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Evil Empire Marches Forward

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How can we expect a corrupt government to even comprehend the meaning of reform? With the same bad actors receiving favors, kickbacks, and assured employment in the businesses their supposed to be regulating why should any citizen of this United States of Corporatism believe the financial regulatory legislation making its way through Congress will be anything but window dressing?

Gutted of many of the provisions that would have constituted substantive reform like giving shareholders of firms a voice in the running of their corporations is it any wonder the elite powerbrokers are jubilant. By only giving shareholders with 5% or more ownership stake the right to voice objections to how their firm is being run the scoundrels (CEOs and other executive elites) who dictate terms over the majority are effectively cementing their rule. They are building under the guise of a financial reform bill an untouchable fortress of corporate absolutism that cannot be breached.

But all of us know that giving shareholders the power to effect changes in how their firms are run is out of the question, totally unreasonable, overly democratic, they may topple far too many incompetent CEOs; this would be inexcusable.

Even worse, allowing shareholders to have a say in executive compensation just goes way too far. It's just sacrilegious to even suggest that corporate dictators should have anyone telling them how much money they can drain from a company.

What is unconscionable, an unpardonable sin, to egregious to even utter at the altar of ultra-capitalism is that blasphemous word accountability. You must be kidding; hold an executive accountable, responsible for their actions. To kill unlimited executive privileges would be criminal.

Why do you think their rich parents forked over exorbitant sums of money for their Ivy League educations and/or a stack of advanced business degrees?

How else would the kingdom of privilege, the royalty of Corporatism maintain its line of secession to the thrones of its many fiefdoms? Ascension in a global religious aristocracy is a tricky business that can only be resolved by presenting the right pedigree - credentials from the most prestigiously dogma bound institutions of higher learning, that just happen to cost a princely fortune to attend.

To have all those lowly shareholders hold little Johnny responsible for his actions is absurd. Don't the godfather's of capitalist greed guarantee the absolute rule of little Johnny, or are we just going to disregard the gospel of these countless capitalist prophets, all of them holders of the indisputable truth? It would be a sinister miscarriage of Corporatist 'justice' to give those common riff raft shareholders (who are only a few notches above the low-life wage slaves) the power to control little Johnny's compensation.

A little background is in order.

When little Johnny was studying the free market faith under the anointed intelligentsia at one of the finest business schools, not many months after our first $300,000 payment, we were informed of his conversion, his commitment to the true faith of dishonesty.

Witnessed by many of his fellow Sociopaths, on a special day, a blessed hour of stock market triple digit rise, he without waver, wholeheartedly opened his soul to the alternate dimension, fairytale anything goes world that these saints of self-serving greed guaranteed. His place in the great wage slave-grinding wheel was from that point on assured, for he had finally passed go - was christened a prophet of ultra-capitalism.

We want to be perfectly clear, uphold the memory, the spirit of dark evil that has descended upon all the communities of our planetary prison. To deviate from a world view that teaches sanctimonious virtues like crush your neighbor to get ahead, do whatever it takes to make a profit for your business including treating workers like slaves, trashing the land, sea, and air - to tinge the purity of our lord master Satan's example of a virtuous life at this late stage of complete domination would be an unholy setback to our world rule.

That is why it is so refreshing to us true believers, holders of the true word of corruption to see our lobbyists working so hard to subvert the wishes of those whinny labor droids. Who do they think they are, don't they know that just because they elect the political stooges that don't make them constituents of our empire. We the ultimate power holders of the subverted global democracies through our lobbyist middlemen are the true constituents - our sniveling droopy-eyed obedient politicians will do exactly what we say - without question.

So even though there've been some distressing moments, the evil empire still marches forward, jackboots clicking all the way.