Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Explosive Energy of an Empowered Happy People

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Settlers had been arriving on Mars for well over five years. Ever since the Earth Planetary Government (EPG) expanded a former Russian space launch site a decade ago the new planet was booming. Teaming up with all the former rivals to voyage to Mars was just one of many marvels that would be cataloged in future history books. The former strife ridden divided world seemed like eons distant. Already precious metals and basic natural resources of the Red Planet were being shipped back to Earth. Terraforming of the previously barren terrain was also transforming this once inhospitable assemblage of rock and powdery dirt into not only a flourishing set of mining colonies but also a destination of human rebirth – a place to start over again – a new beginning.

At the new EPG Spaceport hundreds of spacecraft were rocketing off into extreme adventure every week. Racing daily across what had been the European countries on a portion of its maglev web the Super Transporter whizzed by in a windy blast to the spaceport filled with scientists, engineers, and citizens of many occupations. The onrush was so intense the company operating the Super Transporter system had to add more maglev trains to their network just to handle the flood of space settlers heading to the massive hundred square mile rocket site.

It was amazing the entrepreneurial spirit that was rekindled across the blue planet. Once all the nation-state encumbrances to free market capitalism were removed and seed money started reaching projects even the formerly impoverished regions experienced a transformation. An awakening of humanity, long asleep under a mountain of inequity was finally going to realize its true potential.

The income-starvation that had buried the majority of global citizens was a distant memory. With the expunging of debt and decent salaries assured by the EPG Three Pillars of Stability not only was work plentiful but financially rewarding. Businesses free from layers of overlapping regulation coming from innumerable governmental siloes could now focus on expanding markets, hiring workers from across the planet, and paying reasonable wages without fretting over this or that drop in revenue because of externalities beyond their control. An entire world was now working together and cooperatively benefiting from their unity.

Frictions of the past were long forgotten. Hostility directed at societal groups occupying various levels of the economic spectrum exacerbated by infinitesimal bifurcation of the societal organizational structure was replaced by an endless optimism. Finally, the human species was joined in the grand adventure of breaking free from the useless expense of emotional energy. The channeling of all this boundless passion to productive purposes ushered fourth a new renaissance.

Most just shook their heads in disbelief when anyone mentioned the Bad Time. Words like: unbelievable, mass insanity, manorial lockdown, and regional hyper-focus were used to describe this myopically territorial absorbed divisiveness that nearly destroyed humanity.

Excitement was now electric about the future. There just wasn’t anything humankind couldn’t achieve. No goal was too challenging or dream too outlandish for a happy inspired sentient race of achievers. The blue planet was invigorated with the explosive energy of an empowered people. Today the solar system beckoned. Tomorrow the stars twinkled in welcome. The grand adventure was only just beginning for these proud explorers.