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Capitalist Society Is an Evil Exploitative Construct That Cannot Be Reformed

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Capitalism is a gamed societal construct that cannot be reformed. It must be entirely replaced with a new society that is inherently egalitarian - a civilizationist society that does not breed economic injustice - a modern bottom-up purely democratic civilization that does not promote an inherent inequality that contaminates all facets of human interaction with conflict. There is no reforming the employer to employee autocracy. Originating in the confrontational mud of master to slave, and lord to serf, the employer to employee dichotomy is just the continuation of a hierarchical tyranny that subverts all best intentions at democratic reform. Capitalist society is an evil that must be entirely extinguished.

Instead of a few elites determining our future we will collectively shape our own destiny. Throughout history 'takers' in "The Establishment" have condescendingly referred to what they would give to those they ruled over in exchange for their allegiance. In our new civilizationist society we in the majority will finally break free from economic apartheid and take what we democratically need to build a more egalitarian, just, equitable, sustainable, and incorruptible civilization. At work we are "given" a raise (if we're lucky), snacks, benefits, or any number of inducements to work harder for our capitalist masters. This lord to serf relationship permeates the entire rich-take-all society. Instead of taking the initiative in creating outcomes that benefit all of us in the majority we leave it to political hacks and corporate autocrats to determine how many crumbs each of us get after the entire pie is gobbled down by the one percenters. It is high time we rise up against the antidemocratic mindset that enshrines the corporate entity in a position of preeminence. Those of us in the general citizenry should dethrone our master enslavers who believe that they own all that they survey. Let us tell these calculating shadow government billionaires that we are done with being treated like supplicants. We do not need to be "given" anything from this tiny sliver of despots. Instead, we will take what we want and need without having to ask permission from any privileged class of overlords. The gall of these elite parasites is astonishing. They actually believe they have every right through their subverted system of thievery to apportion out of the surplus that we created the few pennies they are willing to throw down at us. Let us stuff them and their condescending attitude deep in the nearest dumpster. Tell these modern day banditos to gallop off a cliff.

What is required is a profound attitudinal change. We must shift from servitude into a new paradigm of freedom. Move from placidly accepting the outcomes prescribed by our elite rulers to rejecting any proposals and especially edicts that we have not democratically determined is in our best interest to follow. Ultimately, the general population must supplant "The Establishment" capitalist society, replacing it with a new 24/7 democratically based culture that stops treating corporate entities and there elite backers preferentially. All living breathing members of our new civilizationist society will be treated fairly and equally, regardless of race, sex, religion, or any other differentiating characteristic.

The corporate entity will cease to exist. Flat bottom-up worker owned and operated firms will replace the current autocratic system of enslavement designed to mirror a feudal lord to serf relationship. Using an advanced electronic social network to inform and tally votes taken on a wide range of issues related to organizational operation and disposition of any generated surplus/income workers will be instantly informed and empowered in the making of their own decisions. Management will become obsolete. Administrative experts will supply the organizational social network system with insightful material, probable scenarios for different choices, and all the metrics necessary so that any employee will be able to constructively debate and vote on proposed courses of action.

Genuine democracy is the highest form of civilization. Being responsible for shaping every nuance of the future requires that the electorate be utterly committed to the self-governing process. Voters will be immersed in deciding the outcome of a multitude of issues. Democratic systems for local, national and work will be fused into a cloud or across subnets and linked to the Internet. Citizen participation in these and possibly many other democratic communities will be based upon many overlapping factors.

This is a level of dedication that far surpasses any primitive form of authoritarianism. Elitists typically cobble together degenerate societal parasitism's that limit input to minimum, or completely bar dissenting opinions. Sadly, when this state of affairs is left to fester for any length of time it renders the general citizenry dependent upon others to make decisions affecting their lives. Dependency is an addictive complacency requiring the least contemplation and action. Analogous to an emotionally stunned prisoner who is released after spending many years behind bars now forced to make choices that were formally made by jailers there is an adjustment phase that most citizens will have to get acclimated too. Liberty is a lot of work. Divining your own destiny instead of having someone else make a whole host of decisions for you can sometimes be a frightening lifestyle transition.

Even more terrifying is the realization that you have been living a lie. That all you have been told about how marvelous and free your life is, was nothing more than a ploy to keep you happily working yourself into an early grave so a few executives in the nosebleed class could bulk up on more and more income pilfered from the companies that they control. When you have to be constantly reminded about how good you have it - rest assured your life must be pretty bad. A real democracy that is infused throughout the day has no need to reinforce its citizens' opinion of liberty - it should be obvious to everyone. Repressive systems rely upon obscene distortions of reality. Perfection suffocates the enslaved in a delusion of legitimacy enforced with social rigidities. An overarching status quo that according to the rulers can never be tampered with becomes the propaganda glue that holds the dehumanizing ruse together. Absolute autocratic rule is molded into copious quantities of establishment media propaganda meant to portray the ugly as beautiful. Before you realize it your worldview is so distorted that you actually believe that an elegant, just, and decent society is bad. You actually start believing arbitrariness, insecurity, apprehension, ugliness, disenfranchisement, inhumanity, and exploitation are hallmarks of a superb society.

Can it be called mass psychosis, the widespread belief in the unreal? The problem facing our to-rich-to-give-a-damn rulers is that we are breaking through to reality. Their sticky sweet goo has melted away, exposing a discredited minority regime of elite opportunists. These are swindlers who operate behind legalized business supremacy. Our gulag jailers can always hide behind the corporate entity for protection. For in a capitalist society the corporation is omnipotent and the worker even though a living breathing sentient being is nothing more than a tool to be carelessly discarded when no longer needed.

Therefore it is imperative that we break the cycle of abuse. Workers and the larger general population must vigorously reject this repressive feudal order called capitalist society and its elite government enablers. Do not expect that we can somehow tweak this abomination. An oppressive society cannot be reformed.

After we have cast aside the big-business shadow government that rules through its lobbyist proxies we should convene a People's Congress to draw up a Liberty Charter that will outline the steps that the general citizenry will take to create an elected constituent assembly to create a new constitution. An interim government will need to be constituted to oversee the transition to the new 24/7 democratic society and government entity. Paramount to a successful outcome will be the interim government's seizing of all corporations that are not privately held small proprietor firms. These businesses must be given to the workers to operate, own, and distribute any resulting surplus as they see fit.

Economically a civilizationist society will empower the workers in a bottom-up organizational structure where the laborers are the sole owners of the firm and control all aspects of its operation. They also determine how any resulting surplus is to be distributed. Votes taken by the workers within their business social network system will be tallied to find out what the simple majority decided to allocate back into the firm and the balance to be distributed to the workers. Below is a short primer to help you to better understand what a surplus is and how it relates to a new civilizationist economy.

What we really need are some completely novel base economic formulas to explain how a democratic economic system functions within an egalitarian society. Let me first expand upon that elusive term called capital. The following formulas can be used to describe an aggregate at any level or unit....
Where, c = capital, fc = fixed capital, m = raw materials, mh = machinery, br = building rent, v = labor wages, e = power and water and other miscellaneous expenses, s = surplus/profit, and p = selling price or value of a product or service.
Now with these variables defined let us build up how my envisioned amalgamation of a socialist and capitalist economic system embedded within our new society would operate at the most basic level.
General formula...s = p - c - v - e... so what we make in surplus/profit is dependent upon the selling price minus the spread of a portion (or all if in the aggregate) of the incurred cost of capital minus labor wages minus the general expenses (like power, water, etc.) proportionally spread across a portion (or all if in the aggregate) of the product(s) or service(s) produced or offered.
Now we may delve deeper into this general formula.
Therefore, c = fc + m; where fc = mh + br, infinitum
For those with a penchant for painful detail... fc = mh + br, infinitum. This is because mh + br are generally created from many more previous years. A year over year infinity of capital buildup - at least from the standpoint of how far back is logically relevant from an historical perspective.
Alright, hold tight because here is the clincher. What the Capitalists through their taker society resting firmly upon their exploitative capitalist economy have done is nothing short of amazing. They have led us all to believe that they alone - the CEOs, board of directors, major investors, and all the other pirates who make up the 1% sultans have an exclusive right to "s", the surplus/profit or for that matter whatever is left over after paying all the labor slaves and the general operating expenses. This is pure nonsense. The surplus/profit or whatever we deem an appropriate additional remuneration over and above our basic wages represents value that we the workers have added to the product or service transforming it into something useful - it is ours! No higher 'authority' has the right to superimpose themselves in an exalted position just so they may steal that value (surplus/profit) from us to shove into overflowing Swiss bank accounts, payoff lobbyists, buy-out legislators, purchase media time to propagandize the beauty of their global system of exploitation, buy islands, prostitutes, drugs, gallons of booze, over-the-top parties, private jets, and castles. We the workers have transformed products and services of little inherent value into creations that are valuable to many perspective customers on an open and fair market. This value (surplus/profit), the entire operation of the company, its control, and ownership of all its assets is the workers' to do with what they please without any interference from lazy tyrants.

The essential difference between a capitalist and our new People's Movement civilizationist society is that democracy will no longer be a sham but instead a reality experienced 24/7. Every single aspect of a citizen's life will be touched by the democratic process. Our People's Movement aspirations are the cleansing white winter making the ground ready for the brilliant colored spring.