is perpetuated by obfuscating our actual imprisonment in this international corporate prison camp is the primary task of the corporate media machine that is the glue that binds this farce into our psyche.

Transforming evil into moral excellence, scrubbing the historical and cultural record clean of anything that reflects negatively on the castle dwellers rule is the Orwellian purity sought by the caretakers of the corporate realm. Representative governments should never be terrorists. The indiscriminate murder of thousands by drones without the benefit of habeas corpus, the corporate raiding of government coffers and the masking of corrupt political puppets beholden to 1% lobbyist interlocutors are just a few examples of how the elite superclass maintains and expands its power base outside of representative constituent energized governance.

Recently a transnational corporate anointed political hack had her coziness with backhanded, smoke-filled room elite wheelers-and-dealers exposed. When we also learned that she was coddling up to 1% Wall-Street banksters the oligarchic media machine responded to the 'red-alert' by spinning out shadow government fabrications about Russian hacking. But does the elite media empire investigate the illegalities - the wealth of information in emails released daily, exposing a multitude of misconduct, like the Haitian contracts awarded to Clinton cronies?

Absolutely not! It is best to just keep all those nasty details quiet. Bury it under a mountain of sensationalism like the topnotch propagandists did with the Panama Papers treasure trove of robber baron misdeeds. You never want to infuriate your masters, and this is true of media reporters who are no better a labor slave than the rest of us. When you must work in an autocratic environment where corporate rulers have absolute power over your lives and can whimsically blackball you out of the labor force or simply throw you in jail on trumped up charges it is best if you keep your nose clean. That is if you can stomach being routinely stepped upon.

Like any other dictatorial regime the status quo enforcers use innuendo to bring down a troublemaker; anyone who sows dissension within the ranks. Labeling someone, pigeonholing the individual into an inescapable corner, by having propagandists exaggerate misdeeds associated with an applied label in the most unseemly of ways is a handy tactic, especially when you can dredge up some dirt on the individual to back up the claim. Of course, if the rabble-rouser is just a labor slave dependent upon big-brother's corporate benevolence just black-ball the troublemaker from ever again getting a job. Move this problem-child onto the street with a tin cup.

On the flip side, portraying those that the power-brokers want to maintain in the holiest of afterglows requires labels of a different type. What we might call inverse-positive labels that have the exact opposite connotation of labels used to highlight 'misdeeds' of malcontents wanting to overthrow the kingdom. The maintenance of power in its most obscene unchecked state by rich potentates depends upon a mastery of an expressive language that can be manipulated to the advantage of the ruling junta. Getting the outflow of all those labels linked to special verbiage associated to memorable meanings that are instantly clear is nothing short of an art-form. That is why lobbyists, marketers, court-squires, and high-level members of the media, all agents of the upper-crust, and the propagandists of the establishment are paid well. Loyalty in a society founded in corruption is only achievable when there are many who are willing to trade their souls for fortune and power. Under such conditions the disease riddled culture festers. It excretes the pus of ever more horrible human outcomes.

Human outcomes deteriorate but the labeling wizards remain happily employed subverting and distorting language. Rest assured, labeling is not the only tactic used by propagandists to silence jail-house leaders. The lords of subversion can also slide away from an indefensible position by shifting blame or focus to a peripheral issue. Better to have Russian hackers be the boogie-men than to have to explain why there is rampant corruption, illegalities, lobbyist hand-holding and corporate interest peddling leaking out of the 1% shadow government cesspool. Our global dictatorship is no different from others that rely upon obfuscation and redirection to align their slaves to the anti-values and amorality of their systems of extortion and corruption.

Labeling has been very effective in putting the most outspoken presidential candidate on the defensive. Of course, this fool's unrestrained utterances have also contributed to the ease at which the elitists have been able to shove him into a corner. The People's Movement (PM) is not rationalizing away, or condoning any alleged wrongdoing especially when it is morally reprehensible to the equitable value-system that we proclaim. Let us be very clear. Our movement respects every individual member of the global community regardless of the person's race, religion, sex, or any other differentiating characteristic. Our only objection is that slander mongering, characteristic of autocracies, is not consistent with the high societal values we adhere to every second of every day. When someone is labeled or accused they should be presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Destroying someone's reputation or taking their life through the indiscriminate exercise of unchecked power is contrary to everything that we believe.

When allegations of misconduct or illegalities are directed at any individual in a free and fair democracy that is not just a papered over empty shell of absolutism the media is expected to ferret out the truth, if laws have been broken the legal authorities must investigate, and ultimately the accused must have their day in court. Obviously, in a genuine democracy once the media has presented the complete story to the citizens the public can come to their own conclusion as to the innocence or guilt of the accused prior to any court proceedings. But to use a media machine as a propaganda arm of an entrenched establishment to discredit or defame without fully investigating the issues brought forth is simply wrong.

Does this mean we should stop ferreting out the despicable nature of this corporate dictatorship? No, we should continue to expose all the dirty laundry of this global corporate dictatorship. It is the duty of every revolutionary seeking to establish a culture of respect, pure-democracy, egalitarianism, and equity to bring to light any misdeeds in a society that unequivocally calls itself a democracy. If we truly live in the freest country on the planet the authorities surely would not object to the unrestrained transparency we are promoting as a safeguard against tyranny. Transparency in government that forbids the erection of impenetrable secret barriers, clandestine courts acting above the laws of the land, and any other inhibitors of citizen inquiry, inspection, and judicial review is a hallmark of bottom-up constituent responsive societies.

Absolute tyranny where the authorities without warrants break down doors in the middle of the night dragging innocents away to torture chambers is our next stop. That is why when these basic ingredients of an individually collaborative government in an inclusive non-class biased society are not the principles that enrich our society it is our responsibility to expose the demons lurking beneath the murky surface. Unearthing documents that clearly point to endemic dishonesty, corruption, and foul-play in an anti-democratic society is not a contradiction or violation of PM's foundational requirements of a decent society. Not having any influence over the propaganda arm of the elite establishment, or the politicized legal system mired in corruption, and the government determined to maintain power for the rich and privileged means that bringing to light the misdeeds and other foul smelling acts of members of the establishment is completely congruent with our belief in absolute transparency. Fair legal proceedings and an impartial media simply concerned with airing all the facts in their entirety will therefore have to wait until we have jettisoned this degenerate anti-democratic society.

Therefore, if we are to migrate to a 21-Century civilization that is a 24/7 democracy valuing each member of the planetary community we must continue to turn the lights on in every dungeon of this despicable labor gulag that leaves the majority crawling on the floor gathering up crumbs that have fallen off our lords' table. Expose everything, until there is nothing left to expose. Freedom from oppression requires that we know the oppressors inner-most secrets shattering the myth that the powerful are somehow better than the rest of us. Pass the torch of truth and decency around - use it to light the way out of the suffocating darkness.