Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Empower Corporate Producers within Purely Democratic Spheres of Influence

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Why do we let others tell us how to do our jobs, organize our lives, interfere with our blessed peace-of-mind, and institute laws all without our consent? Does it not come down to a fundamental question of fairness? How can we say we treasure democracy when it is just a temporary condition? For any societal enabler like democracy to truly energize humanity it must saturate all our interactions within organizations and between our fellow citizens. No area of our daily lives should be excluded from liberty.

Capitalism the most dictatorial top-down economic organizational construct ever devised is an odd bedfellow of democracy. Molding the ownership concept into something even remotely approximating a decent working environment for open-minded freedom loving citizens of a democratic nation-state without wiping out the self-interest driving force of the market is tricky. Allowing the producers who make the products and deliver the services of a firm to become fully engaged, empowered, and uncompromisingly committed to their organization requires that they have the same stake in the decision making process that we ultimately demand in our nation-state democracies. Anything other than this level of absolute freedom is just a gulag that swallows us in totalitarianism. There is no reason why we should sacrifice our principles in this duality of existence. Are we certain this self-enforced value-system schizophrenia cannot be resolved?

By self-empowering those who do the work without infringing upon the property rights of the firm’s owners we may be able to integrate democracy into an otherwise autocratic organizational structure. Spheres of influence that the producers control through their elected administrators and managers within a particular area of business would assimilate democratic principles into an otherwise inflexible typically unresponsive degenerative organizational structure. These managers and administrative representatives of a sphere of influence would be actively engaged members of the productive unit. They would not be disconnected taskmasters of arbitrary processes. Bean-counting mindless rule enforcers of unrealistic schedules need not place their name on a ballot because these would be unnecessary skills within a happy, productive, empowered, invigorated, and revitalized workforce. Transforming detached and dejected employees into engaged producers that drive their own success within their particular spheres of influence would go a long way towards building up an environment of empowerment.

Elemental to sustaining a democracy is a citizenry that feels empowered. We must live and breathe our democratic principles during every hour of the day not just when we are away from work otherwise we are only partially free. At work we are prisoners within a dictatorship but when we leave work we are once again temporarily paroled until it all begins again on the following day.

Is it any wonder our society has so much popup lunacy? This dangerous insanity stems from an unsustainable human condition. Societal destabilization is exacerbated by this undercurrent of insanity, an irreconcilable dichotomy between our rights valued in one reality but trashed with impunity in the other. Extreme stress builds up in workers who feel like powerless disrespected robots not valued for their contributions. Now is the time to build a happier more stable civilization. By refactoring the corporation, this sacrosanct essential component of capitalism we will be able to bridge this irrational divide separating our instilled ideals from this other life we lead at work.

The solution is to rework the entire corporate organizational structure so that it is more democratic, a reflection of the democracy we enjoy outside the castle walls. In this modern 21st century world it is unbelievable that we have not addressed the significant shortcomings of such a key part of our daily lives – where we spend the majority of our time. Can we honestly say we live in a democracy when most of our time away from home is spent in one of the most arbitrary ruthless dictatorships ever devised? There is no reason why we cannot remold this central component of the capitalist system. Let’s start with some basic tweaks like empowering the producer employees in spheres of influence. Allow these crucially important members of the firm to elect who will lead their sphere of productive influence. Iteratively follow up with more democratic changes so we do not throw the business into an unstable dynamic state.

A gradual process of democratization within our businesses is nothing to be feared. In fact, by fully empowering the most productive members of the organization we will stabilize and build in a level of sustainability in what is now just a bunch of galley slaves going through the motions. Generally, only when negative ‘whippings’ are applied does productivity increase but discontent is so widespread all that is accomplished is a short-term burst of inferior products or services being ejected out the other end. What we really need is a sustained output of quality products that are under the total control the producers. Empowering this latent force of nature that is the human spirit will expose a passionate explosion of ideas. Profits will also go through the roof.