Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Electorate Walk like Cows to Their Milking Stalls

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Spending a little time on the edge adds clarity to an otherwise fast cycle spun bottoms up view of the state of our disunity. These United States are being portrayed in glowing terms. With the election next week all the royal trumpet players have been blaring out a discordant distortion tortured babel. Blowing hard, in a perpetual orgasmic grind the average elite top-dog averaging $500,000 per minute wants those happy court players to whip it up. Scream in delight not just at climax but endlessly. Let those downtrodden lower classes, all those scraping by on puny declining real wages clearly hear the delight of the super wealthy cloud dwellers.

Staring down in contempt the income parasites with their lobbyists and politicians in tow celebrate their ingenuity. They have managed to keep billions not just the millions of this elite labor gulag but also across the entire income feeding chamber pacified. Feudalism is alive and well. Modern serfs are fed a daily gruel of propaganda. All is well with the economy. After glancing at tarot cards the castle dwellers declare the future never looked brighter.

Gasoline prices are the only positive recent development conveniently reduced right before the U.S. election. We know all too well that this speculators driven crude oil market will start its upward march after all the party faithful have cast their votes. Drive dreamily to the polling stations next week with visions of a few extra dollars in your pocket. Wonder what all those income sucking leaches who have poached our wages for decades are doing with all that loot. Bet they are not worried about gas prices or any other triviality like that especially when hauling in $30 million every single hour. How sweet it is to be destroying the planet and your fellow human beings in support of an unquenchable oversaturation of incalculable wealth.

Amazing, all those scurrying little people pushed to work harder for fewer pennies always herald the accomplishments of the politicians that are on the tightest leash. Taking public office seekers outside the palace walls to dump big plops of steamy dung on the income starved low life is the responsibility of every elite owner.

Watch where you step, the dying grass is covered in excretion. Oblivious to the landscape like the mulching bovines that they have become you could kick them dead on in the stomach and they would just keep looking blankly into outer space. Ambling calmly like cows to their milking stalls this herd will shoot most of the planet’s kingpin’s way beyond any fathomable wealth. They are now frolicking in a supernova of cash. Not a peep of protest is heard in the quiet barn. Just keep them believing that the politicians give a damn.