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Envisioned New Society is Not Socialist, Communist, or Capitalist

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A renewal of human society back to a community based orientation can only be accomplished by overthrowing the existing capitalist societal framework. The emancipation of workers so that they may own, control, and distribute their firm's surplus/profit requires a complete razing of the existing 1% elite parasitic excretion. Revolt that spurs on planetary revolutions whose aim is to supplant our elite overlords with a genuine democracy both inside and outside our workplaces is the only viable means of disentangling this octopus of elite pillage.

Within the existing capitalist society piecemeal improvements in lower and middle class living standards that rest solely upon governmental enactments always become targets for elimination after each shift from a liberal to a conservative legislative majority. Therefore no improvement in the general well-being of the 99% made through the legislative process has ever been safe from the royalists' cost-cutting hatchet.

To free ourselves from this anti-human morally gutted capitalist slave camp we must therefore destroy all vestiges of this evil system of majority exploitation. We cannot even leave uncleansed a single atom. Any residual essence of this warped 1% dictatorship could contaminate all our future efforts to build a pure democracy free from minority sociopathic manipulations. If we are to build a bottom-up society where the workers are the sole owners of all sources of productive activity, a mature civilization of genuinely free planetary citizens, we cannot leave the slightest vestige of this demeaning gulag.

Liberty will be ubiquitous because we will erase all capitalist boundaries, barriers to entry, racial, ethnic, and class designations used to denigrate, segregate and degrade our universal humanity. No longer will there be societal walls perpetuated by perceived distinctions used so effectively by the 1% pirates in their divide and conquer campaigns. All will be viewed in a positive light not tainted by irrelevancies. In our society of equals everyone will have an opportunity to advance. There will be no managers, CEOs, gangs of executive thieves, investors, and the other miscellaneous capitalist parasites existing on the productive surplus of laborers. Anyone desiring to earn a salary will have to work to create, produce, or provide a service within a free market comprised of buyers and sellers. Freeloaders who existed on the hard work of others will be forced to earn a living envisioning, making, or servicing the needs of real consumers.

Those socialist and communist ideologues trapped within an evangelically unsullied dream of frolicking happy go-lucky comrades producing 'exact' quantities of products and services calculated by a government entity are now fair warned that the new civilization will be an amalgamation of socialism and the non-predatory aspects of capitalism. State directed socialism like that of the former Soviet Union was nothing more than capitalism with bureaucratic bosses who adhered to the production quotas from higher level apparatchiks. Workers were still nothing more than labor slaves to a minority of elite establishment mobsters. Regardless of the similarities between our current private and the former Soviet based public capitalism, one thing is certain, production planning attempted by the communist regime was an abject failure. Shortages of basic stables like bread were common in the former iron curtain dictatorships. We must therefore not delude ourselves into remaining faithful to any fantasy either capitalist, socialist, or communist that precludes the exercise of our intellectual abilities aimed at the continued betterment of our lives.

With this expansive, organic, intellectual environmental scanning process in mind let's consider the distribution construct of our proposed variant societal system. Without some form of overarching state mandated production quota scheme how will we produce products and services that correspond to the needs of the global populous? Possibly via a capitalist free-exchange demand and supply market, or something entirely different. The point is that we should not be tied to any single core ideology, unwilling or unable to creatively envision other organizational forms that may bring us closer to egalitarian perfection.

Let's recap the macro basics of the new societal framework. First of all it is not government/state directed private capitalism that has been misnamed socialism based upon a flawed interpretation implemented by the totalitarian Soviet Union. There is not a current 'ism' type name associated with what we are proposing. Given that democracy has never existed on this planet of the dusk to dawn uncorrupted version the 'ism' proposed should be a name that reflects the purity of liberty we will create.

Workers' Self-Directed Enterprises (WSDEs) and People's Councils' will be the democratic institutions comprised of elected representatives immediately recallable by the electorate. WSDEs made up of all a firm's workers will be engaged in daily voting on both business and general civil issues across their corporate social network. People's Councils' will only be empowered to legislate on local and planetary issues of a non-specific business related nature. What this means is that WSDEs will have absolute control over a particular firm. They will be a unique community of worker owned, controlled, and directed enterprises. These WSDEs will not only consider firm specific economic issues but also vote on comprehensive issues of both a local and planetary nature. A subset of WSDEs and People's Councils' falling within a specific jurisdiction will jointly consider legislation affecting their constituent base.

How will we protect the direct constituents from being replaced by lobbyists' intent upon advancing the narrow interests of their benefactors over the interests of the community? We do this by making lobbying a felony crime. The whole purpose of reconstituting society into a bona-fide civilization is to bring real undistorted democracy to the majority of citizens. This can only be accomplished when there are no proxies like lobbyists who interpose themselves between the real constituents' just so they may do the bidding of an elite royal class of thieves.

Our collective society will be a bottom-up majority empowered, controlled, owned, and envisioned civilization. Only those who are intimately engaged in creating, producing or servicing the needs of customers on an open market will receive the undiluted surplus from their productive efforts. There will be no intermediaries, or other bandits exploiting from the workers any portion of their rightful surplus. These workers will be the exclusive owners of their respective firms'. They will be engaged daily in democratic social networking that determines all aspects of corporate operations.

The marketing of a firm's products or services will still be a highly visible part of enticing consumers to buy what is being offered for sale. Competition on a free-market requires that a firm's products or services shine above their competitors necessitating the same marketing expertise that is prevalent in our current capitalist society. Every firm must continue to realize a decent profit margin and surplus so that it has some portion available for distribution to all the firm's workers.

Thirdly, just because the society is worker centric does not mean it excludes non-laborers. People's Councils' made up of citizens who are not actively employed at a worker owned, operated, and controlled enterprise will elect representatives from close-knit community associations. All elected representatives both the People's Councils and Workers' Self-Directed Enterprises (WSDEs) will regularly on an annual or semi-annual basis meet to legislate issues of a global nature within the People's Planetary Parliament.

Later essays will delve more deeply into the minute details of this newly proposed societal system. But let's be abundantly clear - this unnamed 'ism' is NOT Socialism, Communism, or Capitalism! The Socialists despise the utilization of a free-market uncontrolled by almighty state bureaucrats. Communists just generally hate any transition to pure democracy that does not first include a dictatorship of the proletariat comprised of a totalitarian government of the 'People'. Capitalists those who despoil our environment, exploit the workers leaving them insufficient real-income after ripping from them the entire surplus so that they may stuff it in their Swiss bank accounts - they like all gangsters will resort to any legal and illegal diabolical act in order to keep their kingdom safe from the starving valley dwellers.

This is our moment to reject all the past 'isms' that have promised us liberty and happiness only to deliver destitution, exploitation, and slavery. We must blaze a new societal path that is a creative product of our unified humanity.