Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Elite Ruled Governments Keep Us Hyped Up on Fear and Perpetually Hopeful

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Politely ask those activists to please wait until the speech is finished. Responding to their anger by addressing the growing list of unsettled grievances would be the appropriate response. Civil responses typical of a real democracy were deep-sixed long ago. Before the ruler finished these thoughts the security force was already in the process of dragging the malcontents away. Government incarceration was the only growing sector of the economy. Private prison companies were popping up like weeds. Just about every town had a huge prison. So called political prisoners now made up the bulk of the inmate population. Freedom of speech had been whittled down to a tiny barely visible stub. Now if you said anything the government deemed objectionable there was a good chance you would be looking at dirty dungeon walls before the sun went down. Not that the ruler hadn’t heard all forms of aggravated outbursts but he just could not speak his trash if too many yelled over his inferior Chinese microphone.

Most of his supplicants wanted decent jobs not the abundant subsistence employment that was guaranteed to keep you from escaping abject poverty. Those good employment options had not been available for years. They left, or more accurately they were eliminated by businesses scouring the planet in search of the cheapest workers. The Chinese who originally believed they were immune from the effects of these low-wage labor sinks were even experiencing the loss of better paying jobs. No nation-state could escape the inevitable – the day when the elite royalty pulled their multinational companies out of a country because wages had increased.

Being the absolute dictator of what remained of a country once called the United States was the only attractive position that remained. Nothing more than a caretaker, being the leader of the chained world did mean he was a tad closer to the oligarchs. Power was concentrated in their mountain castles and it came down from above. They dictated, micromanaged every detail of their subverted command economy. Shielded from the dying hordes down below they had daily wild orgies, ate delicacies forgotten long ago, engaged in any and all debaucheries, and just lazily lounged like rock lizards basking in the sun. No purpose could be given for their existence other than they had always been. Devolved humanity was now a sorry excuse of sentient beings. All those formally free citizens had allowed income inequality to travel to the bottom of this pit. They gave the global dictatorship of the oligarchs’ free rein to destroy democracy, the environment, and decency.

That was not this autocrat’s concern, his only reason for living was to emulate to a certain extent the depravity of his cloud shrouded kings. Granted, his orgies were not the first rate affairs of the top-dog monarchs but he was happy just the same at enslaving some of the most succulent females having many unique abilities. The food at this tyrant’s table was also not much different than the endless piles of lobster, steak, and other delicacies found on the masters. The only discernable difference was that the international executive sovereigns had more expansive feasting slabs.

All told it was good to be king. Give a meaningless speech similar to the politicians of bygone years. Rant about some foreign threats to the kingdom. Keep all the working slaves living in fear of imminent attack by unfathomable forces lurking far out in the great beyond, and tell them tomorrow will bring better conditions. Basically keep them perpetually hopeful. That was the key to being a good master bleeder. Never let them compose a rational thought by keeping them in a constant state of disquiet. Also, keep the brighter prospects hanging somewhere on the horizon. Just string them along chasing after that cheese they never seem to reach. By the time they finally realize it was all a ploy to keep them placidly toiling away it will be too late they will be gasping for that elusive last breath.