Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Elegant Power

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Domed white dots adhered to the brown barren flat relief across a distance that caressed the entire horizon. It had taken many years after the invasion to rebuild our planet's once invincible military. Walking down the elevated sky glider reviewing this sea of awe inspiring elegant power swelled up a vision of retribution - those billions who were erased from the living would have their life's essence expressed through the vaporization of each enemy fighter. This was truly a masterfully crafted force incorporating our most advance technology - each fighter exuded the pride infused into it by citizens expecting nothing less than an ultimate quality.

Turning in a slow glide around in my elevated view across each segment of our horizon it was possible to consciously touch each and every citizen warrior that would be crushing an evil that had already scorched numerous other worlds. This would mark the end of their continuous pillage - our mission was to completely eliminate their ability to perpetuate any further terror.

I was acutely aware that many of the citizens that would engage this numerically superior enemy would not return. This realization tore a gash of pain across my soul so deep my anguish during my speech caused a drop of sorrow to fall from one of my eyes. In all probability 1/3 of my fellow citizens would die clinging to images of their families never to be seen again - one last gasp before death on some distant cold dark planet where nothing kind ever existed. It was never easy to send my fellow citizens into battle no matter how many necessary acts were required over a depth of unknown fathoms - this was the quite tortured existence of every supreme military leader - mine was not the exception.

My command fighter awaited my entry at the end of the sky glider - a white saucer with the emblem of our nation affixed in the upper left hand corner of the expanding entry way. Turning one last time the impressive force comprised of around 500,000 craft was visible in every direction painted to the cobalt blue horizon. Ours would be a continuous flash of destruction that when complete would paint light shadows outlining enemy fighter hulls whose presence was extinguished by a touch of power beyond comprehension. After consultation with my command staff it was decided that the only way to dissuade any future attack by an enemy not possessing a slice of regard for any life was to obliterate their military and their capacity to unleash another rain of destruction.

In my estimation, once we arrived in the atmosphere of their planet we would target all their command & control, communications, and major transportation links. After the enemy was in a disoriented uncoordinated movement of uncertainty our most advanced fighters would strike out at their considerable military force - vaporizing each enemy fighter with precision and accuracy in a calculated calculus of maneuverability.

After destroying their planet's military force we would navigate 1 / 2 of our craft towards a planet located at one of the outer rings of the galaxy. Our intelligence indicated that the enemy had already dispatched a force of annihilation to a planet or moon within the solar system that this planet belonged. They were awaiting a particular moment tied more too some ethereal physiologically induced surge of passion directed evil before attacking their unsuspecting prey. It is said that when there in this state it is analogous to a fever induced incoherent rabid savagery - their totally incapable of comprehending anything but pain. Even their fighters are designed to operate completely within a conscious equivalent of calculated destruction - nothing is required of the occupants but the quenching of their drunken sadistic visual stupor.

Our force would arrive somewhere within this has yet quite solar system. Those of us designated to discretely occupy positions among the people of the planet would embark immediately - infusion into the populous would allow us to measure all the externalities coursing across the society. It was believed that the enemy always implanted themselves among the unsuspecting host planet selected for destruction just prior to the arrival of their armada of terror - supposedly to foment terror, disunity, forge lasting divisions, and meld a sticky evil that adheres to everything it touches. We would be ready - another world would not meet near or total extinction ever again - this would be their last call outside their now shuttered world. We would destroy the final remnants of their machine of hell.