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Employer's Word is Gold - Worker's Is Dirt

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The management oracle of absolute truth is brimming with corporate overseers ready to be totally dispassionate in their assessment of employee (wage-slave) performance. It's a horrid conclusion, this ill-founded belief that these holier-than-thou pillars of upstanding citizenry who are elevated above all human frailties that only afflict the "rest of us little people" would ever stoop to the level of a boldfaced lie.

How utterly impossible to presume that these agents of a corrupt, contrived, Corporatist global police state would ever tarnish the reputation of any wage-slave simply because their company demanded that an excuse be found to terminate the higher cost working Droid.

There has never been, nor there ever a manager at any level that would ever resort to character assassination in order to be rid of a galley hand.

You must be kidding. You're not buying that perfect world bullshit.

Quickly, slam the lid tight on the box of illusion!

To even suggest that any perfect gulag camp would ever allow an emotionally insecure pigeon brained whip holder to just fire or force out a proficient productive wage slave is utterly ludicrous. Don't you know the prison guards, camp wardens, executives, and their top most elite masters are incapable of being dishonest.

Anyway, why would any Corporatist worshiper ever believe a lowly laborer? That's why they have drug tests, credit checks, background checks, and any number of invasions of basic privacy to "check the teeth of a costly slave before the master buys the dog to work his fields."

Isn't the entire ultra-capitalist societal 'lying machine' compelled to perpetuate injustice on the backs of hard working global citizens? Given this reality, why is it inconceivable that all the morally corrupt agents of greed that make up this despicable societal framework called Corporatism are incapable of telling a whopper of a lie in order to smear the good name of a hard working slave ship rower?

If all the baser traits of humanity are cherished by this system of ultimate exploitation why should any of us believe that fairness somehow survives this total extinction of morality - a self-centered sociopath outlook being the prerequisite of any management position at any level? But we insist in conveying this fantasy vision of business administration. Guess it's not too far removed from the virgin, and honey filled heaven promulgated by yet another strain of fanaticism at least the ultra-capitalist fanatic can enjoy the here and now, that is if orders are faithfully executed.

In a truly democratic society the accused is allowed to confront his accuser in a court of law under oath with the threat of perjury faithfully insuring that a certain modicum of honesty prevails between the competing parties. Only in the most backward countries like the U.S. are employees subjected to the whims of petty management droids. In these 'free-market' labor camps the corporate machines aren't in the least inhibited from doing what they damn well please, including pulverizing the good name of an employee.

Human Resources, Personnel or whatever you call the propaganda office of a business may have 'rules', and 'guidelines', the so-called constitution of a corporation. Similar to the sparkling democratically worded Constitution of the now extinct Soviet Union that exalted the rights of all the citizenry, these flimsy corporate versions are seldom followed. When they are referenced it is only to validate an action taken by the firm or its management. There not worth the worm eaten paper their written on - better used for toilet paper.

The whole rotten pyramid of Corporatist tyranny replicated in all business and societal structures found in this global ultra-capitalist labor camp that us "little people" (words of the BP Chairman) are forced to slave under is buried under a mountain of propaganda.

Let's blow this mountain to dust! Integrity, honesty, and decency must be freed from their subterranean prison.