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Enablers of Economic Criminality Meet in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

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Poisoning the air of legitimacy the top economic voodoo doctors meeting in Jackson Hole, Wyoming continue to consult their shattered crystal ball. These miserable quacks have the gall to suggest they are mentally equipped to deal with this shriveled donut ball of an economy. Clearly in an effort to revive this income starved wealth sucking contrivance of their brethren in the elite royalty most of these esteemed witch doctors are prescribing more cash raids by the moneyed mountain dwellers. This will surely intensify the income drops reaching the valley mongrels that depend upon a weekly paycheck – that’s us in the 99%.

No need to change course. Trickle-down economics has been in vogue for so long these morons actually believe their own swill is a precious remedy. They are a despicable bunch that holds on to discredited ‘economic’ theories blown away a long time ago by actual events. The only positive outcome of allowing big banks around the world to raid the government treasuries has been it has allowed this degenerate excuse for a global economy to tread water.

Yep, don’t expect any change in tactics out of these bought-out scoundrels who owe their allegiance to the CEO, bankster, and mega-investment gangsters. It’s so much better to milk the general population of every last penny. This is a scheme concocted by multi-national corporations and their slithering plutocratic friends. These parasites that live off of our endless drudgery don’t want their grand con to be exposed – that would mean scaling back on those island, private jet, and castle purchases. Worse yet handing power back to the global citizenry would mean cutting off the lobbyist tentacles firmly attached to our governments, this is just too horrible an outcome to envision. Real democracy mustn’t be allowed to come up for air. Smother it whenever it struggles for relevance.

That’s why they have these high-rolling con-artists play with their magic wands, tarot cards, crystal balls, voodoo dolls, and all the other toys of their economic priestly class – it adds an air of legitimacy to the real levers the global controllers are pulling.

To no avail these cave crawlers may devour all of us unfortunate enough to have dropped into their slimy hole but when we’re no longer able to muster a tiny spark of economic demand the cave walls will come crashing down burying all trace of this diabolical society. Europe’s economy may be sliding under water first but the U.S. isn’t far behind with most indicators trending downward since July 2014.

It’s disgusting that slave-ship enablers like these jumble minded fools are allowed to pander their snake oil. Choking on this poisoned tonic we’re sickened both mentally and spiritually. They don’t even rise to the level of slave-ship caretakers because they actually believe their gospel of the incredible. They are instead a gang of clowns who’d make us laugh uncontrollably from their antics if we weren’t crying.

They’ve given credence to the aristocracy of ultra-capitalism. This is not to be confused with pure capitalism firmly rooted in small-medium sized businesses not rotting in cronyism. Under this dictatorship of unrestrained power real income is crippled beyond relief by nearsighted sociopath business pirates. Year-after-year they’ve raided our wallets to feed their greed addiction. These leeches have pilfered of the community of humankind so that they can bury more unfathomable quantities of loot in Swiss accounts. Beyond sickening, it’s a puny intellect’s mean response to a terrible selfishness that preys on those without the constituent power over their governments. Ours is an exercise in futility summoning an ounce of trust in any soiled hand swimming in this cesspool of economic criminality.