Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Elite Global Corporate Lords Found Guilty

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Digging her heels down hard, Sara fully believed she'd be exonerated and once again become that rarified virtuoso of an ultra-capitalist tyranny. It was utterly inconceivable to her that these dirty laborers could overthrow a system of extortion that had been so meticulously concocted by arrogant thugs like her?

But here she was sitting in a rickety wooden chair with paint peeling from its legs - sitting before this rabble that she'd ignored and believed were her inferiors.

Why hadn't her lobbyists done their job promoting nationalistic fervor, paying off boatloads of legislative stoolies, buying up endless hour upon hour of cable broadcast time, and of course, where were all those media parrots who were paid to spew out 'yellow journalistic' wonders. All that pilfered loot her and her fellow mega bankers, executives, and connected high-flying investors sunk into controlling the global citizenry had been useless against THE TRUTH.

Once the truth erupted from the well hidden hole that her fellow ultra-capitalist elitists had buried it, nothing could stop it from purging the highly crafted illusion her 'fat cat' pirates had stuffed down the throats of their working slaves - it traveled like wildfire incinerating all the lies, all the dogma.

She and her fellow conspirators were now being tried for "Crimes against Humanity". This crew of sociopaths had destroyed entire forests, spilled oil that effectively killed oceans, incited wars that their leashed governments persecuted, forced citizens to work in medieval conditions, leaving others to die on curbs, stole money from government Treasuries to pay bankers unholy bonuses, but more importantly disregarded even the most basic human decency in order to live like sultans while workers scurried on their bellies for coins they threw from up high. All these scoundrels would finally understand the meaning of JUSTICE.

What tore her and her fellow conspirator's tidy little kingdom apart was something they'd never anticipated - Global Nationalism. In a world starving for deliverance from the endless wars, the corporate dominated governments, the labor servitude, the lack of good paying jobs, but most importantly the VOICE in their own self-determination ripped from their throats by The Masters of the Universe the citizens of the world had resolved to act together. They united against these lords of mega corporations and controllers of the ultra-capitalist monster that had kept them imprisoned in a global system that regarded them as chattel to be used and eventually discarded.

She sat there in a cold sweat awaiting the verdict of this citizen's court.

"Guilty on all counts" roared the lead juror.

On the following day the judge of the First District Court of the Global Government asked all these modern day ultra-capitalist pirates (who were standing in a row before him) if they had anything to say for themselves that could in the least alleviate the pain that humanity had suffered at their hands.

Non-contrite these former rulers of a global dictatorship no less evil than the many others that had preceded it stood motionless with their etched self-assured smug smirks - they still believed they were elevated above the rest of humanity.

Speaking sternly the judge echoed the feelings of the entire human community who'd suffered under these manipulators of an obscenely greedy global empire when he said, "Where left to wonder at your stilted view of yourselves. You actually believed you could rape and pillage your neighbors, your planet, and your communities with impunity."

"Enough said."

"This court sentences you to serve your communities in whatever capacity they deem reasonable. You will serve without labor rights, without uttering a sound in protest, without the right to vote, with no voice in how your life transpires, with ever declining wages, without decent healthcare, making ever increasing payments in taxes, in constant fear that you will even loss this horrible position at the whim of your community, and if they do throw you out the door you will not be eligible for the Societal Safety Net or another job - this means you'll be forced to live under a bridge like so many whom you and your bought-out legislators condemned to abject poverty."

"Someday we may forgive you but I'm sure that I speak for the entire global community that now we find your actions unforgivable!"

"Remove these despicable beings from my sight!"