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Environmental Disaster – A Painful Extinction

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We really need to wake up to the fact that we’re experiencing serious environmental consequences that are the result of our unfettered spewing of greenhouse gases into the air. Large swathes of North America are reeling from extreme cold brought on by wave upon wave of winter storms dumping not inches but snow accumulations measured in feet. Out west, deserts are threatening to continue to expand in the worst drought the area has seen in over a hundred years. Are we going to starve? What happens when 1/3 of our produce doesn’t arrive from blistering sand driven California and the super farmers of Iowa, Kansas, and regions in the mid-west are building Arks instead of plowing fields after mountains of melting snow send water flooding across the region?

Granted this is a touchy subject that is rift with political undertones. Both the far left and right have staked out positions on the environment that are akin to religious commandments.

On the conservative right; thou shall not mention the environment. Worse yet, a true sacrilege, or break with the faith, is to attribute actions like pumping tons of pollutants into the sky with the destabilization and destruction of our world. Just ignore the facts and trust in the unfettered free market system.

The liberal left is probably closer to reality.

Liberals at least realize the urgency of immediately halting the collapse of our plant’s destabilized dynamic system. The science is clear, what we’re experiencing is not an aberration. The resource demands of a population that has doubled since mid-1970 will turn our globe into a desolate uninhabitable wasteland if we fail to act – now. It is our duty as citizens of this planet to rouse the entranced chanters of a slash-and-burn gospel to their senses. Shake, kick, drag them outside, do anything to have them comprehend the seriousness of our mutual peril.

What is most annoying is the inference in conservative circles that you’re a blasphemous sinner to even mention the disastrous impact we’re having upon our environment: this is absolutely irrational. No other connotation can be ascribed to a blind all absorbing belief system that disregards ground truth.

Mega-corporations with billions to spend have been promoting a ‘new’ belief structure that makes it a Capitalist and conservative sin to promote the protection our natural environment. Constructive discussion by conservatives on the subject of the environment is now a new taboo.

With middle-class demand pummeled by years of cost of living increases coupled with decade’s long real-income declines businesses in the habit of cutting costs to the bone have resorted to promoting a fantasy. They’ve been complicit in sacrificing our children’s future for short-term gain so they can continue to provide CEO and investor sultans with mountains of income.

There’s really no need to rein in the princely spending of the gluttonous simple-minded sociopaths who control our global economy when your spin-doctors can concoct a belief system of flowers blooming, birds chirping, and endless sunny days filled with a blissful chorus of chanting believers – all staring blindly into the abyss.

When weekly extreme weather is visiting your neighborhood with ice, snow, freezing rain, blistering dry heat, and every other Revelations style calamity do we just continue to ignore the impact we’re having upon our fragile blue planet or do we come together to tackle this serious problem?

All of us regardless of our ideological belief systems realize deep down that this jewel of a life-support system is our only refuge from an airless emptiness called space. It is an exquisite blue emerald floating through a dark vacuum. When exhausted and dead it will leave us exposed to a painful extinction.